Gullible Flashing - Anabelle Pync


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The new milkman knocks on Anabelle Pync's door and is greeted by her holding two huge melons in front of her large chest. Putting them down, she shows off her round ass in the tight booty shorts. She wants two jugs of creamy milk, but he needs to see her jugs. She misunderstands and lifts her white wife beater. He meant the size container for the milk, but is pleased with the flashing show. 
He also sells bread and asks what type of buns she wants. Hesitating, she pulls her shorts down and reveals her bouncing ass in a blue thong. Scott hands her the rolls and she asks if he needs anything else. He asks to see the melons and she lifts her shirt, squeezing her large breasts together. 
OTHER KEYWORDS-  flashing, exhibitionist, exhibitionism, humor, humour, roleplaying, role playing, dumb girls, short shorts, booty shorts, big tits, fake tits, blondes, Annabelle Pync
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5:20 minutes
  • Anabelle Pync Anabelle Pync
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea