Arrested Arm Holding - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets calls the police & turns herself in for a warrant. Two male officers arrive to arrest her. She's disappointed that she turned herself in voluntarily & they find it necessary to roughly hold her upper arms at the same time. If they don't hold onto her, she has to be handcuffed. She doesn't want her neighbors to see that! Grabbed & escorted, she doesn't struggle physically, but makes frequent references to her arms being held. During her walk of shame, it's strange to be escorted by her biceps. Their fingers dig into her flesh. She goes where they lead & tries not to complain! Even if she tried to run, she wouldn't get far in her high heels & miniskirt.

Liquidating Employees - Kobe Lee & Alora Jaymes

Kobe Lee, the boss, calls Alora Jaymes in to discuss department cuts. Employees are being liquidated. Alora's scheduled to be melted & is disappointed but quickly gets over it. Kobe instructs her to strip her blouse, skirt, black nylons, lingerie & high heels. While stripping, Alora asks what it's like to be melted.  Kobe relays how other girls enjoyed it sexually. Kobe activates the machine. Enjoying the process, she moans & feels orgasms overtake her body. Her head peaks out of the tub & then nothing is left of her! Kobe inspects the tub & confirms that Alora is a puddle before stripping for her turn. She's impressed with how much Alora enjoyed it, & looks forward to melting. Setting the controls, she steps in the tub. Her body transform into a puddle. It's better than imagined!

SuperWoman Origins - Savannah Costello

SuperGirl (Savannah Costello) was launched from her exploding home planet, Kryptonia & landed on Earth in Kansas. She learns about  her powers & what makes her special compared to earthlings. As the last survivor, she has a lot of questions. On her 18th birthday, Claire Kent, realizes she won't have a normal life. Nude & wrapped in a sheet, she jolts awake holding her head in pain. Her eyes glaze over as she acquires the power of seeing through walls. Fire streams out of her eyes. She uses her hands to cover the searing pain. She can't control it. Her dresser is engulfed in flames. She blows ice breath out of her mouth to extinguish it.  She contemplates her differences from the others in her school. Grabbing her large breasts, she realizes she matured faster. A knock on the door breaks her thought. Her dad wishes her a happy birthday through the door. After dressing, she explains her powers to him. He admits they found her in a spaceship in a field. They were barren & adopted her. He reveals a briefcase that makes her hear voices guiding her to fulfill her quest. The exotic costume has an S. There is a strange crystal. She hugs her dad & tells him she has to make a trek to understand this mystery. Packing her backpack with the uniform & boots, she travels to a distant & cold land. Throwing the crystal, it explodes in the distance. The earth shakes before a crystal palace surrounds our heroine. A hologram woman appears. Her birth mother reveals her origins & name, Kayla El. In uniform, Supergirl embraces her superheroine destiny & puts her hands on her hips in the victory pose. Claire starts her first day at the newspaper job. The star reporter, Louis Lane, is rude & doesn't want her to interfere with his big scoop on Air Force One. She later hears that Air Force One was attacked. She runs off to change into her uniform & fly to his rescue. He returns to the office & enamored with the mystery woman who saved him. He must find her even if it means putting himself in danger so she will save him. Claire needs to make a visit to her secret admirer. Dressed as Super Girl, she enters Louis's apartment to warn him not to put himself in peril. She graciously agrees to do an interview & explains her powers. He's impressed but wants a demonstration of bending steel. Flirting, she toys with him before leaving. At the office, a high pitched transmission that only Supergirl can hear is released by the supervillain, Alexis Luther (Emily Torvea). She's threatening the town with destruction if the Do Gooder doesn't come right away. She arrives in warp speed. The villain says the explosive is hidden. SuperGirl will have to use her x ray vision to find it. It's too easy until SuperGirl finds the bomb surrounded by Kryptonite. Alexis wraps the kryptonite around her neck to make her extra weak. The goon, picks her up & places her in the cage. She writhes in agony. Her powers are useless. She can't escape. Using her feminine wiles, she flirts & begs the henchmen to let her out. He hesitates but releases her from her cage & plants a kiss on her. Quickly, she flies away & saves the day. Claire Kent sits at her desk and writes about the exploits of her secret alter ego. If they only knew it was her!

