Transformation Fetish

Becoming Dolly Leigh

Scott has had great luck using his potion to invade any woman's body and he decides that Dolly would be fun! As he sucks it down, he feels a bit odd but the rewards are worth it.

In a different location, Dolly is chatting on the phone, and feels funny as Scott invades her body. It never gets old as he, now a she, feels her shapely legs and caresses her shapely tits that are encased in a pretty pink bra. The perky nipples are very sensitive and she feels  the long flowing blonde hair swish around her shoulders.

As she stands to get a look at her round ass, she stumbles while acclimating to the high heels. Time to shimmy out of the pink lacy panties her hands greedily caress her tiny clit. The bare pussy is so sweet to play with and way better than stroking a cock.

She squeals with delight as she has an orgasm and savors the exotic female climax that is so intoxicating. Since time is limited when in transition, Scott takes pictures and emails them so that there is proof later!

As Dolly reenters her body she is surprised to be nude and then very embarrassed to find the pictures on her phone.

It is so great to be a girl!