Government Crackdown Part 1 - Constance Cakp


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A corrupt government has imprisoned political opponents and Constance Cakp was captured up during the raids. They stripped her to bra and panties and left her in a cell. A soldier bursts in and rips the covers from her bed, dragging her out. She resists and tries to crawl away, but he kicks her belly causing her to writhe on the floor. He handcuffs her wrists and ankles before ballgagging her and taking her to the torture room.

Bound to a chair, he removes her gag and interrogates her for information. She denies any knowledge as he slaps her. The games are over and he cuts off her bra and panties and gropes her sensitive tits.

Pulling out a riding crop, he strikes her tits and thighs, but she only begs for mercy as the intensity increases. Constance holds out even as he pinches her nipples and prepares a more strenuous bondage position.

OTHER KEYWORDS- bondage, rope bondage, damsel in distress, gagged woman, struggling, interrogation, ballgagged, gagged woman, BDSM, male domination, domination, corporal punishment, DID, Constance Cakp, all natural, Constance Capk


12 minutes
  • Constance Cakp Constance Cakp
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea