Transformation Fetish

Good Deed Transformation

You see an overweight man on skid row. You feel for him so you give him a hundred dollar bill. Shocked by this he asks if you meant to do that or did you give it to him by accident? When you say it was intentional he tells you that you deserve a reward. He stands up and starts to transform into a beautiful woman. Slowly she starts to take off her layers of clothing and lets her true identity be known. 

Friendly Neighbor

Scott has always wanted to invade a woman's body and possess it. He creates a potion that will allow him to leave his body and invade the closest female which happens to be his neighbor Andrea Rosu. She has never given him the time of day, and he wants to embarrass her by making her lose control of her body.

He takes the potion but feels nothing except for being a little tired, so he decides to go to bed and sleep it off.....

Poison Ivy's Change

From frumpy to sexy, in this custom Candle changes into the beautiful Poison Ivy. Candle box starts of in old baggie clothes, and her favorite Ugg boots. But once she gets pricked by a thorn, she comes out of her old clothes and turns into Poison Ivy