Too Late To Tickle FULL version

Monica Jade is excited for Scott Torvea to get home for some sexy fun. She falls asleep waiting. She's out of the mood. He tickles her to wake her up. He removes her shoes & helps her get ready for bed. He lets her fall asleep before waking her with tickling. He holds her arms over her head & scissors her legs so that she can't buck him off. He alternates between light & deep tickles that span her body from neck to feet. & soles. She shrieks with howls. Her red polished toes splay & contract. She spasms with laughter. Keeping her on edge, he spoons & stops tickling. Monica is defensive & waits for brutal tickles! He lets Monica fall asleep & secretly plans to tie her in ropes with her arms overhead. Monica's frustrated & has no way out.  He lifts up her sexy lace nightie & dances his fingers across her sexy belly. Her pleas aren't answered.  He alternates between light tickles to get the nerve endings stimulated. he digs his fingers into her skin & she howls with laughter. Her arms & legs strain against the ropes. There's no escaping. Her armpits, ribs, belly, legs, & feet are fair game.  Scott takes advantage of his prey.  Monica had wanted heavy breathing from another activity but got it from tickling!

Crying Gallows Part 1 - Angel Lee

Angel Lee awaits the verdict from the jury with her lawyer & charged with first degree murder.  Her handcuffed hands go to her face in shock but she manages to hold in her tears when given the death penalty in the gallows. She’s sentenced to hanging by neck. She's in the prison medical clinic in her uniform. The guard holds her arms behind her back. The doctor goes over her punishment that he will implement. Angel listens with a bowed head. The guard unties the rope around her wrists & strips her uniform including the standard issued white cotton panties. They put her on the scale to be weighed & to get her height. Checking her neck, he twists it side to side before measuring it. The guard switches from holding her arms behind her back to over her head when her waist & chest are measured. Pushing her against the wall with her hands high above her head, they pat down her body & give her large tits special attention. Angel's ears & mouth are probed to make sure that she isn't hiding anything. The doctor grabs a piece of rope & loops it around her neck in order to check size. The doctor leaves her to mentally prepare for her execution the next day. They hand her uniform to get redressed, but she's paralyzed with fear.


Handicapped Farting Roommates - Bambi Buttons & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr & Bambi Buttons need a helping roommate after a car accident & wear diapers & neck braces. Lucy has IBS & Bambi has control issues. You would change them & massage their necks. Their movements are limited because of whiplash. They tenderly hold their necks tell you what is going on in their diapers. Lucy stubs her toe & hops on one leg in agony. Bambi falls down & hobbles trying to regain composure.  They mention their diapers are filled but aren't ready to change it because they’re expensive. Holding their belly, they’re uncomfortable as they fill it more.  Time elapses.  They want to change their diaper in a sexy way & help each other strip off their shirts. It's so uncomfortable to pull it over the brace, but they're determined to show off for you. Talking about how they're going to explode, they giggle & struggle to force it out which causes discomfort in their necks. They argue about who's going to get changed first & strike blows. Even minor tussles cause extreme discomfort. They struggle  to the floor,  apologize & ask for help to the emergency room. This was a custom. There are no farting noises added as requested by the customer. Everything is implied.

Booking Paige Turner Part 1

Paige Erin Turner can’t believe she’s going to prison for white collar crimes. The guard brings clothes for court including reinforced toe knee highs. She asks if she can go without handcuffs. She has to wear shackles & no sexy high heels. She asks to wear just her nylons & barefeet.  She strips the orange uniform to put on business attire, & sits as the guard shackles her ankles. She asks if she can walk in ankle shackles before going to court to get accustomed to stilted walking. It’s humiliating to be led into court as the guard holds her arms but it’s worse when the judge reads her verdict. Hanging her head in shame, the guard handcuffs her wrists. She addresses the court.

They slowly walk toward the back room of the courtroom. He briefly uncuffs her & puts on a waist chain that keeps her hands in front. Having Stockholm Syndrome, she acknowledges the guard is doing his job. She won’t fight him. He does a quick body search & puts on her keds sneakers.In a long walk of shame toward her cell, the shackles clank against her ankles as they go through the long halls of the government buildings.

