Transformation Fetish

Assassin Reversed - Jacquelyn Velvets & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr and Jacquelyn Velvets investigate an abandoned warehouse for a lead. When Jacquelyn suggests they leave, Lucy throws her against the wall holding her arms. Struggling, Jacquelyn grabs a nearby hose and shoves it in Lucy's mouth. Turning on the valve, air is forced into her mouth. Lucy's stuck. Her eyes widen with fear as her tits grow larger and the buttons on her shiny blouse pop open, revealing her lacy bra. Jacquelyn's runs off in fear. Lucy's skin stretches. She grows larger. In the other room, Jacquelyn hears a giant pop and gasps!


The New Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets is a homely girl that is just too short, flat and too damn ugly! She approaches her computer and is excited to go shopping in the privacy of her home because going in public is torture. Everyone laughs and makes fun of her, making her feel even more insecure.

A new store has popped on line and she finds an interesting makeup that looks beautiful. She enters her credit card information and presses instant order. Sure enough, she receives the item instantly as in on her face. 

This must be a miracle and she questions her sanity before going to another site called Hollywood hair. Another instant order and her frumpy bun transforms into long flowing blonde hair.

This ultimate shopping spree is too good to be true and she proceeds to go to the Beautiful Boobies store and The Sexy Legs Bodega. 

As she finishes buying her new body, she is thankful that her credit card is paid in full and she decides to accessorize her new form with sexy clothes. An item is listed as "sexy", and when she orders it, she now has an attitude to match her new appearance.

All that is missing is a boyfriend, but after one final click, her new beau starts calling her cell phone. Technology is amazing!

Jacquelyn's New Chair

Jacquelyn always hated James but now has a perfect solution so she never has to listen to him again. She magically transformed him into a chair! It is the most brutal form of torture because he has all of the human senses of thinking, seeing, and feeling, but cannot communicate in any way.

When she brings him home, she talks down to him and lets him know that he is just a piece of furniture with

Donut Revenge

In a previous encounter (Cupcake Expansion), Candle had been possessed to eat cupcakes against her will and she became very fat, very quickly. We find out that Jacquelyn Velvets was the one who left them out. She gloats about Candle becoming a fat cow. 

When she sees a box of donuts, Jackie starts gloating about her fast metabolism and how she can eat whatever she wants without gaining an inch. She starts to eat one and it turns out they have the same powers as the cupcakes. This sexy blond becomes insatiable and

Something in the Water

Jacquelyn and Annabelle see an ad for a modeling job that looks to good to be true. College is expensive and this seems like a great way to help pay for it. Besides they have awesome bodies and they may as well capitalize on it.

Fortunately, they both get cast at the same time. They give a brief background about themselves and drink some water that was given to them. It tastes a bit odd but the girls do not think much about it until the company divulges what the modeling job actually involves.

Metal Moves

Jacquelyn ends up going first she is so excited to be the first person ever to be teleported. After Annabelle adjusts the settings, the machine starts up, and the particles start to move, a flash of light and Jacquelyn is gone! Only a small glowing orb is left which slowly disappears. Then the machine starts back up another flash of light and she is on the other platform. There is a problem, she is completely naked and solid gold! 

When Annabelle comes in she is horrified, what went wrong?

Miss Hyde Transformation

Jacquelyn Velvets is a very basic kind of girl. She relies on her brains rather than her looks. But that is all about to change thanks to a potion she has been working on!

She comes in the house talking to her friend on the phone. She got this outfit as a gift but it is way too sexy for her taste

UpSkirt Perverts Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn comes into the living room to clean up a little before her guests get there. But as she's cleaning she notices some bugs on the floor. After a closer look she realizes they aren't bugs. It's those up skirt perverts that she shrunk last night! "I guess shrinking you wasn't enough" she says while looking down on them. She puts her foot over them and is about to end them once and for all, when she decides a better fate for them. She decides to sit on them. Crushing them with her beautiful butt they so badly wanted to see! One by one she sits on them and wiggles her butt while crushing them.