Humor / Humour

Bully Ripping - Autumn Borelli & Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea holds a watch and waits for Autumn Borelli to show up for class. Autumn's suspects something is wrong. Emily's nice because she needs Autumn's brains to fix her watch. Agreeing and engaged in the task, Emily sneaks behind her and pulls down her pants. Autumn is embarrassed having her full back panties exposed. Her plaid shirt is tucked into her dorky granny panties. Humiliated in knee socks, Autumn tries to cover herself and pull her pants up. Emily smacks her butt to prevent her. Autumn tries to run away but trips over her pants that have fallen around her ankles. Emily laughs at Autumn's ass in the air exposed for the whole school. The next day, Emily's in the infirmary and tries to get her watch from under the bed. Autumn's nervous to help. Emily promises to be nice but gives a wedgie when Autumn's booty is in the air as she crawls. Autumn screams in pain. Emily continues to drag her by the grannie panties throughout school. Autumn digs her nails in the carpet as she's wedgied across the floor. Autumn reads but Emily grabs and throws the book across the room. As Autumn fetches, Emily superglues the chair. Sitting, Autumn doesn't understand why Emily laughs and tries to ignore her. Fed up, she tries standing but is stuck. A loud ripping sound is heard. Her pants and shirt are torn, exposing her lingerie. On full display, she screams in anger and vows revenge. Emily reads in the nurse's station and Autumn, still in her torn clothing, brings in a box. She says it's her retaliation and Emily should open it. Not taking it seriously, Emily is surprised by a vicious dog (implied POV) and terrified as it charges and tears her pants. Rubbing her ass, Emily admits defeats. She won't bother her. Standing next to each other, their exposed panties humble them both.

Jacquelyn Velvets Embarrassing Rip

Jacquelyn Velvets brags about her dress at her party. She offers to do a grand entrance but her dress gets caught in the door, revealing her silk boxers. She doesn't realize & continues posing. When aware, she tries to cower & cover her boxers, begging everyone to stop taking pictures. She tries to divert the crowd's attention & hides until they tell her that they think it's cute. She starts bragging about how she accessorizes even when not meaning to, but her top falls off & exposes her bra. She tries to use her arms to maintain modesty, but just wants everyone to go home & forget this mortfiying ordeal! Her friends are very forgiving. Jacquelyn boasts that she can pull off any fashion!

Vore Couple New Girl - Sinn Sage & Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea invited Sinn Sage for dinner. Scott Torvea is excited to get a meal delivered. Sinn arrives & surprised that Emily got her a gift. She looks for it behind the couch & can't see Scott hiding. Screaming, she's slowly pulled in by her arms & kicks her legs to escape his grasp. In the struggle, her thong covered ass is exposed. Her ankle strap stilettos flail in fear. Her legs spasm & weaken until going limp & consumed whole by her host. Burping out her clothes, he's pleased with his meal. Emily loves the clothes & decides to keep them. Sinn won't be needing them anymore!

Tape Escape Challenge - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms thinks she can escape if her fists are tape bound. Scott Torvea challenges her to get free from microfoam tape in 3 minutes. If she loses the bet, she has to strip nude & wrap her head in 4 inch micro foam tape. She's cocky, arrogant & not concerned about losing. Her green eyes get big as she watches him wrap her hands, but still smacktalks. The struggling is hot, but futile.  Fortunately, she wore a sleeveless top that's pulled over her head. The tiny shorts are pulled down her legs. He puts more tape on her wrists. The sticky tape goes around her neck & dark hair. MMMphing, it tapegags her mouth & shows off her pretty lips. One eye, a slit for her nose & ponytail are exposed. This brat girl is pissed to be in this predicament. Struggling in this this enhanced challenge, she gives up. On her knees, Dakota begs for release!


