Transformation Fetish

Melting Bride Little Mina

Little Mina is a vampire bride dressed in a wedding dress and about to marry you, a disguised vampire hunter. She puts on her veil and takes the glass of water of holy water! Shocked, she's melting to the ground and struggles to escape. Her feet melt & body follows. She's embarrassed and doesn't want you to look at her as she disintegrates into nothing. Only her face shows in the oversized dress. She's a pile of lace and tulle!


Jasmin Jai's Body Transfer

Jasmin Jai hears the voice of a deceased friend, Scott Torvea. Confused, she continues watching tv, but doesn't see his spirit invade her flesh. In a monstrous voice, he's happy the spell worked and uses his now feminine hands to grope his new body. The long nails caress his curves. The phone rings. He adjusts his ghostly voice to Jasmin's feminine sound and passes as a girl when breaking up with Jasmin's boyfriend. Scott never liked him. Stripping, it's feels great squeezing his tits and smelling Jasmin's panties. It smells good. He rubs his sensitive clit. As he cums, Jasmin's voice returns and takes control of her body, only to have it yanked back by the ghost. He's going to own her forever!

Gotham Reporter - Angel Lee

News reporter Angel Lee films a PSA for the GCPD. The Joker and Scarecrow stole a device that releases toxins into the air. She holds an gas mask that protects from the toxins but can't hear the crew telling her to avoid wearing it. Her shirt opens and reveals her lacy bra. Confused, she tries covering her body while transforming, but moans in pleasure as her hands touch her skin. Black fishnet stockings appear on her legs. Her skirt hikes up her hips. White granny panties are replaced with black lacy panties. The mask magically comes off so she's cognizant of her humiliating situation and returns to her face despite her protestations. Angel complains it's arousing her. Her voice is sultry and enjoys the process as a fishnet bodysuit adorns her curves. The prim ponytail is released and her blonde hair morphs to purple. A crew member asks if she needs help, but she feels amazing and can't stop caressing her body. Time to find new recruits! 

Assassin Expansion - Arielle Lane & Jasmin Jai

Assassins Arielle Lane and Jasmin Jai look for a target. Jasmin's sneakers and yoga pants contrast with Arielle's stilettos and business attire of a shiny blouse and short skirt. Jasmin confesses to luring Arielle there to kill her. Arielle tries leaving and defends herself by choking. Jasmin shoves a hose in Arielle's mouth. Turning the valve, water inflates her tits and makes her belly grow. The tube is stuck and Arielle can't escape her growing body. The wide belt pops off her larger belly and the buttons of her blouse explode off her huge breasts. Jasmin hides and listens in horror when Arielle pop in the other room!

Slut Trained Spy - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is a spy dressed to entice the target in a bar. She confirms her recording glasses will get proof, but is unaware that transmissions are scrambled. She flirts with the baddie, determined to keep up with his drinking, doesn't notice the roofie slipped in. The drug enhances the effects. She fights her mind as her body betrays her. Vacantly staring she dances lewdly and takes a vibrator, cumming hard. Weakly fighting, she can't resist. He removes her glasses and chloroforms. The last thing she hears is "Your our cunt now". Knocked out, she's lifted and carried in a cradle carry. In the same clothes, she awakens bound by her hands and ankles to a table. He prepares drugs. She pleads. She's to be the company whore. He gives her a shot, places the mask over her face and turns on the mind control and aphrodisiac gas. Teased with a vibrator to the brink of orgasm for hours, she's exhausted and needs release. Removing the mask, he commands "You're a dirty little cunt". She moans and denies. Training continues with alternating shots, gas and toys. Holding her neck down and groping her large tits, she transforms into a begging whore, reciting and believing her mantra. Aroused and cumming for days, she loses sense of time, and will to resist. Testing her conversion, her hands are untied and she's given the sex toy. Repeating her phrase, she cums until going limp from exhaustion. In a cheap cartel club, she's fixated on orgasms and led to a stage. Unconsciously, she dances and masturbates as the music takes over her mind. Rubbing her pussy and dropping to the floor, she rams a dildo deep inside and cums. Men surround her for a bukkake (simulated). She passes out on the floor

Mummified Magic - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms has a magic vial and wishes that she had the sexiest costume for a contest. She finds herself mummified with her legs separated in tight duct tape.  It shows off her curves. She loves being helpless. Her hands and feet are tightly  wrapped. She can barely move! She wants it sexier! Her head's wrapped in tape causing her to mmmph and gagtalk. Ambling like a mummy, she loves the constriction and hearing tape rubbing against tape. She desires to be immobilized and transports to the floor with legs taped together and arms bound to her side. She struggles to flip over and tries using momentum. Her feet wiggle in between and she tries to bend her knees as leverage. Dakota's missing the party because she's stuck!

Silent Island - Kobe Lee & Dakota Charms

This is a silent film with music per the customer's request! Kobe Lee and Dakota Charms crawl on a deserted island after a shipwreck without luggage. They make a shelter. They imagine a washed up balloon is a coconut and try to crack it with a high heel. Frustrated by the industrial strength rubber and throw it back to sea. They hold their hungry bellies and bemoan their dirty skin and torn clothing. They find a bottle they can write a note if only they had paper. Dakota's white shirt is the only thing that would work. She's embarrassed to be naked. Arguing, they have a Benny Hill chase scene. Kobe rips the shirt off and writes the note. Dakota covers herself in shame. A plane flies over as their clothes fall off their bodies. They're so excited that they jump up and down to get its attention. Instead of helping, the pilot drops a bra and flies away. They try to cover themselves and wait for help. Exposed to the elements, they sleep and dream of food. Kobe puts a cloth over Dakota's mouth and binds her so she can cook her over a fire! Dakota awakens and struggles to get free as Kobe salivates. Rescuers come. They pose and try to look pretty for their white knights.

Wolf Transformation - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane sees a website that asks if she wants to transform into a wolf. Laughing, she finds it ridiculous, but clicks yes to see. Closing the computer, she watches tv and kick off her sneakers. Her sock clad feet wiggle. She mindlessly scratches her arms and neck. The itching becomes more urgent as her fingers dig into her flesh. Her feet feel strange. She removes her socks. It feels better to have bare feet. They shake as she scratches her head. Arielle realizes that she's slowly growing downy hair like a wolf (implied). Her nails grow. She's turning into a wolf and howls against her will. Her fangs grow and her feet have pads. Clothes feel constrictive. She needs to be in her wild state. Stripping, she's more comfortable nude and crawls off to be in the wild. The next day, she comes back naked and recounts her wild night as a wolf. It feels good to be barefoot. She may never wear shoes again!


Assassin Reversed - Jacquelyn Velvets & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr and Jacquelyn Velvets investigate an abandoned warehouse for a lead. When Jacquelyn suggests they leave, Lucy throws her against the wall holding her arms. Struggling, Jacquelyn grabs a nearby hose and shoves it in Lucy's mouth. Turning on the valve, air is forced into her mouth. Lucy's stuck. Her eyes widen with fear as her tits grow larger and the buttons on her shiny blouse pop open, revealing her lacy bra. Jacquelyn's runs off in fear. Lucy's skin stretches. She grows larger. In the other room, Jacquelyn hears a giant pop and gasps!


Wonder Woman's Age Regression - Lucy Purr & Angel Lee

Wonder Woman (Lucy Purr) is looking for Harley Quinn (Angel Lee) & finds her in housewife clothing. She's ready to retire as a villainess & become a mother by spraying Wonder Woman with a serum from her diaper bag. Breathing the gas & coughing, she's surprised that her Amazon strength is gone. Harley's excited to watch her regress & lose the ability to stand in her red boots. She can't talk like an adult. Her helplessness causes a temper tantrum. A humiliating pee accident makes her cry but Harley's prepared & changes her diaper while Wonder Woman sucks her thumb. Harley deboots the fallen superheroine & changes her out of her big girl uniform into a clean diaper with her large tits revealed. The transition makes Wonder Woman cry in frustration but she's calmed by thumb sucking. Harley soothes her by taking off her crown & fixing her hair into ponytails. She's determined to have her new daughter call her Mommy. Harley's used hormones to allow breastfeeding & exposes her large breasts when Wonder Woman cries in hunger. She sings as Wonder Woman nurses & may keep her little forever!

