Transformation Fetish

UpSkirt Perverts Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn comes into the living room to clean up a little before her guests get there. But as she's cleaning she notices some bugs on the floor. After a closer look she realizes they aren't bugs. It's those up skirt perverts that she shrunk last night! "I guess shrinking you wasn't enough" she says while looking down on them. She puts her foot over them and is about to end them once and for all, when she decides a better fate for them. She decides to sit on them. Crushing them with her beautiful butt they so badly wanted to see! One by one she sits on them and wiggles her butt while crushing them.

Babyfication Mind Control

A sweet nurse is in charge of a controversial program that reprograms hardened criminals into helpless and sweet babies. She is in the process of organizing a treatment room when the door suddenly closes with her in it. She knows that she must get out of here quickly or she too will be transformed and have control of her mind but not her body.

Melted Candle

It is a pleasure that you are my last client and I am a little excited to see what this will entail. If you are fast, you can get your dick in me as transform from partial human to partial melted wax. You can rub your body all over it and know that I exploded just for you. Oh, yes, I can feel it happening. I am melting and getting lower and lower. I am your goo-d time girl!

Power of Seduction

Crimson Blaze has tracked down her arch rival, only known as "The Inventor" She is trying to use her powers of seduction against the evil scientist to make him lose control of his won will and obey her every command. But something is wrong......

As she moves sexily in front of him she realizes her powers are having no affect on him!!

Somehow you managed to transform Crimson Blaze into her frumpy, nerdy alter ego and she is not thrilled about it at all. She is physically powerless and cannot fight against the ropes that bind her.

Witch Skype

Witch Convention and Candle was not able to attend. Fortunately, technology allows her to skype the proceedings. This is a great thing because she was not sure how much longer she could maintain her mainstream persona.

Candle is enthralled with the people watching and comments on what they are wearing and mutters about the scandals under her breath. It is all great fun, but she is ecstatic when the High Priestess gives the command to take off her shoes. She oohs and ahhs as she rubs her hands in all of the crevices and feels the relief rush through her aching arches. The gloves have always made her itchy due to the eye of newt lining, and she scratches her arms trying to relieve the sensation. The best part of the convention is when she can take off her wig and rub her bald, sensitive head. She is so happy with her transformation and so proud to be involved in her coven.

Principal Revenge

Old Ms. Candle is a cooky old principal at your school, she calls you in her office and starts to come on to you. It's weird because she is so old and you tell her no way! Then she drinks a potion and transforms right before your eyes into a younger woman! She is much better looking now but still to old for you.

Good Deed Transformation

You see an overweight man on skid row. You feel for him so you give him a hundred dollar bill. Shocked by this he asks if you meant to do that or did you give it to him by accident? When you say it was intentional he tells you that you deserve a reward. He stands up and starts to transform into a beautiful woman. Slowly she starts to take off her layers of clothing and lets her true identity be known. 

Friendly Neighbor

Scott has always wanted to invade a woman's body and possess it. He creates a potion that will allow him to leave his body and invade the closest female which happens to be his neighbor Andrea Rosu. She has never given him the time of day, and he wants to embarrass her by making her lose control of her body.

He takes the potion but feels nothing except for being a little tired, so he decides to go to bed and sleep it off.....

Poison Ivy's Change

From frumpy to sexy, in this custom Candle changes into the beautiful Poison Ivy. Candle box starts of in old baggie clothes, and her favorite Ugg boots. But once she gets pricked by a thorn, she comes out of her old clothes and turns into Poison Ivy