Giantess / Shrinking

Stepmother Giantess - Emily Torvea

Your step mother, Emily Torvea, wants to chat. She loves your father & isn’t with him for the money, so stop sabotaging the relationship. Your dad is on a business trip. You guys can bond while he’s away. Want to see the new ap on her phone? She shrinks you. You are tiny. She terrorizes you! You can’t run away because her sock clad feet will stop you. Picking you up, she taunts & smushes you between her palms. You can't fight her when you are smaller than her thumb. Stop pinching! You are dropped on the floor. She crawls on the ground to find you. Using her hands, she presses down on your helpless body. Too bad your father thinks you are a disappointment. She steps on & squashes your body beneath her knee socks making sure to dig into the carpet. You are overwhelmed by her smelly feet as she puts her full weight on you. You like it when she sits on you with her perky ass because she always sees you staring. Grinding her ass, she demands that you respect her marriage to your dad. Squealing when you bite her butt, she grinds harder. If you promise to stop ruining her marriage, she will let you live, but she can’t turn you back to your normal size. The ap wears off, but it may take some time.

Bored Bambi Buttons

Featuring Bambi Buttons. Hey little brother, We are alone this weekend! I'm bored but had an idea while sucking this lollipop. I can shrink you. It won't be like the last time you were stuck in my sock & played with my toes. You can't get hurt while shrunken. You secretly like being at my mercy. I know you get aroused by me. I would enjoy having my brother in my mouth! I will tie you to this lollipop stick. You can be my candy! Give in because I'm going to pout till you submit. Awesome, I use my shrink ray until you are tiny. Hover over my cavernous mouth while I tease you before dropping you in. I can feel you wiggling on my tongue as I suck on your itty bitty body. It's fun in there & keeps you safe until I can tie you to my lollipop stick. Once bound, you can't stop me from licking & sucking on you. These selfies are going to go all over the internet. My friends want to go out so I have better things to do now.  I can't grow you back, but I can keep you safe in my mouth. Candy belongs in my belly. I count down until I swallow you. Yum. I can't believe I ate my brother! He will come out at some point so I can do it again.

Friend Shrinking Lesson - Jacquelyn Velvets

This custom is based on the camera "walking" through Jacquelyn Velvets with a side story of shrinking.Jacquelyn puts a spandex dress over her gold bikini & admires herself in the mirror, knowing she looks great. A little lipgloss & powder add the finishing touches as someone knocks.

Her backstabbing friend came by &Jacquelyn laughs as she plans revenge. They imbibe in a drink & the frienemy quickly shrinks. Jacquelyn is gleeful about her humiliating transformation & berates her for being an awful person. She always made Jackie feel bad. It's time for her to feel small & insignificant. There's no way for her to be saved! Lifting her by her fingers, Jacquelyn dumps her in the toilet & flushes her away. Nobody should get in her way! 

Smart Giantess - Paige Turner

Paige Turner's a teenage genius that isn't taken seriously because of her age. She created a potion that makes her older & treated with respect. The first dose transforms her into an early 20's woman. She savors her curves. Another gulp & she becomes a sexy, late 20's vixen. The short dress & hormones make her horny & excited, but something feels strange. Her growth potion works on height & aging. The added stature makes her feel powerful. She swigs the vial & savors her stretching & expanding body. The people who looked down on her won't be able to resist the goddess she has become. She's so powerful, she should take over the world. People will tremble in awe at her strength & beauty. If they don't follow her commands, she will crush them!
This experiment exceeded her wildest expectations!

Sister's Little Revenge - Jasmin Jai

Featuring Jasmin Jai! I'm annoyed that you embarrassed me on a first date & will shrink you as punishment. I should crush you with my foot & be done with you. Mom & Dad won't miss your tiny & useless body. They would thank me!  An insignificant speck like you couldn't fight someone big & powerful like me.Nobody would hear your screams. You're barely visible in my hands & it's easy to crush you in my palms. It's more fun to crush you with my huge, fat ass. It smothers your whole body, making you flat & tiny. You aren't sorry? I'm sitting & bouncing up & down until you disappear. I accidentally lost you, but pick you up for more crushing torment. My long red fingernails poke & prod your helpless body. I love getting revenge. You want to apologize? I'm not sure you learned your lesson, but more ass squashing will make you sorry that you messed with your big sister. I'm  leaving you stranded on this chair until the shrinking wears off!