Jungle De Lajuria Animal - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms is a scientist on a jungle expedition in a rain forest & logs her data on a camera. She's prim & proper in her button up blouse, shorts & Converse sneakers. She tells local superstitions but isn't scared of being driven mad by the jungle. Logging out, she's ready to reach the base camp with her local guides. A month later, she does another video log in the same scene as before. Her hair hangs loose, shirt dripping with sweat & she's unnaturally cheerful as she tries to put on a brave face. The maps aren't correct. Her guides stole her belongings, leaving her with only the clothes on her back. The steamy heat affects her thoughts. She mentions wanting to rip her clothes off & run around naked. Embarrassed by these low brow thoughts that aren't civilized or scientific, she signs off to conserve energy. Two months later, she's deep in the jungle but without her Chucks sneakers or glasses & doesn't realize the camera is on. She's dirty & unkempt. The shorts are tattered. The seam on one hip has torn open. The shirt is stained & ripped. She should be home. People look for her. Her thoughts aren't her own. She thinks like an animal & wants to crawl through the forest naked & wild. She gets tingling & warmth between her legs. She's filthy & sweaty, & feels her sexiest. Every rip & tear of her clothing makes her feel wild & savage. Unhinged & crumbling, she rationally knows she needs to get out before she's left in just rags. Six months later, she's deep in the jungle & crawls sensually & sexually like a jungle cat. She's restless & a mess with long, tangled wild hair. Her feet & skin are filthy but she glistens with sweat. Her shirt is shredded & exposes most of her chest. The shorts are like a skirt of tattered ribbons. Dakota's no longer innocent but turned on by her half naked body & can't keep her hands off her curves. The jungle is her playground. She's efficient at hunting & catching prey. It's like they can't resist her as Queen. A lustful energy has grown inside of her. She admits she was always meant to be a predator. Civilization held her back. If you come looking for her, she will devour you. Much later, she enters. The camera has been put on its side. She's feral & tattered rags hang off her almost nude body. Crawling, she purrs & stares at the lens in confusion before remembering what it is. With a roar, she pounces on the camera & is never heard from again!

Teacher Transfer - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr lectures a student about his bad grades & plans on telling his parents. He informs her that won't happen because he will possess her. Laughing, she says it's impossible. He vanishes.  Confused, she struggles as his invisible entity overtakes her body. Testing her voice, he's amazed at how easy that was! He makes sure he can impersonate her. Looking down at her huge tits & long legs. He never realized how hot she was. He nervously unbuttons her blouse & feels her curvy ass. He's not sure if Lucy knows that she's possessed. He jumps out of her body. Regaining cognizance, Lucy realizes she's exposed but doesn't remember anything. While buttoning her shirt, she's taken over again. It's amazing & he plans on doing more after meeting with his Mom & Dad! When chatting during the conference, the teacher vouches for him & everything's great until Lucy tries to win back her body. Yelling "Get him out of me" & "Help me" confuses them. He lies about getting nervous twitches. They buy the excuse. It's odd when he says "Bye Mom" at the closing. Once they are gone, he feels up her body & can't believe he got away with it. He will do it again! Lucy regains her senses & unaware of the invasion. She's embarrassed to be undressed & runs off! 

Assassins Expansion - Kobe Lee & Arielle Lane

Kobe Lee is an assassin in search of Arielle Lane. She's sneaky & saunters in black stilettos. She doesn't expect her prey to jump on her from behind. They fight. Arielle is stronger. She runs out of the room & falls over a hose. She's dazed when standing, but pushes Arielle against the wall. Arielle spots a hose & tries to hit Kobe. It goes into Kobe's mouth, she lets go of Arielle & stumbles backwards. Arielle slumps against the wall & accidentally grabs the valve, releasing the water. Kobe panics & tries to pull the stuck hose out, losing interest in chasing Arielle. Stumbling away, Arielle watches in horror as Kobe moans & tries to remove the hose. She reaches for the valve. The pressure takes over & Kobe's cheeks puff & eyes widen as her body rocks side to side. It's painful as her skin stretches & her buttons strain & pop. When it doesn't look like she could get any bigger, her tits & belly explode in a wet boom. Her deflated body splashes everywhere!

Scientific Age Regression - Arielle Lane & Lucy Purr

Arielle Lane is a spy & breaks into a research lab to steal secrets for the black market. She wasn't expecting Lucy Purr, a scientist, to catch her & laughs when she says that Arielle won't leave the laboratory. Using knockout gas, Arielle coughs & stumbles in her over the knee boots until she passes out. She awakens in a spread eagle & struggles to escape. Lucy wants to test an age regression formula on her. She's the perfect specimen because nobody will miss a dirty spy. Feeding the formula one spoonful at a time, the spy swallows it but thinks Lucy's crazy until she talks like a little girl. Lucy says more food will make her feel better & younger. Arielle doesn't want to regress & squirms. She tries to fight her way free, but stops writhing after a pee accident. She can't control herself & will need to wear a diaper but won't need restraints because she's helpless. Lucy strips her catsuit because she doesn't need clothes. Arielle cries because she can't stop her. Arielle sucks on a pacifier while changed into a nappie. Begging for release, Lucy denies her because she wants to feed her more formula so she forgets everything. After swallowing, she transforms completely & cries for her mommy. This is what Lucy wanted & rocks Arielle in her arms as her mind becomes blank. Once her memory fades, Lucy is motherly & does one more experiment. Stripping her shirt & bra she exposes her breast to the hungry tot. Reluctantly, Arielle latches on & nurses as Lucy explains that she's her new mother. Tomorrow she will get a patent & raise Arielle like a real Mommy. If she lets her grow up!

