It's So Hot Part 1 - Angel Lee & Jasmin Jai


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Angel Lee and Jasmin Jai are happy they can dress in layers for winter, but Angel's feet are hot. Without thinking, Angel tears her sneakers off and Jasmin makes fun of her smelly feet. Angel's offended and pushes Jasmin's face to her socks, making her sniff and lick her dirty feet. The soiled socks leave Angel overheated and she rips them off her foot and shoves them in Jasmin's face. At first Jasmin is disgusted, but realizes they aren't too bad. This encourages Angel to rip off the other sock and shove them in Jasmin's mouth.

Jasmin's hesitant but starts enjoying it as Angel rubs her pussy over her jeans and rubs herself as well. The excitement causes Angel to rip her grey sweater, revealing a tight blue polo shirt. As the layers come off, she's still hot and tears the shirt, revealing a white bra. This too is destroyed until she's only in jeans. Jasmin continues to rub herself and suck on Angel's feet. The denim is sweltering and Angel rips them down her legs leaving her only in a pair of panties.

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11 minutes
  • Angel Lee Angel Lee
  • Jasmin Jai Jasmin Jai