Interrogating Anabelle Pync


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Anabelle Pync sneaks into an abandoned warehouse, but her stilettos alert the owner.  Flirting, she coyly unbuttons her blouse but he grabs her arms behind her back and pulls her hair. Chair bound, she refuses to talk so he slaps her face repeatedly until she's knocked out.

Calling his Boss, he gives the phone to her and she cries for help but won't blab. Scott's tired of her antics and grazes a hammer over her large breasts and soft skin. She tries acting like a whore and he pulls her bra straps off her shoulders, threatening more than her pretty face. 

Whimpering in her new binds with her arms overhead, she moans as he flogs her curvy body. The nipple torture makes her gasp, but she's mum. 

Rope chokes her neck and her bound arms are behind her back. He spreads her legs in a split so her blue panties camel toe her sensitive pussy. Struggling in her binds, he alternates belly punches and clit torture. Pleadng for the clit pinching and belly abuse to stop, he taunts her until she agrees to talk.

OTHER KEYWORDS-  interrogation, bondage, rope bondage, belly punchingbare fisted fighting, BDSM, corporal punishment, face slapping, submissive sluts, flogging, whipping, cat-o-nines, nipple play, male domination, domination, damsel in distress, DID, arms overhead, groping, struggling, big tits, blondes, Annabelle Pync,

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