Liquidating Employees - Kobe Lee & Alora Jaymes

Kobe Lee, the boss, calls Alora Jaymes in to discuss department cuts. Employees are being liquidated. Alora's scheduled to be melted & is disappointed but quickly gets over it. Kobe instructs her to strip her blouse, skirt, black nylons, lingerie & high heels. While stripping, Alora asks what it's like to be melted.  Kobe relays how other girls enjoyed it sexually. Kobe activates the machine. Enjoying the process, she moans & feels orgasms overtake her body. Her head peaks out of the tub & then nothing is left of her! Kobe inspects the tub & confirms that Alora is a puddle before stripping for her turn. She's impressed with how much Alora enjoyed it, & looks forward to melting. Setting the controls, she steps in the tub. Her body transform into a puddle. It's better than imagined!

Tables Turned Inflation - Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee enters an abandoned warehouse looking for loot. Spotting an employee, she sneaks up but catches his eye. She lost the element of surprise. A wire trips her. She pretends to be knocked out on the ground. Scott Torvea picks her off the floor & holds her limp body while demanding answers. Springing to life, Kobe pounces on him & thrusts him against the wall by his neck with intent to maim. He grabs a compressor hose & jams it in her mouth. Rearing her head back, she panics trying to remove it. Scott turns the tank on full blast. The air flows. Kobe's face puffs. Her eyes are wide with surprise. Stumbling, she tugs on the stuck hose, but is pinned against the wall from pressure. Her arms flail & cheeks expand as her mouth is suctioned around the hose. Staring in disbelief & confusion, her tits & belly grow larger until they look like they're going to pop. Scott runs for the door. He doesn't want to see her explode. Her eyes cross & she's terrified of what will happen.

Puppy Transformation - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is desperate to find her lost dog & wants your help. You give a soda to calm her nerves & she falls to the floor from stress. When she awakens, her face is painted like her lost dog. A sub collar adorns her delicate neck & she obediently begs at your command. Panting & barking, she crawls on all fours eager to please her Master. She's well trained in sitting, rolling over & lying on her back. She tries to sneak something naughty such as eating a plant or licking your foot, but is a good puppy. A flea makes her scratch. She plays and humps your leg. A stuffed toy distracts her, but she won't release it from her strong jaw until you throw it. Arielle digs in the carpet to bury her treasure,& confused why she doesn't make progress. Lying on her back, she waits submissively for her belly rub & writhes at your touch. Her haunches kick in pleasure. She climbs on the couch. That won't do & you grab her collar & pull her down so you can go for a walk with her leash.

Smart Giantess - Paige Turner

Paige Turner's a teenage genius that isn't taken seriously because of her age. She created a potion that makes her older & treated with respect. The first dose transforms her into an early 20's woman. She savors her curves. Another gulp & she becomes a sexy, late 20's vixen. The short dress & hormones make her horny & excited, but something feels strange. Her growth potion works on height & aging. The added stature makes her feel powerful. She swigs the vial & savors her stretching & expanding body. The people who looked down on her won't be able to resist the goddess she has become. She's so powerful, she should take over the world. People will tremble in awe at her strength & beauty. If they don't follow her commands, she will crush them!
This experiment exceeded her wildest expectations!

Price Of Youth - Bambi Buttons

Bambi Buttons is an older realtor who brags about her long career. She's confused that you won't be financing or using cash, & offer a special deal. Feeling warm, her drab appearance transforms from mid 60's to mid 30's. The aches & pains are gone. Her hair is a brunette chignon & not grey. The boring flats grow into stilettos. The frumpy clothing morphs into sexier apparel a junior would wear to use her "assets". Bambi's torn between regaining her youthful looks & a demotion at work. Nobody would believe it's her. Another metamorphosis makes her hair longer. She wears younger clothes. With her experience & looks, she could make more money & gets excited. A final change transforms Bambi to her sorority days. She loses intelligence & becomes a ditzy broad! You tell her of her job as your maid. She's excited to make $8 per hour with special benefits! She wants to start right away & bends over to clean to your liking!

Becoming A New Woman - Angel Lee

Angel Lee enters a waiting room of the spa & thinks it's strange location for a massage. There's no cell coverage & she reads a confusing sign listing personality types with female names.The Mastermind that lured her explains how he followed multiple women with the intent of combining their best attributes & creating a new woman by liquefying their bodies. Angel's the rebel but she can't fight her way out of this! She tries to leave & gas fills the room. She coughs before falling to the floor.  Lifting her heavy body, he drags her to his laboratory by her ankles. Her appendages are strapped down so she can't escape. She awakens confused. Her molecules are being converted to a liquid state for extraction of  DNA. She arches & struggles to get free. She goes still as her body liquefies into a pink fluid, leaving her clothes on the table. Crossing off her name, the evil scientist is closer to creating the perfect woman!

I Dream Of Lucy Purr

You have an antique vase & rub off the grime. A genie (Lucy Purr) stands in front of you. She oozes sensuality & greets you as Master. You get 3 wishes for your desires. You test her & ask for a bigger dick. Magically, your pants bulge. For the 2nd wish, you want her to look like the chick in the porno you watched. Her genie costume is replaced with a skimpy white top & blue panties. The veil vanishes, revealing her pretty face, & the ponytail is replaced with voluptuous curls. Lucy admires her body in the skimpy outfit, & feels sensations that the pornstar felt while filming. She's horny & eager to please. How about that third wish? When you ask for a non-stop fuckfest, she's startled & tries to fight it. The wish is done & the worried look turns into a smile as she straddles & slides down your cock cowgirl style (implied POV). You grab her hair & huge tits as she rides your member. You cum quickly but magically recharged for more action. You don't realize the implications of sex all night! As the orgasms continue, you cramp, chafe & beg for a break, but Lucy doesn't slow down. Pleas for water are ignored despite her sweaty body. You can't keep up and slump over. Looking over her former Master, the wishes reset & she climbs off looking like she did when she came out of the vase. Looking sad, she laments how this always seems to happen before returning to her home.

Becoming A New Woman - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane enters the spa for a massage appointment. Something's strange & a sign with personality types & girls names confirms suspicions. The Mastermind that lured her explains how he followed women in order to combine their best attributes & create a new woman by liquifying their bodies. Arielle's the smart one but she can't escape! She tries to leave but he freezes her body. The phone drops from her hands & she becomes still like a statue. Lifting her stiff body, he carries her to his laboratory & lays her out on a work table. Arielle awakens confused that her head can move & talk, but the rest of her body is  paralyzed. As she thaws, he cuffs her body. A bottle is the future home for her body. In desperation, she offers to help his mission if he doesn't melt her. The pleas are rebuked & he puts the tube in her body to absorb  liquid. Moaning & writhing, she begs to stop. She's drained. Her body lies still until all that's left is her clothing. The bottle fills with her DNA & stored with the others. Crossing off her name, the evil scientist is on his way to creating the perfect woman!

Best Friends Forever - Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr is nerdy & lonely, but a spell will turn her doll into a real girl. Lucy's excited that the magic dust worked but disappointed to see her friend's slutty! A skimpy shirt barely holds in Angel Lee's tits, & her mini skirt is too short. Lucy's brother used her laptop for porn, & tweaked the spell so she would be a stripper. Angel's glad to be free from the doll body & ready to party. She will thank Lucy's brother with sexual favors but first gropes Lucy. Scared & embarrassed, Lucy squirms from Angel's wandering hands. Annoyed & bored, Angel kisses Lucy, inflicting a spell to bring out Lucy's inner bad girl.Falling, Lucy looses her frumpy dress & sultry black, spandex pants & halter top hug her curvy body. Big, wavy hair replaces her ponytails. Dark lipstick emphasizes her beautiful face. She admires herself & swigs Angel's booze before grabbing Angel. Snapping her fingers, their clothes magically come off & evil Lucy climbs on top of Angel. Grinding, she's ready for sex but Angel struggles to escape the rageful Lucy's kisses. Lucy tries to reach between her prey's legs & Angel tries to get away. Lucy's confused that Angel transformed her into a shameless whore & doesn't want to fuck! Pushing Angel against the wall, she has a dildo & wants to break Angel. They struggle to gain control as Angel reaches out to you, Lucy's brother, for help. Lucy wants to show you what real magic can do!

