I Don't Answer To You


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Candle is an unconscious secret agent that is bound with her arms over head. Scott throws water on her face because he wants answers about whom she works for. This girl has been trained well and responds only with a menacing stare. Such rude behavior warrants some body busting.

Scott is only too happy to give punches to her belly. Candle does not budge and he starts groping her. As he puts his hand on her chin to focus her gaze, she head butts the thug and spits in his face. He immediately punches her face and stomach again before grabbing an implement for torture.

He circles Candle and taunts while he smashes her belly and abuses her body. All she can do is moan in pain. He forces her jeans off her hips and she is left in a tiny thong. More hitting ensues and she almost passes out. Scott wants to continue playing with his new toy, and splashes more water on her to revive her.

Candle still has some spunk left in her and Scott is determined to get it out of her. Electricity jolts her into submission and he focuses on her nipples and pussy. The final treatment is shoving the cattle prod in her pussy and shocking her till she passes out. Maybe she did not work for an agency, but it sure is fun to try and find out!


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