Handicapped Farting Roommates - Bambi Buttons & Lucy Purr


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Lucy Purr and Bambi Buttons ran an ad for a helping roommate because they were in a car accident and have to wear diapers and neck braces. Lucy has  IBS and Bambi has control issues. you would help change them and massage their necks.

Their movements are limited because of whiplash. They tenderly hold their necks and carefully walk around as they tell you what is going on in their diapers. Lucy stubs her toe and hops on one leg in agony. Bambi falls down and hobbles trying to regain composure. 

They mention that their diapers are filled but aren't ready to change it because they are expensive. Holding their belly, they are uncomfortable as they fill it more. 

Time elapses and they want to change their diaper in a sexy way and help each other strip off their shirts. It's so uncomfortable to pull it over the brace, but they're determined to show off for you. Talking about how they're going to explode, they giggle and struggle to force it out which causes discomfort in their necks.

They argue about who's going to get changed first and strike blows to each other. Even minor tussles cause extreme discomfort and they struggle to bring each other down to the floor. Realizing this isn't going to help anyone, they apologize and ask for help to the emergency room.

Please note this was a custom and there are no farting noises added as requested by the customer. Everything is implied.

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16:53 minutes
  • Bambi Buttons Bambi Buttons
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr