Transformation Fetish

Dudes Transformation

Andrew and Candler are talking on the phone out Candler’s latest crush. It turns out she is a lesbian and Candler is really bummed. It all seems like a joke to Andrew and he makes fun of him especially when Candler wishes he could be a lesbian to be with her.

All of a sudden, Candler feels a bit odd

Boot Transformation

Andrea has pushed the limits and Candle decides to transform her into a pair of shiny, knee high black boots. At first, she does not like her new form and complains about how smelly Candle's feet are and how she is wiggling her toes too much.

Friendly Neighbor

Scott has always wanted to invade a woman's body and possess it. He creates a potion that will allow him to leave his body and invade the closest female which happens to be his neighbor Andrea Rosu. She has never given him the time of day, and he wants to embarrass her by making her lose control of her body.

He takes the potion but feels nothing except for being a little tired, so he decides to go to bed and sleep it off.....