Becoming A New Woman - Brittany Shae

Brittany Shae arrives at the empty spa & is confused. She sees a sign on the wall with various attributes & tries to leave. Unable to open the door or use her phone makes her angry & scared.
A voice informs that he's going to take the best parts of 10 women he's been following, & create a new whole woman. Brittany's mad & shocked that he's going to liquefy her! He chokes her delicate neck & she falls limp in his arms. She lies on his lab table & is the specimen for his innocent girl next door profile. The cuffs on her arms complement her brown suede boots & tight jeans. Stirring, she struggles against her binds but it's too late. The molecular structure of the cells in her body alters to a liquid state & collected in the jar. Brittany arches her back, wiggling to get away from this mad scientist. The tube in her back drains her juices. She writhes in agony as her soul is collected. Her body goes still & disappears, leaving a pile of clothes where her sexy form was. The bottle is stored next to Lucy's & her name is crossed off the list. Now he waits for the next girl.

Becoming A New Woman - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr arrives at the empty spa & confused why she got the evite. She sees a sign with  attributes & tries to leave. Unable to open the door or use her phone makes her angry & scared. A voice informs that he's going to take the best parts of 10 women he's been following, creating a new whole woman. Lucy berates him for stalking her for such a ridiculous idea. Assuming he will take a hair she's shocked that he's going to liquefy her! He makes her groggy & she falls limp in his arms. She lies on his lab table & is the perfect specimen for his fashionista profile. The cuffs on her arms complement her leopard print boots & tight jeans. She struggles against her binds but its too late. Lucy arches her back & wiggles to get away from this mad scientist. The molecular structure of the cells in her body alter to a liquid state & collected in the jar The tube in her back drains her juices. She writhes in agony as her soul is collected. Her body goes still & magically all that is left is a pile of clothes where her sexy form used to be. The bottle is stored & her name is crossed off the list. Now for the next girl to show up!

For The Love of Candle - Whitney Morgan

Whitney Morgan tells her girlfriend how Scott tries to hook up. It won't happen because he has a dick & she goes for pussy. She feels odd & naps allowing a portal for Scott to invade her body & become her! Waking up, he now she, is groggy & confused. She adjusts her deep & guttural speech to a high pitched voice. Peeking in the mirror, Scott is surprised it worked & laughs. Her hands rub her new curvy body, surprised that Whitney wears a thong. Groping the braless tits makes her giggle because Whitney would be pissed if she knew "he" was touching her body. There's nothing stopping Scott!! The chignon is released & long blonde hair cascades & hands dart to her new pussy. Rubbing the clit feels better than stroking a normal sized cock. She fantasizes of shoving things in her pussy, but excited by the ability to have multiple orgasms! As she is about to cum, she wants to play with Candle instead of wasting her first female orgasm alone. She snoops through Whitney's lingerie to find something sexy for the lesbian encounter.
Lacy bra & panties are perplexing as he usually takes them off. A vintage garter belt emphasizes her newfound curves & she wears nylons without ripping them. The rough man hands are replaced with delicate manicured nails. Black pumps finish the ensemble, but it's a struggle to maintain balance. Stumbling,she practices crawling before wobbling on delicate ankles. Whitney AKA Scott, calls Candle. Ambling to the bed, she practices poses & ponders how to have sex with her crush.

Best Friend's Mom - Nyssa Nevers

A transformation happened & you are hot, ripped, & should take the shirt off.  It is destroyed from your growth spurt. Let me help you with that. I came so hard just touching your body. Your muscles are strong, and...hi honey, I was just taking care of our son's friend because he is not feeling well. Where were we now that my husband left? We have to be careful, but I could do a striptease. Do you fantasize about me? Orgasms are taking over my body, & it makes me moan loudly. My big tits are make you harder. I have to have it in my mouth (simulated on dildo). I  love that it makes me gag from the length & huge girth. I have to have your dick inside me while looking at your perfect body. Grab my tits & hold on tight. Another mind blowing orgasm makes you a sex god. I have never been fucked like this before! I can't help but fall off your dick and onto the floor as your cum covers my body!

Becoming Marilyn

Andy is an aspiring rockstar who spends all of his time in his mother's basement and neglects his studies, much to her chagrin. He is excited that she finally supports his lifestyle and looks forward to the energy drink that she bought him. She said that will encourage mental stimulation to perform better songs. Gulping it down, he feels dizzy and lightheaded.

Changes are happening, but instead of becoming a better musician, he becomes! This slacker is replaced by a frumpy housewife who has been worn down by her lazy son. Taking stock of the situation, she is surprised that the potion worked and wants to figure out a way to make his life better. She muses that he would have a better shot in a teeny bopper band instead of a rockband, and with that she morphs into a wholesome teen pop star. 