Wonder Emily Torvea

Wonder Emily wanders the strange warehouse looking for her foe. She doesn't know he's taking upskirt & downblouse pictures of her so he can sell her to the Sultan. He punches & choloroforms her before she can fight back. Despite protestations, she falls limp. He strips her down to bra & panties, taking more provocative pictures for the Sultan. As a trophy, he takes one of her shoes, but leaves one as a reminder of her humiliating experience! She awakens & teleports away. Holding a mask that protects against chloroform, Emily stands in a lopsided victory pose due to her lack of shoe. She puts on the mask & doesn't realize Scott's taking pictures up her skirt & down her shirt. They fight & he loses. She escorts him to jail but he kicks & punches her weak spot in her belly. Unable to breathe, she screams while chloroed. He releases her to see her squirm & uses his white rag while using her truth lasso. She admits it protects her. Scott removes the mask & doses her several times, toying with her by removing it just as she is about to go out. Watching her gasp for breath is sexy. He loves being in control of this fallen superheroine. With his arms around her, Wonder Emily is unable to withstand anymore & falls limp with her mouth gaping. Scott takes pictures & calls the Sultan to begin the transfer of funds. Wonder Emily awakens & grasp for her magic mask. Scott tosses it out of reach & chloros her. When she's out, he lifts & carries her to a cage, leaving her there until she's ready to be shipped.

Teacher Transfer - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr lectures a student about his bad grades & plans on telling his parents. He informs her that won't happen because he will possess her. Laughing, she says it's impossible. He vanishes.  Confused, she struggles as his invisible entity overtakes her body. Testing her voice, he's amazed at how easy that was! He makes sure he can impersonate her. Looking down at her huge tits & long legs. He never realized how hot she was. He nervously unbuttons her blouse & feels her curvy ass. He's not sure if Lucy knows that she's possessed. He jumps out of her body. Regaining cognizance, Lucy realizes she's exposed but doesn't remember anything. While buttoning her shirt, she's taken over again. It's amazing & he plans on doing more after meeting with his Mom & Dad! When chatting during the conference, the teacher vouches for him & everything's great until Lucy tries to win back her body. Yelling "Get him out of me" & "Help me" confuses them. He lies about getting nervous twitches. They buy the excuse. It's odd when he says "Bye Mom" at the closing. Once they are gone, he feels up her body & can't believe he got away with it. He will do it again! Lucy regains her senses & unaware of the invasion. She's embarrassed to be undressed & runs off! 

Stuck In A Bucket - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr is searching for her dress in lingerie, pantyhose & over the knee boots. She storms off & falls head first in a bucket. Grabbing, poking & prodding, she tries to pull it off but wanders around the room blindly. She's blind in there & it's so loud as she calls for help. Crawling on her hands & knees, she leverages her body using the floor. In frustration, her long legs kick & flail, showing off her flexibility but lack of escaping skills. It feels like superglue in this trashcan. She will never be able to yank it off! In despair, she's upset that she will miss her dinner plans.


Jacquelyn Velvets Embarrassing Underwear

Jacquelyn Velvets is a bumbling burglar & tries to break into a safe. It takes all of her strength to pull it from the hiding place but her struggles will be worth it! She wears a tool belt that also holds her pants up. Crouching, she tries every tool,  but the last one is stuck despite desperate pulling. Frustrated, she strips her belt & releases it.She opens the safe. Admiring her prize, she doesn't notice her pants sliding down, revealing her underwear. She trips over her pants which are around her ankles. Falling face first with her butt in the air, she moans in pain. Adding insult to injury, she hears the police sirens in the background! She searches for trinkets near a bed. A POV dog (simulated) comes up behind & stares at her ass while she's crouched on her hands & knees. Jacquelyn tries to shoo it away. It gets angry & charges her pants, ripping a huge hole! Her white full back panties are on display. Jacquelyn rubs her sore butt, yelling at the pooch. When charged again, she runs away without her spoils! Finding a new location, she skulks around until she finds collectibles. She bends over & hears a loud rip! Surprised, she looks between her legs & finds her panties revealed. Upset, she feels the hole to see how big it is but tugging makes it tear larger. She removes them for inspection & stands in underwear & socks. The loud sirens panic her. She throws her pants aside, grabs the loot & runs off in just her t-shirt & panties.

Safety Lesson - Arielle Lane & Angel Lee

Angel Lee wants her employee Arielle Lane to wear a safety harness when suspended. Arielle finds it uncomfortable & doesn't want it. Angel convinces Scott Torvea to use a forklift to attach a hook to the back of Arielle's overalls & lift her off the ground. Arielle's shocked & kicks her legs, begging for release. She's stuck to go up & down. Her work boots flail. She cries & begs for escape. The shorts ride up. She feels a wedgie & struggles. The machine slowly lowers her helpless body. Angel returns. Arielle promises to wear her safety harness! INCLUDES BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE!

Embarrassing Underwear - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms introduces herself & struggles with her belt. She wants to make a good impression. Her pants are tight & dig into her belly. She accidentally drops her purse. Reaching to grab it, her pants rip. She assumes it's her imagination & tries to impress you. Dakota's unaware that her jeans fall to her ankles exposing her fullback granny panties. Realizing her pants are down, she quickly scrambles to pull them up & embarrassed that you saw her. At you next meeting, she apologizes but has issues with her tight pants. They make her movement stiff. She trips over her untied shoelaces. When she bends over to tie her converse sneakers, her jeans make a loud rip & reveal a floral pair of grannie panties. As she touches her butt, she tries to explain her clumsiness & runs off in humiliation. On your final meeting, Dakota tries to flirt & explain her clumsiness while fiddling with her earrings. When one falls off, she crawls to look for it, but becomes stuck under the bed. Her body is wedged halfway in & her legs & waist stick out. Crying for help, you grab & pull her pants legs. It yanks her pants off her legs. Her shoes fall off. Dakota is left in her black knee high socks & pink cotton panties. Her butt crack is exposed. She yanks them up & whimpers.  Embarrassed, she tries to squirm out but you pull her out. She's humiliated that she has no pants on & tries to cover herself. When you hand her pants & give your phone number, she's so happy & forgets her underwear is showing. Without a care in the world, she happily walks off!

Roommate Pranks - Bambi Buttons & Dakota Charms

Bambi Buttons comes home to nap. Kicking off her shoes, she quickly falls asleep & doesn't realize that Dakota Charms sneaks in to play with the hole in her stockinged feet. She lights a match between her toes! It flames. Dakota blows it out, but sticks more matches between her nylon toes so she can film her reaction. Letting it burn, Bambi awakens to see Dakota & realizes her foot is on fire. Hopping up & down on one foot, she screams hot foot trying to get respite from the heat. Dakota recounts the experience on the phone & doesn't see Bambi getting revenge by crawling in & lighting matches between Dakota's sandals. Dakota stomps her feet to make the temperature go down. Hopping on one foot, her lace up sandals fall off. She's upset to be pranked! Bambi's in the kitchen & doesn't see Dakota under the table. She sticks lots of matches between her  pedicured toes! The toe rings helps keep them in place & shows off her red toenails. The fire flares on her feet. She squeals in discomfort trying to cool down. As the matches fall out of her toes, Dakota accidentally steps on the still hot matches & jumps with her roommate to get relief.

Bitchy Roommate - Constance Cakp

Constance Cakp bitches at Scott Torvea for walking in front of the tv. The nagging annoys him. He could work on his experiments. He bets that if his project works, she has to leave him alone. Pointing the remote at her, he asks if she feels anything which she denies. She doesn't want to stand up or put her hands to the side, but involuntarily does it. Trying to explain it away, she says she wanted to do it. Needing proof, he has her turn around & bend over. Constance claims she is exercising & not following orders. It's naughty as he commands her to get nude & do jumping jacks while he films her for blackmail. She strips her shirt off, & plays it off as being hot. Her sneakers are removed at his order,  but she thinks it's reasonable for her pretend exercises. Constance covers her tits & pussy as he has her strip out of her bra & panties. It dawns on her that this contraption is working! He has her bend over & he smacks her ass while she's helpless. Standing up again, he tweaks her nipples but is annoyed when he makes her rub her own tits & pussy. A button makes her masturbate faster. She moans in frustration at a burgeoning orgasm. Constance can't admit she was close to cumming. Scott takes it as a challenge. Edging her to orgasm, he teases her but doesn't let her cum. He has more work to do on the memory wipe button. Constance could end up a vegetable or normal & forget this interlude. Pressing the button, Scott suggests that Constance will be excited to masturbate in front of him, stop nagging & do all chores. With a vapid stare, she agrees. Pushing the button, she awakens friendly & supportive.