Humor / Humour

Tangled Web - Jacquelyn Velvets

Gold Standard (Jacquelyn Velvets) is the hench woman for a mad scientist (POV) who created super insects for world domination. The Feds raided the secret lab. She escaped without the mutation serum and uses her feminine wiles to placate her boss. Thinking her charms worked, she opens the door at his request and screams in horror as a large spider web shoots out and wraps around her legs, waist and neck. She's stuck in it's sticky grip and can't escape. Pleading and sobbing for mercy, the Doctor allows her to struggle. It wraps around her mouth like a gag. Her mmps are muffled as she gets sucked away. Her hand grabs the door. She pulls herself out slowly. Webs cover her face and her heaving breasts. Struggling to catch her breath, the webbing forces her head back. She disappears again.

Belly Defeat - Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage is an undercover superheroine posing as a secretary. She has a crush on her boss who brings donuts. She can't stop eating. Bending over, she caresses and jiggles her big ass in yoga pants. She doesn't care about her chubby belly or stretching clothes from the weight gain. At work, she bends over in her pencil skirt and teases her boss, letting him grope her ass as she talks about her expansion. Sinn pleads for help but also food. She answers the phone about the new baddie, The Feeder, who is really her boss! She makes an excuse to leave work, but he knows what's happening. She squeezed into a silver leotard and red boots. Grabbing her bloated belly and bending over, she takes stock of her curvier body. She smells a plate of donuts and shocked when her boss enters as the Baddie. He created a serum that increases appetites and reduces super powers. The more you eat, the more you want and less strong you are. She's angry that he watched her expand and tries to fight, but is too weak. Bound in a chair, he teases her with a donut until she begs for the food to grow fatter. Burping, she's bloated and miserable as he pats her fat belly and releases her. He's not concerned that she can do anything to stop him with her inflated body. Back home, her belly expands as she digests and can't move from her weight.

Mummified Magic BTS Part 4 - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms is getting mummified by Scott Torvea for a custom. Her shoulders and hands need to be wrapped, but he adds layers to her legs. They joke and laugh during the mummification. She loves how everything is tight but jumps up and down. Because she can. 


Embarrassed Bully - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets starts a fight with Scott Torvea. He wants to steal her clothes to sell them. Grabbing her hoodie, she struggles and shocked when he takes it. It's embarrassing when he pulls down her jeans and reveals her girlie boxer shorts. She tries to cover herself and distract him so nobody will see her. He grabs her arms and wants to see more but really wants to take the shirt off. Left in her tank top and boxers, she begs for her clothes. He smacks her ass. He wants the sleeveless tank and grabs her so that her bra is exposed!  When he jokes that nobody would buy the boxers, she's offended and rattles off their special qualities. He boinks her on the head. As her eyes roll, she's too loopy to stop him from pulling them off her legs and leaving her in a flesh colored thong. Determined to keep her lingerie, she fights him until he gives up and leaves. Cowering, she walks home in shame!

Mummified Magic BTS Part 3 - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms continues getting duct tape wrapped around her lower torso for a custom. She and Scott Torvea joke as her body becomes more rigid and less able to move in the tight tape.

Mummified Magic BTS Part 2 - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms and Scott Torvea chat while he wraps duct tape on her tits and arm. She's candid about random topics like sweating, fetishes, BDSM, and farts. She's more immobilized with her belly wrapped in tape and can't scratch her nose!

Mummified Magic BTS Part 1 - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms has a custom that involves her to be mummified in tape. Scott Torvea preps her body in saran wrap as they crack jokes and rib each other. It's tight. She can barely move when she bends down to remove her socks and shoes. They test her mobility and wrap the tape in individual wraps to prevent wrinkling and get up to her armpits on one side. Dakota's excited to sweat off some extra water weight.

Rope Vs. Electric Chair Part 1 - Autumn Borrelli & Emily Torvea

The guard informs Emily Torvea that her appeals have been denied and she will be executed. Confused, she looks at the prisoner (and former nurse) Autumn Borrelli and asks if they are hanging her. Autumn gloats about having more time and watching Emily die. Emily wonders if they're any other doctors she can use, but puts her long red hair in a bun and allows Scott to measure her neck. He handcuffs her hands behind her back. They walk to the gallows. Autumn is playful as Emily is bound with rope around her ankles and knees. Scott reads the legal decree, but Autumn interrupts and tells Emily not to pee herself when swinging. Scott gives her a look. She quiets down.  Emily is irritated and confrontational. Autumn tightens the ropes and rips open Emily's shirt to take her heartbeat with her stethoscope. Scott adds a hood. Autumn taunts Emily as the last face she will see. The rope is pulled. Emily gasps. It's done at a wrong angle causing the guard to pull her out of the ropes and onto the floor. Gasping, Autumn is upset that Emily didn't die. They're ordered to resume the execution. Emily's given a choice. If they try hanging again and it doesn't work, they will leave her there until morning. She can try a new electric chair. Autumn's irked that she gets all the new toys, but laughs inappropriately at Emily's imminent discomfort. 