Anabelle may not realize it but she is acclimating to her new body and remarks that the best performers push boundaries and voila she is provocatively dressed as this year's It Girl. Initially she is embarrassed to be so scantily clad, but she admires her ample assets. Her attitude begins to match her form as she becomes more greedy, manipulative and arrogant.

It feels so good to be powerful, but Anabelle must prevent being a flash in the pan. How does she become an eternal sex goddess? With that she transforms again and has the trademark blonde hair, the familiar white dress and the breathy come hither voice.

Marilyn Monroe has reincarnated and can't believe that her plan worked! If an unsuspected person bought this potion online and all of the pieces fell into place, she would be released from purgatory. It is such a relief to be reunited with her world famous form!

The New Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets is a homely girl that is just too short, flat and too damn ugly! She approaches her computer and is excited to go shopping in the privacy of her home because going in public is torture. Everyone laughs and makes fun of her, making her feel even more insecure.

A new store has popped on line and she finds an interesting makeup that looks beautiful. She enters her credit card information and presses instant order. Sure enough, she receives the item instantly as in on her face. 

This must be a miracle and she questions her sanity before going to another site called Hollywood hair. Another instant order and her frumpy bun transforms into long flowing blonde hair.

This ultimate shopping spree is too good to be true and she proceeds to go to the Beautiful Boobies store and The Sexy Legs Bodega. 

As she finishes buying her new body, she is thankful that her credit card is paid in full and she decides to accessorize her new form with sexy clothes. An item is listed as "sexy", and when she orders it, she now has an attitude to match her new appearance.

All that is missing is a boyfriend, but after one final click, her new beau starts calling her cell phone. Technology is amazing!

Gold Ring Part 1

Anabelle does not expect a knock at the door and is surprised to find only a small box with a gold ring in it. There is not a note, but it looks so pretty that she slips it on her finger and heads to take a shower. Strangely she feels a sudden burst of energy and then exhaustion but brushes it off.

When she is done showering, she miraculously turns to gold from head to toe but is unaware until she glimpses herself in the mirror. Before she can process what happened, she freezes from shock. A few minutes later, she unfreezes and admires her new body because it looks and feels amazing!

As she leaves the bathroom, she freezes mid-stride but resumes moving before freezing again. When she thaws, she smirks because whatever is happening to her is making her horny. Anabelle dips her hands to her wet pussy, and just on the brink of orgasm, her body becomes still like a frozen statue.


Secretary Transformation

Dakota is a frumpy secretary who complains that men are pigs and always hitting on the slutty girls in the office. She prefers her conservative wardrobe and morals.

A strange package with a mysterious ring is on her desk and she puts it on only for it to become stuck. While a little worried, she is more concerned about getting to her boss's office on time. Unfortunately, she can't concentrate because of the weird tingling and uncontrollable arching of her feet. 

Now Dakota is a little nervous but tries to pay attention until she looks down and sees high heels magically on her feet. She tries to hide them but her legs have a mind of their own and cross and uncross in a sexy manner.

Groaning, she asks if she can leave, but sees that she is wearing pantyhose and a short skirt. Freaking out, she and her boss notice her seductive legs juxtaposed against the rest of her frumpy self.

Realizing it must be the strange ring, she tries to take it off, but only manages to morph into a sexier top. Her hair is no longer in a bun, and is flowing and free. She admits to her boss that she can't stop touching herself and showing off her legs. When he gets a huge bulge in his pants, Dakota is shocked., but licks her lips and feels a rush of power and arousal. 

She demands that he take out his cock and jerk it to her sexy new body while moaning in pleasure as she brings herself to climax. It is time for him to cum to her transformed self. Dakota could get used to this new body!

Transforming Lucy

Lucy brought you home and teases that you will never forget this night. As she shows off her assets, she is excited to see how aroused you are. When she tries laughing, she lets out a little snort and quickly covers her mouth hoping you did not notice. Her seduction continues, but her voice slowly changes from a confident sexy tone, to a mousy stammering one.

Her curves slowly disappear and her hair shrivels into a bun. The expensive nylons disappear and she loses her balance in her precariously high heels. Before you realize what is happening, your nerdy neighbor stands in front of you with a sad face. 

Disgusted that you almost slept with her after rejecting her so many times, you demand that she leave. Lucy protests that ever since that girl bit her on the full moon, she becomes a sexpot that even you cannot resist. If only that cloud would stop blocking the moon.

