Human Trade - Bambi Buttons


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Bambi Buttons thinks that she is going to a photo shoot, but Scott Torvea plays it off as a video interview. She's ok with the idea of a casting call as long as she gets paid. When he asks her to take her high heels off, she asks if it's a weird foot fetish thing but he never answers her questions. She marvels at the wall of the screens and takes off her sweater at his request even though it is cold.
She's confused when he mentions "everybody" and balks when he asks her to take off her dress. He finally explains that the cameras are feeding her to a live feed. In a swift motion, he grabs her neck so she can't escape and she tries to kick and bite her way free. Grabbing her arms behind her back, she squirms against his manhandling, but he manages to pull her dress down and reveals her lacy pink lingerie. 
She cries as the bra is removed and tries to cover herself in embarrassment. He pulls her hair and drags her closer to the buyers. Dipping his hands beneath her panties, Scott mocks her for being wet like a whore. Bambi tries to bend over and cross her legs to prevent him from exposing her to an online audience, but he's stronger and more determined to sell this bitch.
Whimpering and pleading, she begs for release, but he squeezes her face and pushes Bambi to her knees while yanking her hair. The buyer paid extra for slut training and she will be broken down and trained to be a submissive slut!
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19 minutes
  • Bambi Buttons Bambi Buttons
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea