Giantess / Shrinking

Shrinking Experiment - Angel Lee

Angel Lee puts her science experiment in the fridge and takes a nap. Her roommates are at school. She awakens and shocked at how much time passed. She gets ready for the tanning salon and puts on her microbikini. Her friends are still out, but her chemicals in the refrigerator are gone! Worried, she doesn't notice a shrunk body on the chair. She sits on him. She searches for them in the living room and squashes another one when sitting on the couch. Bending over, she continues to look. Her barefoot squishes her friend. She realizes she has to keep it a secret. There's no time to tan. She strips her bikini top and plans on going back to studying. See the extra footage after the clip! This custom focuses on Angel Lee walking toward the camera and looks like the camera went through her. If you would like your own, please email TorveaFilms at g ma i l dot com

Cat & Mouse Games - Jacquelyn Velvets

Kitty Jacquelyn Velvets returns to an abandoned cheese factory after catching mice. You're little. She doesn't notice you at first, but a tiny mouse is the perfect desert after her meal. You can join your girlfriend in her belly. Do you want to be scratched or bitten? Her claws can't catch you, but she loves the game and to play with her food. It makes her hungrier. Pouncing, she doesn't expect you to shove a hose in her mouth. It's stuck. She struggles to escape as cheese pumps into her stomach. Her tummy ache distracts her from her prey. She rubs her growing belly. Moaning in discomfort, her eyes roll. She falls to the ground. Her gut is swollen. She threatens you for making her sick. Climbing a chair, you aim a chopstick into her belly. She arches to get it out. Writhing in agony, she finally yanks it out but can only claw the floor in discomfort. Breathing hard, her ribs suck in and out until she lies limp on the floor. The irony of the mouse getting the cat.


Wrong House - Paige Erin Turner

Paige Erin Turner has an intruder (POV). She pleas for help like a damsel in distress but becomes a bitchy Domme telling you to leave. You're confused why she won't submit. You're shrinking! It's her turn to have fun with your little body. She lifts you from the carpet. Put your hands up or you're going to get dropped. On the floor, you look up her long legs, see up her skirt as her big feet coming down on you. Her toes squish and smother. She lectures about the perils of crime. You had the chance to leave. She has no remorse about squashing you with her soles and toes. You don't like feet. That wasn't fun for you? How do you feel about hands? She hears your screams while rubbing her palms together. Stomping with her big feet is a a game. She tries to catch you. You're tiring yourself out and slowing down. You can watch tv since nobody stole it. Oops, did she sit on you? Bouncing up and down on your tiny body, you get comfy for a long night in front of the tube.

Belly Queen - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr confronts you for slaying her giantess sister while fingering her belly button. She stole a jewel from the last village she ate and pokes her stomach out in memory of how good they tasted. Crawling, she reaches for you and ready for a snack. but you attack with your spear in her belly button. Her eyes and mouth widen in shock. She gasps and moans while staggering for balance.Tugging, yanking and weakened, her eyes roll and tongue falls out as she crashes to the ground. Clawing and stroking her navel, she tries to get you but can only writhe in pain. You climb on her ankle and walk to her abs. The gem's lodged deep in her tummy. Reaching in her gut, you take it out as she arches and shudders her least breath.

Unemployed Boyfriend - Paige Turner

With Paige Erin Turner! How was your day at work? I brought some water. I went by your office and they said you were fired. It was embarrassing and you should be feeling smaller now. That was a shrinking potion because I'm furious. You worthless, useless piece of shit. What's wrong with you? You're a piece of scum. What else did you lie about? Now you get to experience getting walked all over. My feet are sweaty and stinky from walking in public restrooms and other gross places. My ballet flats crush your helpless body before I use my dirty bare feet. My soles squash and smother your helpless bones. It feels good to release aggression. You're pathetic under my red toenails. You love my ass and get a closeup view. Grinding, squishing, smothering and squashing, you can't escape. Pounding on you, I'm having fun at your expense. Your bones break and stop moving. What am I going to do with your body? A pop in the mouth and down my throat is a good disposal. You taste yummy!

Mother Shrinks Son - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn shrunk her son down to the size of an insect because of his panty and pantyhose fetish. He won't be able to snoop through her drawers if secured in the ass of her nylons. She will know where he is at all times. She sits with her full weight on him and grinds her large ass to hear his tiny bones crushing. He enjoys her hosiery. She takes him out of her stockings and flattens him with her booty. He's kicking so she plops and sits on him like furniture. Using her fingers, she pokes and smushes him with her fingernails. Despite her cruelty, she's not using all her strength on his helpless body. Kicking off her high heels, she uses her pantyhose feet to taunt. Her wiggling toes hover over him before crushing him. Admiring the mess, she picks up his carcass and throws him out like garbage.

Controlling Giantess SuperGirl - Lucy Purr

Super Girl finds The Atom playing with his toys and mocks him for being a useless superhero. He's tired of the bullying and has a device to control her mind but has to enter her head for implanting. Shrinking down, she's concerned he may do something bad and crawls on all fours to find him. He hitches a rides on her wrinkled soles as she's crawling. She has a nice ass and isn't wearing panties. he dives into her pussy to make her orgasm uncontrollably. She feels him invade her cave and begs for mercy. he makes her cum repeatedly. Stripping nude, she touches herself as he moves inside of her faster and faster. Helpless, she masturbates despite her best intentions. Tingling, The Atom leaves her body to admire her curves. Starting at her feet, he wanders up her soles and walks between her toes with blue toenails. He walks up her legs to the tip of her nose and proclaims he's not useless after all! Supergirl can't believe his plan was to make her orgasm, but he wants to embarrass her on live television. Jumping to her face he waves and walks in her nose. Reaching her brain, he sets up the mind control device and turns it on. In the real world, she threatens to crush and eat him, but the pain becomes too much in her head. Staring into space, her voice is monotonous and The Atom is in control. Using her voice and hands, he fondles her feet and large tits. He has better toys now and is going to have so much fun playing with her!

Employee Downsizing - Monica Jade

Monica Jade called her employees for a meeting to discuss the downsizing of the company but they're hiding from her. They had been shrunk to keep them under control. She's determined to make it works. She looks around the parking lot and finds them one by one. This sadistic CEO comes up with punishments for their insolence and giggles. Her high heels stomp on their little bodies. She crushes them in a satisfying crunch. Some of them look too appetizing. She opens her large mouth and teases them with her long tongue. Down the throat they go into her cavernous belly. When she's sure that she has taken care of all of the former employees, she goes back to work knowing the company will not have to pay their pensions. Downsizing accomplished! 

Shrinking Cake - Bambi Buttons

Bambi Buttons is missing a cake & searches for the person who ate it. Sitting down, something tickles under her jean skirt. She finds the little man who ate her food. She admits that the stolen cake had shrinking potion. His pleas to transform back to a full size man are met with laughter. She drops him. She doesn't know if it will last for an hour or forever. She should eat him since he ate all of her food. Hovering his body over her mouth, she taunts before throwing him on the ground. It must be terrifying to be dropped from the ceiling & have her big feet stomp & crush his pathetic little body. She's confident his bones are resilient. He doesn't mind the upskirt shots until she sits on him with her big ass. Bambi wants to tenderize his bones for her meal. Both of her hands crush his frail body. She enjoys feeling him go flat & sticky in her palms. She's not ready to eat him because she wants to teach him a lesson. His attempts of humanizing the situation are met with derision. She steps on him with her barefeet to put him in his rightful place. She was kidding about eating him because he's a disgusting pig, but drops him on the floor. He can fend for himself as a little person!

Giantess Party - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets grabs the box with the shrunken guests from her party. They didn't get her the gift she wanted. She made them tiny & controllable. She laughs at their helpless situation & demands they guess what she will do to them! They won't answer. She puts them on a plate for eating. Grabbing one with her long nails, she drops him in her mouth. More go down her throat. She loves the flavor. As a game, one little guy gets squished by her big bare feet. Her wrinkled soles crush his helpless body. She wants to do more! Those powerful feet stomp. Foot crushing made her hungry. She wants to eat more! They are delicious. She loves consuming the one who didn't bring a gift! She's going to swallow her best friends so they can be together forever in her belly. This wasn't such a bad party. She's tempted to do it again! Please note that this was a custom with specific requests for dialogue throughout the script. 

Anniversary Shrinking - Jacquelyn Velvets

With Jacquelyn Velvets!How do you like your new size? For our anniversary, I found your fantasies of being shrunk down & dominated by a strong woman. It was weird, but now I love it. You're the perfect size to go under my soles & worship my feet. Give my big barefeet a massage as you worship with your tiny hands. You can stick each hand between each toe. My lips are enormous as I kiss your tiny body. You're excited as I caress & put you between my cleavage & squish. You fit perfectly between my tits. My giant ass sits & smothers your helpless body. Your little lips kiss my ass. Let's do the femdom side of this. You're stuck at this size.  I can't transform you back. Let's do everything we just did, but darker. A tit smother makes you gasp. I laugh at your struggling. Let's crush with my ass & feet. How much pressure can those little bones take before exploding? It's satisfying to hear your crying as air comes out of your lungs. Take more weight to please your Goddess? Get smushed between my pussy. Smell my scent & feel the strength of my thighs. This made me hungry and I open my large mouth. Lay on my tongue before I swallow you whole. Rubbing my belly, I feel you going down to my stomach. I'm going to digest you for awhile because I took antacids for this occasion.Time to start dating again!

Sexy Giantess Gets Her Just Desserts - Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea enters & rubs her extended stomach. Her thong bikini shows off her powerful body and it's so easy to devour pathetic little humans. Her belly is full, but a nap will help. As she comes closer to you she smiles & pokes her belly button. You're the one that got away, but she has room for dessert. Crawling & clawing, she tries to catch you. She doesn't want to work for food. she stands & tries stomping you with her platform high heels. She pulls back & laughs that you pull out a wooden stake. Are you poking her ankles or tickling her feet? You're going to throw it at her navel. How could someone so tiny throw that high? Time for your last words. Her eyes bulge & she gasps. Grunting, gagging & moaning orgasmically, she tries to stand, & surprised that you got it so deep in her bloated belly. Struggling, her eyes cross & her tongue hangs out of her mouth before crashing to the ground. It's hard to release from her gut, but she yanks it out, & her belly heaves. Gurgling, you climb her leg, & rest on her tummy. How could someone so tiny bring her down? She demands you finish the job & slay the once mighty giantess. Arching & writhing, she jerks when you pull your tool out. She lays limp with her eyes open & tongue out.