Booking Paige Turner Part 2

Paige Erin Turner is given an orange uniform & strips her court clothes after the guard removes the handcuffs & shackles. She's fallen from grace as the CEO of a company to prisoner of the state. He watches as she strips her blouse & becomes a number in the system. The high heels that had been replaced with keds sneakers are demoted to cheap, plastic orange flip flops. The guard allows her to wear reinforced toe knee highs with her sandals, but shackles her ankles over the orange uniform. The handcuffs are reattached with the waist chain so her hands are in front. Another long walk in shackles. She trudges the government hallways as the guard escorts. He receives a phone call indicating that Paige is a high security risk prisoner. He knows there’s an error, but she acquiesces because she doesn’t want him to get in trouble. Paige is placed in isolation & wears a special spit mask made of stockings. With her face smushed in a nylon encasement, she walks with less pride in her step as they chip away her dignity. Her steps become smaller as the shackles weigh down her body & spirit.

In her cell, she flirts with the guard & shows off her stockinged feet & nylon encased head. He promises to help her case, but has to go. Paige sits stoically in her new cell & processes her new life.

Tickle Slave Auction - Constance Cakp

Constance Cakp is a slave who is brought to a secret society auction. Members place bids to purchase her for tickle torture sessions. Wearing tan thigh highs, a neck collar, ankle & wrist cuffs, she tries to escape. A man wearing a hood opens the door. She pleads for mercy while trying to remain in the cage. He ignores her whimpering pleas & fastens a leash to her neck collar. Cuffing her wrists behind her back, he leads her away. In the auction chamber, her arms are cuffed above her head. Oil is rubbed on her tits, belly & ass. He announces the next slave is ready for auction. As a demonstration of her sensitive skin, he dances his fingers in her armpits, thighs, and feet. The tickling makes her laugh despite her best intentions. The more she twists to get away, the higher the bids. She's sold to the highest bidder & finds herself stretched on a bed with her arms bound to the sides. Her helpless feet are cuffed together & suspended by rope. Squirming to escape, her nylon feet wiggle. Her stocking feet are tickled with fingers & a hair brush as she laughs uncontrollably. To prevent her movement, he wraps his arms around her ankles & alternates with light & deep tickles. Moving up her thighs, her body convulses as she screams in laughter. The short interludes in between leave her panting & nervous about what he will do next. Pulling up the stocking toe, he rips them off her toes to tickle & lickle her bare feet. His time is up. He leaves her to struggle until the attendant can help clean her up for the next buyer.

Tickle Security Authority - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr is on her way to a flight, but stopped by TSA (Tickle Security Authority). The guard recognizes her. She confirms she's a fetish model & flattered he recognizes her. He checks the computer. She needs enhanced screening for an expired id. Lucy's perplexed but acquiesces. She stretches her arms for a patdown & withdraws when he tries to tickle her sides. He insists on this position & tickles her armpits which causes her to squirm. She's directed to remove her shoes. He grabs an ankle so he can firmly tickle her foot. Lucy wiggles to get free, but she's not escaping this tickle inspection! Both feet are tickled. He acknowledges the computer was right & she was overdue for a tickling. She's going to be detained for tickling in order to renew her fetish license! In a cat & mouse game, Lucy tries to evade the guard, but he scoops her over his shoulder & carries her kicking legs away. In the screening room. Lucy is stripped to her pantyhose & hogtied. The guard says a quick, proper tickling will allow him to update her profile. He gives attention to her tan pantyhose feet, thighs, & sides. He gives a few spanks because a fetish model should never let her id lapse!

Electrifying Bambi Buttons

Bambi Buttons is sullen as she's led to the electric chair. The guard binds her wrists & removes her socks & sneakers. She protests as the leather cuffs strap her to the chair. Wiggling her feet, she tests the binds to see if she could escape. Electrodes are placed on her feet & she whimpers at her fate. The currents course through her body on a low dose. Her body shakes & twitches as she pleads for the punishment to end. She begs for him to stop putting on the intense pads on her toes as well as the sponge & helmet on her head. Her foot is submerged in the bucket of water. Her leg is refastened to the chair. As the electricity pumps through her body, her face becomes vacant & she tries to grab onto the chair for leverage. Slumping, her body is lifeless as one more criminal is taken out of the general population.

Johnson Account - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane wants to talk to you about work but all you can do is stare as she crosses & uncrosses her legs. Her hands caress her thighs & calves down to her black stilettos while she asks if she can share the account.If she gets this favor, you would get something in return. Her skirt hikes up & you realize that she's wearing garter & stockings instead of pantyhose! Her toes dip in & out of her black pumps. She rubs her pointed toes before wiggling them in your face. Her red toenails peek through the nylons & you sniff the dirty stockings. What did this naughty girl do to get her soles dirty?!