Gotham Reporter - Angel Lee


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News reporter Angel Lee films a PSA for the GCPD on how The Joker and Scarecrow stole a device that releases toxins into the air. She holds an gas mask that protects from the toxins but can't hear the crew telling her to avoid wearing it.


Her shirt opens and reveals her lacy bra. Confused, she tries covering her body while it's transforming, but moans in pleasure as her hands touch her skin. Black fishnet stockings appear on her legs and her skirt hikes up her hips. Her white granny panties are replaced with black lacy panties. The mask magically comes off so she's cognizant of her humiliating situation and returns to her face despite her protestations.


Angel complains it's arousing her but her voice becomes sultry and enjoys the process as a fishnet bodysuit adorns her curves. The prim ponytail is released and her blonde hair morphs to purple.


A crew member asks if she needs help, but she feels amazing and can't stop caressing her body. Time to find new recruits! 


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12:08 minutes
  • Angel Lee Angel Lee