Paige Turner Sits On Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane brags about her workout and how muscular she is. Paige Turner doesn't think she's  strong bets that Arielle couldn't handle the weight of Paige sitting on her for 8 minutes. They weigh each other on a medical scale. Arielle's nervous at the weight difference but lies on her back. Paige sits on her belly. It's a struggle to keep the pressure on her. She tries to trick her into lessening the time. Paige mocks her heavier breathing as weakness. Paige switches position and digs her ass bones into Arielle's abs. Arielle smack talks about her powerful muscles. Switching positions, they play a game of cat and mouse game about who will win the bet. When done, they admire the red marks from pressure. Arielle lays on the floor and breathes a sigh of relief when Paige leaves.

Tease & Denial Neck Play - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is excited about a hitachi vibrator and choking, but doesn't like edging games. The vibe goes up her leg and stops. Scott wraps his hands around her delicate neck. Moaning and gasping, he keeps her on edge and teases her sensitive nipples. His fingers rub her clit and just as she's about to cum, he removes the toy. She pouts about female blue balls. Squealing and crying as her pussy is edged, he  muffles her moans with some neck squeezing. The sex toy is removed and he slaps her pussy. Her pussy lips are red and she's horny to cum from the teasing. He grabs her throat and hands her the hitachi magic wand so she can orgasm! Content, she calms down and says thank you!

Wrestling Mayhem Orgasms - Paige Turner

Paige Erin Turner looks forward to her new mixed wrestling opponent. She's not going to put up a big fight. She needs multiple orgasms. This is an excuse for a sexfight. He arrives. She shows off her leotard and Wolford pantyhose but surprised to get multiple belly punches. Shocked and gasping, she's helpless to fight when he scratches her belly. She falls to the floor. He jumps off the couch and onto her. Counting to 3, he declares victory and leaves. Scott Torvea enters, sees her in pain and leads her to a table. Lying on her back, he caresses her belly and long legs. A little pain needs pleasure and he worships her feet, kisses her legs and rubs her pussy over and under her leotard. Cumming hard, she feels better, but he wants to eat her pussy through the shiny pantyhose. She begs him to keep going for multiple orgasms. She lost her wrestling match, everything's ok!

Brittany Shae's Sybian & Boots

Brittany Shae saunters to the sybian in over the knee boots and adjusts settings before sitting on the dildo attachment. Moaning as it goes faster and harder, she caresses her body in excitement. Arching her back and biting her lips, her tits bounce and the OTK boots kick back as she cums. After her last orgasm, she's spent but content!

Sex Fight - Dakota Charms & Jasmin Jai

Dakota Charms is excited for her first wrestling match but embarrassed and confused when Jasmin Jai fights topless. Putting her finger on her opponents lips and stroking the edge of her bikini bottom. Two fingers smack Dakota's pussy and she's down but lifted by her pigtails.

Jasmin shoves her long fingernails in her mouth before rubbing Dakota's clit over the bikini. Aroused and embarrassed to be turned on, she can't stop Jasmin from stripping her bikini top.

Jasmin ass smothers Dakota's face until she goes limp. She shoves her feet in Dakota's mouth. Dakota's cries out when seeing the red toenails dip between her lips. Struggling turns to masturbation when Jasmin facesits. Dakota throws a punch. Jasmin catches and rubs on Dakota's pussy. Dakota masturbates on her own and Jasmin pushes her to the ground. Putting her foot on her foe in a victory pose, she rubs her awake. Humiliated, yet turned on, she allows Jasmin to continue sole fucking her before worshiping Jasmin's feet and smothering her face till she goes limp. Jasmin's horny and goes back to her place. Counting to 3 in a victory pose, she strips Dakota's bottoms and shoves them in her mouth. As Jasmin's talking sexy, Dakota storms in to get even. Jasmin easily puts her between her legs to smell her boyfriend. Pissed off, Dakota knocks her out and starts to walk out. You KO her and let them lie limply as you throw your cum on them. (simulated)

Burglar Beatdown - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms sneaks in to rob Scott Torvea and wore a sexy outfit of a tight tank top and booty shorts in case she needs to seduce him. He slams the door and drags her away screaming. Throwing her on the ground, he cunt busts and  stomps her belly. Crying, she pleads but he likes her cries for help. Slamming her into a back breaker, he grabs her throat then an ankle lock. He stretches her arms back until they almost break while sitting and then in a bridge. Pushing her to her belly he wrenches her arms behind her and binds her wrists as she bawls. He claws her face and kicks. With her ass in the air, his heavy shoe crushes her wrinkled soles one at a time and then her face. Repeated cunt busts and slaps are warmups for the belting. Shoving her against the wall, he roughly grabs her face and demands that she cry louder. She's not getting out of this!

Arm Holding Anabelle Pync BTS

If you wanted to see behind the scenes of a custom video, this is a candid view. Anabelle Pync and Scott Torvea go over the details for an arm holding clip before rolling. She blows a kiss between takes. Outside, he directs them to different spots and moves the camera for the walking scenes.

Arm Holding Anabelle Pync

Two police officers arrest Anabelle Pync and offer to escort her by holding her arms or the hard way with handcuffs. Surprised, she hooks out her elbows and offers the upper arms to be grabbed. She asks to use the bathroom. They allow her privacy. She returns and sarcastically offers her arms. They grab her and escort to the car. Placed in the backseat, each man gets on either side and holds her biceps. She's surprised because she's stuck between them and can't go anywhere. Alone in the backseat, the guys enter and sit on either side. Sighing, she offers her arms and they latch on while holding her. One grabs her arms and walks with Anabelle to the other guard who grabs her arm. Both men walk while holding. While alone, they approach her and she rolls her eyes while offering her arms before they stroll. At one point, she's surprised as they escort her away by her arms. 

Arm Tests Part 2 - Little Mina

Little Mina continues her medical exam by the men obsessed with arm muscle tone. They flex her biceps and strip her yoga pants and sports bra. She struggles to make the muscle bigger as their fingers dig into her flesh. In a strength test, she pushes her whole body weight against a man.

She's collared, cuffed, leashed and ballgaged. She crawls like a puppy. They remove the collar and cuffs after she obediently follows directions. She's confused when ordered to put the leggings and crop top on. They want her to flex her biceps and she tries to make her little muscles grow. A tight gold band squeezes her skin and a bloodpressure cuff checks her heart rate on the other arm. The men want more pressure on her arms and walk her while tightly her arms. She tries to make it harder by resisting with all of her weight, but they are too strong. Mina goes to her knees and back up again as they play with her muscles. The cuffs are tighter and her arms swell from all of the pressure. Walking outside with her arms held, they take her back to where they found her.

Arm Tests Part 1 - Little Mina

Little Mina walks outside and avoids showing her arm muscles to the strangers that approach her. She placates them by pulling her sleeves up to her elbows. They grab her arms and pull her sleeves to her shoulders. They make her flex her biceps, but they think she's not trying hard enough. She tries to leave. They grab her arms and guide her to their lair. Mina's nude. They hold her arms and give a medical exam. A tongue depressor is shoved in her mouth. They check her skin texture before putting a pressure cuff on her forearm. She's embarrassed to be naked and asks for clothing. They inform her that she will need to workout and give her leggings and a sports bra. They demand she flex her muscles and roughly grab her arms. She needs to get her heart flowing. They order her to do jumping jacks, pushups and strength tests. They mock her for being weak. She struggles to do her tasks. After exertion, they test her heart rate while flexing. Winded, she can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation but is nervous about what they want with the data.

Catwoman's Gas Chamber - Emily Torvea

Catwoman (Emily Torvea) is walks slowly to the execution chamber in black over the knee boots and tight shackles around her ankles. The handcuffs are removed. She sits in the electric chair and stretches her black fingernails. The shiny boots are strapped to the chair. The prison guard removes her leg shackles. He reads her sentence and the punishment of the gas chamber. She's silent as it's sealed and looks around as the gas fills the room. There's no remorse or guilt for her actions. She's in quiet shock as her fate sets in. Her slow struggles quicken. She realizes that she can't escape. Coughing and gasping for breath, her movements become frenetic. She slumps in her chair and foams at the mouth.

Booking Autumn Borrelli

Autumn Borrelli is embarrassed when a cop arrests her at work. He reads her Miranda Rights. She cowers so her coworkers won't see her walked out in handcuffs and leg shackles. She's told to wait while the cop informs her boss. Her high heels wiggle in the metal shackles. She looks down in shame. Her wrists clank the metal cuffs. She's stuck. Autumn's humiliated and walks out of her office and to the police station. The cop goes through the questioning of booking. She answers forlornly. Her high heels are removed for her mugshots. The shackles jingle as she turns right, left and forward. Orange flip flops are given. She's told to wait before being escorted to her cell. The guard holds her arms as she's led away.