Human Trade - Constance Cakp


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It's too easy to get model wannabes to show up to a scam photoshoot. Constance Cakp is confused by the video camera and monitors on the wall but considers it an audition. She gladly takes her shoes but her peppy demeanor changes  when he directs her to remove her top. He explains how people are going to bid on her, and she realizes she's to be sold into the sex trade! Balking, his hands grab her throat so she can't escape. Her crying and pleas for help only increase interest in potential buyers.

The white tank top is peeled over her head and she whimpers in modesty as he exposes her tits. She tries to cover herself, but he grabs her neck so hard, her eyes cross. Constance wiggles her yoga pants off for fear that his hands will squeeze tighter. A tiny white thong shows off her sexy ass and thick thighs.

Time for "Guess the Trim"! Shoving her against the wall, he guesses how much pubic hair she has, and if the buyer guesses correctly, they get 5% off training! Feisty girls like Constance need to be trained although she would rather take off her own panties instead of him doing it. Handing the tiny g string to him, she tries to cover her pussy in shame.

She's docile but he belly punches her to reiterate what happens if she doesn't follow directions. Constance has no plans to disobey and bends over so he can show off her round ass.

The bids come in as he holds her arms behind her back and handgags her. She's cries when she learns that she will be sent to Russia and tied to a bed where multiple men will fuck her. Her life as a slave begins and it's time for her to crawl to her cage until she's shipped!

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17 minutes
  • Constance Cakp Constance Cakp
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea