Transformation Fetish

Mummified Magic - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms has a magic vial and wishes that she had the sexiest costume for a contest. She finds herself mummified with her legs separated in tight duct tape.  It shows off her curves. She loves being helpless. Her hands and feet are tightly  wrapped. She can barely move! She wants it sexier! Her head's wrapped in tape causing her to mmmph and gagtalk. Ambling like a mummy, she loves the constriction and hearing tape rubbing against tape. She desires to be immobilized and transports to the floor with legs taped together and arms bound to her side. She struggles to flip over and tries using momentum. Her feet wiggle in between and she tries to bend her knees as leverage. Dakota's missing the party because she's stuck!

Silent Island - Kobe Lee & Dakota Charms

This is a silent film with music per the customer's request! Kobe Lee and Dakota Charms crawl on a deserted island after a shipwreck without luggage. They make a shelter. They imagine a washed up balloon is a coconut and try to crack it with a high heel. Frustrated by the industrial strength rubber and throw it back to sea. They hold their hungry bellies and bemoan their dirty skin and torn clothing. They find a bottle they can write a note if only they had paper. Dakota's white shirt is the only thing that would work. She's embarrassed to be naked. Arguing, they have a Benny Hill chase scene. Kobe rips the shirt off and writes the note. Dakota covers herself in shame. A plane flies over as their clothes fall off their bodies. They're so excited that they jump up and down to get its attention. Instead of helping, the pilot drops a bra and flies away. They try to cover themselves and wait for help. Exposed to the elements, they sleep and dream of food. Kobe puts a cloth over Dakota's mouth and binds her so she can cook her over a fire! Dakota awakens and struggles to get free as Kobe salivates. Rescuers come. They pose and try to look pretty for their white knights.

Jungle De Lajuria Animal - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms is a scientist on a jungle expedition in a rain forest & logs her data on a camera. She's prim & proper in her button up blouse, shorts & Converse sneakers. She tells local superstitions but isn't scared of being driven mad by the jungle. Logging out, she's ready to reach the base camp with her local guides. A month later, she does another video log in the same scene as before. Her hair hangs loose, shirt dripping with sweat & she's unnaturally cheerful as she tries to put on a brave face. The maps aren't correct. Her guides stole her belongings, leaving her with only the clothes on her back. The steamy heat affects her thoughts. She mentions wanting to rip her clothes off & run around naked. Embarrassed by these low brow thoughts that aren't civilized or scientific, she signs off to conserve energy. Two months later, she's deep in the jungle but without her Chucks sneakers or glasses & doesn't realize the camera is on. She's dirty & unkempt. The shorts are tattered. The seam on one hip has torn open. The shirt is stained & ripped. She should be home. People look for her. Her thoughts aren't her own. She thinks like an animal & wants to crawl through the forest naked & wild. She gets tingling & warmth between her legs. She's filthy & sweaty, & feels her sexiest. Every rip & tear of her clothing makes her feel wild & savage. Unhinged & crumbling, she rationally knows she needs to get out before she's left in just rags. Six months later, she's deep in the jungle & crawls sensually & sexually like a jungle cat. She's restless & a mess with long, tangled wild hair. Her feet & skin are filthy but she glistens with sweat. Her shirt is shredded & exposes most of her chest. The shorts are like a skirt of tattered ribbons. Dakota's no longer innocent but turned on by her half naked body & can't keep her hands off her curves. The jungle is her playground. She's efficient at hunting & catching prey. It's like they can't resist her as Queen. A lustful energy has grown inside of her. She admits she was always meant to be a predator. Civilization held her back. If you come looking for her, she will devour you. Much later, she enters. The camera has been put on its side. She's feral & tattered rags hang off her almost nude body. Crawling, she purrs & stares at the lens in confusion before remembering what it is. With a roar, she pounces on the camera & is never heard from again!

Secretary Transformation

Dakota is a frumpy secretary who complains that men are pigs and always hitting on the slutty girls in the office. She prefers her conservative wardrobe and morals.

A strange package with a mysterious ring is on her desk and she puts it on only for it to become stuck. While a little worried, she is more concerned about getting to her boss's office on time. Unfortunately, she can't concentrate because of the weird tingling and uncontrollable arching of her feet. 

Now Dakota is a little nervous but tries to pay attention until she looks down and sees high heels magically on her feet. She tries to hide them but her legs have a mind of their own and cross and uncross in a sexy manner.

Groaning, she asks if she can leave, but sees that she is wearing pantyhose and a short skirt. Freaking out, she and her boss notice her seductive legs juxtaposed against the rest of her frumpy self.

Realizing it must be the strange ring, she tries to take it off, but only manages to morph into a sexier top. Her hair is no longer in a bun, and is flowing and free. She admits to her boss that she can't stop touching herself and showing off her legs. When he gets a huge bulge in his pants, Dakota is shocked., but licks her lips and feels a rush of power and arousal. 

She demands that he take out his cock and jerk it to her sexy new body while moaning in pleasure as she brings herself to climax. It is time for him to cum to her transformed self. Dakota could get used to this new body!

Becoming Dakota Charms

Scott really wants to become Dakota so that he can be with her girlfriend, Candle. He has a shady serum that he ordered off the internet and he chugs it down, hoping for the best. As he feels whoozy, he lies down and magically awakens inside Dakota's body. 

When he, now a she, rises out of Dakota's bed, she does notice the transformation at first. However when she looks in a mirror, she gasps in delight at her new body! Her peppy little voice is a far cry from the once masculine one. Her curvy body is so sexy compared to the hairy, awkward body of before. Girl tits are better than man tits!

There is no facial or pussy hair and Dakota never has to shave again. Lacy pink panties adorn her perfect ass and she admires how she looks. When looking for other silky things to wear, she finds a vibrator and decides to test out her new hole. Doesn't everyone want to know what it feels like to have a female orgasm?

Starting off slowly, she rubs her little clit and is amazed how much sensation a little nub can have. She wonders if the vibe will feel like jacking off and is excited to test it out on her perky nipples before edging down to her new pussy. A little taste of her natural lube is delicious and it is so wet that she shoves the vibrator in like a dick. Being filled up feels so good and it is so much better to have a female orgasm and she convulses in pleasure.

Realizing that this is her chance, she calls Candle so that they can finally play together!