Justice Served - Bambi Buttons


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Bambi Buttons is a supervillain facing justice in the trial of the century. Flirting with the jury, she's cocky because it's a game to her. The judge reads her guilty verdict for premeditated murder and terrorism. Electrical currents will pass through her body until she's dead and he hopes that God will have mercy on her soul. A look of shock crosses her face and she tries to argue her case, but it's too late.

Later, in her cell, she reminisces about the height of her power. She was a badass and would do it again if she could. Men ate out of her hand and she tries manipulate the guard. Coldly, he informs her that her final appeal has been denied and she will die at midnight. It's time for her final meal and we see her callous façade begin to fade.

When the food arrives, she's nervous, but tough. Bambi's is convinced that it won't happen if she doesn't eat her last meal. Her denial of reality doesn't stop the guard from trying to handcuff her wrists behind her back as she struggles. He holds her arms into submission and pushes her to her knees so he can shackle her ankles.

In her last walk toward the chair, she resists but smiles when he says it's time to remove her uniform. She thinks her seduction techniques have worked and coyly strips the uniform off after he removes the handcuffs. Her look of shock is palpable when he recuffs and shackles her.

Bambi is desperate and frantic when she sees the chair. It's real now and the tough girl act ends. Crying and scared, she doesn't want to be strapped in. She's confused as he wets the sponge.

When asked for her last words at the sentence reading, she denies culpability. There are no apologies, and she's too good for this treatment. The phone rings as she yanks on her restraints. As they wait for the judges vote, she demands answers.

They gave the motion to proceed and the switch is pulled. She shakes lightly and her eyes cross as multiple rounds jolt her nervous system. It is a slow death and she pleads for mercy between shocks.

After the final round, her body goes limp and her eyes stare off with a vacant stare.

OTHER KEYWORDS-electric play, BDSM, handcuffs, leg shackles, struggling, Damsel in distress, bondage, peril, armholding, arm holding, domination, male domination uniforms, cosplay, DID, Scott Torvea, @ScottTorvea


18 minutes
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