Rope Vs. Electric Chair Part 3 - Autumn Borrelli & Emily Torvea

Autumn Borrelli's fellow prisoner, Emily Torvea is gone. She's ready to hear her own sentence. Flirting with the witnesses, she thanks them for letting her practice medicine while in prison. She strips her nurse uniform and sits in the electric chair. Scott straps her ankles. She suggests that he go tighter. She puts on her own sponge and cap while giving sexy eyes to the audience. Autumn requests the arm binds to be tighter and savors the waist belt. The currents go through her body. Her eyes widen in shock. Her hands tremble. Her pink toenails shake. She begs for release between jolts. Gasping, she's realized she made a mistake. Her body slumps in the chair. The guard puts on rubber gloves and places her next to Emily's body for disposal.

Silent Island - Kobe Lee & Dakota Charms

This is a silent film with music per the customer's request! Kobe Lee and Dakota Charms crawl on a deserted island after a shipwreck without luggage. They make a shelter. They imagine a washed up balloon is a coconut and try to crack it with a high heel. Frustrated by the industrial strength rubber and throw it back to sea. They hold their hungry bellies and bemoan their dirty skin and torn clothing. They find a bottle they can write a note if only they had paper. Dakota's white shirt is the only thing that would work. She's embarrassed to be naked. Arguing, they have a Benny Hill chase scene. Kobe rips the shirt off and writes the note. Dakota covers herself in shame. A plane flies over as their clothes fall off their bodies. They're so excited that they jump up and down to get its attention. Instead of helping, the pilot drops a bra and flies away. They try to cover themselves and wait for help. Exposed to the elements, they sleep and dream of food. Kobe puts a cloth over Dakota's mouth and binds her so she can cook her over a fire! Dakota awakens and struggles to get free as Kobe salivates. Rescuers come. They pose and try to look pretty for their white knights.

Bully Ripping - Autumn Borelli & Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea holds a watch and waits for Autumn Borelli to show up for class. Autumn's suspects something is wrong. Emily's nice because she needs Autumn's brains to fix her watch. Agreeing and engaged in the task, Emily sneaks behind her and pulls down her pants. Autumn is embarrassed having her full back panties exposed. Her plaid shirt is tucked into her dorky granny panties. Humiliated in knee socks, Autumn tries to cover herself and pull her pants up. Emily smacks her butt to prevent her. Autumn tries to run away but trips over her pants that have fallen around her ankles. Emily laughs at Autumn's ass in the air exposed for the whole school. The next day, Emily's in the infirmary and tries to get her watch from under the bed. Autumn's nervous to help. Emily promises to be nice but gives a wedgie when Autumn's booty is in the air as she crawls. Autumn screams in pain. Emily continues to drag her by the grannie panties throughout school. Autumn digs her nails in the carpet as she's wedgied across the floor. Autumn reads but Emily grabs and throws the book across the room. As Autumn fetches, Emily superglues the chair. Sitting, Autumn doesn't understand why Emily laughs and tries to ignore her. Fed up, she tries standing but is stuck. A loud ripping sound is heard. Her pants and shirt are torn, exposing her lingerie. On full display, she screams in anger and vows revenge. Emily reads in the nurse's station and Autumn, still in her torn clothing, brings in a box. She says it's her retaliation and Emily should open it. Not taking it seriously, Emily is surprised by a vicious dog (implied POV) and terrified as it charges and tears her pants. Rubbing her ass, Emily admits defeats. She won't bother her. Standing next to each other, their exposed panties humble them both.

Jacquelyn Velvets Embarrassing Rip

Jacquelyn Velvets brags about her dress at her party. She offers to do a grand entrance but her dress gets caught in the door, revealing her silk boxers. She doesn't realize & continues posing. When aware, she tries to cower & cover her boxers, begging everyone to stop taking pictures. She tries to divert the crowd's attention & hides until they tell her that they think it's cute. She starts bragging about how she accessorizes even when not meaning to, but her top falls off & exposes her bra. She tries to use her arms to maintain modesty, but just wants everyone to go home & forget this mortfiying ordeal! Her friends are very forgiving. Jacquelyn boasts that she can pull off any fashion!