Evil Babysitter - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms is annoyed when you question her performance as your nanny. You refuse to pay her. She's angry & uses her phone to shrink you. You try to run away. She taunts & picks you up with giant hands. Your squeaky voice is cute as she ponders your fate. She should demonstrate what babysitting really means! Your frail body goes under her curvy ass & you get between the crack. She grinds her butt up & down, your little legs stick out, but you can't leverage against her massive size. Time to increase her pay. Each time she stands, you offer more money, but she enjoys your suffering. You shrink more as her weight compressed you to the size of a thumbnail. Your wife will be disgusted with your tiny dick. At this small size, she can't feel you! After running & playing, Dakota's ass is hot & sweaty. The bouncing up & down makes you smaller than a pinkie nail. You refuse to pay & she threatens to keep you this size. If you don't transform to a normal height, your wife will think that you left & that would be awful unless you pay triple rates. It seems like a fair deal.

Giantess Play Toy - Jacquelyn Velvets

Featuring Jacquelyn Velvets! You wonder why I shrunk you down to this tiny size. You've been staring at me in the office & making me uncomfortable. It's time for retribution. It must be amazing to see my large feet up close & face to foot? Your job is to be my foot slave & worship with a massage. Your little hands have to prove size doesn't matter with tiny fingers in the wrinkles. My tootsies are sore after walking in the office in high heel pumps. Being barefoot feels good. It takes your entire body to rub my toes. I point & stretch my toes. Use your tongue to lick up & down my soles of my stinky, sweaty feet. I can't feel it. You failed your only job but have an erection. Who could you satisfy with that little rice dick? Just jerk it off & get that boner out of my sight. Are you going to cum on yourself from looking at my feet? There's no way you can cum on my pristine feet. Clean up your mess & put that thing away, you little foot bitch. You're never going to worship another foot again as I crush you with my strong feet.

Shrunken Brother - Lucy Purr

Your sister, Lucy Purr, looks for you after shrinking you. The hiding space doesn't protect you. Her ballet flats stomp over. She grabs you in her palm demanding your share of the inheritance. It's like taking your allowance. You couldn't stop her then or now! You won't give it & she sits on you with her big ass. Teasing you before smothering you, she lifts her skirt & puts her thong on your nose. Wiggling her ass, she grinds on your helpless body & feels your bones crunching. 10% isn't enough & you need to give it all. She sits on you as you edge the amount higher. You can't take anymore & sign the contract giving her all your money.

Dakota Charms Breakfast

This custom requested the word "pee"  used throughout but there is no peeing on camera. Dakota Charms shrunk her big brothers & kept them in a jar. She puts them in her cereal & warns them not to pee. They wiggle & squirm, but she finally grabs one to put in her food. She makes fun of them by using the word pee repeatedly because they always made fun of her for using it! Now that she is bigger, they can't stop her. They improve the flavor of the cereal & she asks if they are drowning. She doesn't care but likes seeing their flailing bodies. Dakota chews on their crunchy little bones & makes fun of their weak bladders. The flavor is so good & she humiliates them for being pathetic.

Shrunken Spy Interrogation 1 - Arielle Lane

I (Arielle Lane) shrunk you because my organization thought you were getting close to information. You decide if we do this the easy or the hard way. It looks like you decided to make this difficult considering your small size. You are tied to this chair, and I am going to twist and mangle your pathetic little body until you give the information. My palms will dig in and smother you with all of my weight. I could just squeeze your tiny little head off and you could not stop me.
5 numbers like my 5 fingers are all you need to give or I will put my hands over your  mouth. The only thing your struggling is doing is irritating me, so let's try my ass on your face. It is easy to grind on such a pathetic loser and I alternate between the methods of hand over mouth and crushing. Squirm under my weight because I feel everything through these thin yoga pants. It is even fun to bounce up and down on your frail body. I can't feel you anymore as I am too much for you to handle.

Shrunken Spy Interrogation 2 - Arielle Lane

I (Arielle Lane) look down at you after your  nap. How do you like your new size? You are smaller than before & have a chance to give the information. My big feet crush your tiny body. Give up the codes before I crack your weak bones. It tickles as you struggle, so I press harder. 
I switch to my hands & smother you...owww. You are not escaping & I will find you. Your miniscule legs cannot get far & my large foot stops you while my soles grind you into the ground. Darn, now I have to call headquarters because you are not going to be able to tell the info as a smear on my feet. I hate it when this happens.

Shrunken Slave - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is looking for you, a shrunken man, after you left your cage & is ready to crush you. She crawls on her hands & knees with her ass in the air. Her yoga pants are sexy, but you hide. She is angry & she stomps hoping you will be rattled. If you come out, she may show mercy.
You make noise & she pounces on her prey with her soles, but you escape before she disposes you. She finds you & taunts you with her round ass. It's mesmerizing & she grinds her butt on you. You want to stay under her weight, but slip away. She sees you running away & looks forgiving, but is angry & pulls out her feet again. She alternates between each foot deciding which one to use. She could use her toes or soles. She loses you again & finds you. Her hands wrap around you & squash you between her palms. No more little problems for Anabelle!