Transformation Fetish

Black Heel Transformation

That shoe store is just amazing. They manage to transform grown men into high heels! Candle has quite the collection already and she is ready to try on her new pair of black patent pumps. Unfortunately for you, you are the latest victim She cannot wait to feel her stockinged feet slide into you and put all of her weight onto you. Your pleas for help are met with derision and laughter. After all, you are a shoe and nothing more. It brings her glee to humiliate you with dips and dangles of her feet. After awhile she tires of you and puts you in her shoe closet where she may torture you again or completely forget about you!

Melted Candle

It is a pleasure that you are my last client and I am a little excited to see what this will entail. If you are fast, you can get your dick in me as transform from partial human to partial melted wax. You can rub your body all over it and know that I exploded just for you. Oh, yes, I can feel it happening. I am melting and getting lower and lower. I am your goo-d time girl!

Assassin Expansion - Arielle Lane & Jasmin Jai

Assassins Arielle Lane and Jasmin Jai look for a target. Jasmin's sneakers and yoga pants contrast with Arielle's stilettos and business attire of a shiny blouse and short skirt. Jasmin confesses to luring Arielle there to kill her. Arielle tries leaving and defends herself by choking. Jasmin shoves a hose in Arielle's mouth. Turning the valve, water inflates her tits and makes her belly grow. The tube is stuck and Arielle can't escape her growing body. The wide belt pops off her larger belly and the buttons of her blouse explode off her huge breasts. Jasmin hides and listens in horror when Arielle pop in the other room!

Boot Transformation

Andrea has pushed the limits and Candle decides to transform her into a pair of shiny, knee high black boots. At first, she does not like her new form and complains about how smelly Candle's feet are and how she is wiggling her toes too much.

Melting Bride Little Mina

Little Mina is a vampire bride dressed in a wedding dress and about to marry you, a disguised vampire hunter. She puts on her veil and takes the glass of water of holy water! Shocked, she's melting to the ground and struggles to escape. Her feet melt & body follows. She's embarrassed and doesn't want you to look at her as she disintegrates into nothing. Only her face shows in the oversized dress. She's a pile of lace and tulle!


Transforming Sisters Part 1

Star has not seen her older sister in a long time and is shocked to see what a nice place she lives in and how confident she has become. They were both on the meek and mild mannered side, and she is very curious to know her secrets. Candle tries to assure her that it was hard work, but it is obvious that something else is going on. She realizes that she has been caught and opens up her wardrobe of slutty clothing. 

Candle explains that ever since she was bitten, she turns into a sexy version of herself and men go nuts to be with her. She is no longer a virgin and has become

The New Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets is a homely girl that is just too short, flat and too damn ugly! She approaches her computer and is excited to go shopping in the privacy of her home because going in public is torture. Everyone laughs and makes fun of her, making her feel even more insecure.

A new store has popped on line and she finds an interesting makeup that looks beautiful. She enters her credit card information and presses instant order. Sure enough, she receives the item instantly as in on her face. 

This must be a miracle and she questions her sanity before going to another site called Hollywood hair. Another instant order and her frumpy bun transforms into long flowing blonde hair.

This ultimate shopping spree is too good to be true and she proceeds to go to the Beautiful Boobies store and The Sexy Legs Bodega. 

As she finishes buying her new body, she is thankful that her credit card is paid in full and she decides to accessorize her new form with sexy clothes. An item is listed as "sexy", and when she orders it, she now has an attitude to match her new appearance.

All that is missing is a boyfriend, but after one final click, her new beau starts calling her cell phone. Technology is amazing!

Tables Turned Inflation - Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee enters an abandoned warehouse looking for loot. Spotting an employee, she sneaks up but catches his eye. She lost the element of surprise. A wire trips her. She pretends to be knocked out on the ground. Scott Torvea picks her off the floor & holds her limp body while demanding answers. Springing to life, Kobe pounces on him & thrusts him against the wall by his neck with intent to maim. He grabs a compressor hose & jams it in her mouth. Rearing her head back, she panics trying to remove it. Scott turns the tank on full blast. The air flows. Kobe's face puffs. Her eyes are wide with surprise. Stumbling, she tugs on the stuck hose, but is pinned against the wall from pressure. Her arms flail & cheeks expand as her mouth is suctioned around the hose. Staring in disbelief & confusion, her tits & belly grow larger until they look like they're going to pop. Scott runs for the door. He doesn't want to see her explode. Her eyes cross & she's terrified of what will happen.

Assassin Reversed - Jacquelyn Velvets & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr and Jacquelyn Velvets investigate an abandoned warehouse for a lead. When Jacquelyn suggests they leave, Lucy throws her against the wall holding her arms. Struggling, Jacquelyn grabs a nearby hose and shoves it in Lucy's mouth. Turning on the valve, air is forced into her mouth. Lucy's stuck. Her eyes widen with fear as her tits grow larger and the buttons on her shiny blouse pop open, revealing her lacy bra. Jacquelyn's runs off in fear. Lucy's skin stretches. She grows larger. In the other room, Jacquelyn hears a giant pop and gasps!


Poison Ivy's Change

From frumpy to sexy, in this custom Candle changes into the beautiful Poison Ivy. Candle box starts of in old baggie clothes, and her favorite Ugg boots. But once she gets pricked by a thorn, she comes out of her old clothes and turns into Poison Ivy

Becoming The Black Queen

Wonder Wick arrives home after a long day of fighting the Black Queen. She is proud to announce that She has defeated her once and for all... or has she?

Strange things begin to happen and the room begins to spin. Right before her eyes, she begins to transform. It starts off without notice, Her red boots turn black. The virtuous tiara disappears. More disturbing is the dark makeup that shades the once bright and cheerful girl.

Something has come over her and she has no....

Becoming Dolly Leigh

Scott has had great luck using his potion to invade any woman's body and he decides that Dolly would be fun! As he sucks it down, he feels a bit odd but the rewards are worth it.

In a different location, Dolly is chatting on the phone, and feels funny as Scott invades her body. It never gets old as he, now a she, feels her shapely legs and caresses her shapely tits that are encased in a pretty pink bra. The perky nipples are very sensitive and she feels  the long flowing blonde hair swish around her shoulders.

As she stands to get a look at her round ass, she stumbles while acclimating to the high heels. Time to shimmy out of the pink lacy panties her hands greedily caress her tiny clit. The bare pussy is so sweet to play with and way better than stroking a cock.

She squeals with delight as she has an orgasm and savors the exotic female climax that is so intoxicating. Since time is limited when in transition, Scott takes pictures and emails them so that there is proof later!

As Dolly reenters her body she is surprised to be nude and then very embarrassed to find the pictures on her phone.

It is so great to be a girl!