As she walks to the door, she feels a pain in her belly. She doubles over, but smiles and sounds more sultry. Lucy starts narrating the changes and moans in pleasure at the progression. 

The sexy outfit reappears and her hair flows around her pretty face. She can see that you are aroused again and sits on your lap while taking you all in. (Implied) 

You both climax in amazing orgasms, and Lucy is content knowing that she will have you every full moon.

Remote Transformation

You have just gotten your new remote control transformer and are ready to test it out on the model it came with. Anabelle stands with a blank stare on her face and a simple bra and panty set. Her face is without makeup and her hair is in a ponytail. From afar, the service tech tells you to just push the button and your perfect woman will appear!

When you expectantly push the gizmo, a zap occurs and Anabelle is wearing tennis shoes, socks, a knee-length skirt and a conservative top. The hair is now undone, but it just lies there. If she were a movie, she would be rated G for being friendly, innocent and a wholesome girl next door. Unfortunately this is not what you had in mind, and ask the tech for help. 

Slightly annoyed, since you did ask if there was anything special, you dictate that she should be dressed sexily, be outgoing, have big tits and big hair. With a zap and a flash, she now appears in small pumps, a short skirt, and a cleavage baring shirt. Her hair is styled a little, but still straight. The perky voice has turned deeper and sultrier. This is closer to a PG13 rating but still not what you expected.

The tech tells you to be super detailed and you take it literally. Anabelle should be wearing super high heels, lacy panties, and a shirt that shows underboob. Her nails should be so long that they are almost impractical. And the hair should be curly with lots of volume. Personality wise, she should know that she is hot, be arrogant, and love only you more than herself.

Voila, she is now the perfect woman who skipped the R rating and went straight to XXX. Anabelle is pleased by her reflection in the mirror but you forgot to give her makeup. She studies her face for a bit, and flash by flash she adds ruby red lipstick, dark mascara and liner and sexy earrings. When she is totally transformed, she turns to you and pushes you on your back. While riding you cowgirl style, she gives firm commands to hold her waist and play with her tits. 

When she orders you to play with her hair, it sends both of you to a hard orgasm! This remote was the best purchase ever!

Magic Ring Transformation

Samantha does not understand why men don't like her, but she found a ring that promised she would be a beautiful girl if worn. The instructions said she had to think really hard about what changes she wants and voila, her magically plaid shirt disappears. The ugly headband is removed in a poof and she has long luscious hair! The shrill voice changes into a breathy tone. Her scarf vanishes and takes 20 pounds off her waist, emphasizing her hourglass figure. The yoga pants show off her curves but a short skirt without socks would be sexier. The boots are replaced with designer high heels and it shows off all of her leg definition. Her floppy boobs morph into a bigger version showcased in a sexy bra and a sheer black shirt.

Time for her to take over the city because nobody will recognize her from her old frumpy self.

Becoming Dakota Charms

Scott really wants to become Dakota so that he can be with her girlfriend, Candle. He has a shady serum that he ordered off the internet and he chugs it down, hoping for the best. As he feels whoozy, he lies down and magically awakens inside Dakota's body. 

When he, now a she, rises out of Dakota's bed, she does notice the transformation at first. However when she looks in a mirror, she gasps in delight at her new body! Her peppy little voice is a far cry from the once masculine one. Her curvy body is so sexy compared to the hairy, awkward body of before. Girl tits are better than man tits!

There is no facial or pussy hair and Dakota never has to shave again. Lacy pink panties adorn her perfect ass and she admires how she looks. When looking for other silky things to wear, she finds a vibrator and decides to test out her new hole. Doesn't everyone want to know what it feels like to have a female orgasm?

Starting off slowly, she rubs her little clit and is amazed how much sensation a little nub can have. She wonders if the vibe will feel like jacking off and is excited to test it out on her perky nipples before edging down to her new pussy. A little taste of her natural lube is delicious and it is so wet that she shoves the vibrator in like a dick. Being filled up feels so good and it is so much better to have a female orgasm and she convulses in pleasure.

Realizing that this is her chance, she calls Candle so that they can finally play together!

Transforming The Office

Anabelle has just been humiliated by her boss in front of everyone and she runs off to the bathroom in tears. If only the full moon was out and her sexy self would be strong and confident enough to humiliate him. Her nerdy self does not have the willpower to confront him and she decides to go back to work.

All of a sudden she hears a laugh and is very surprised to see her transformed self standing and laughing. Anabelle cannot believe it and is more astounded when her sultry self tells her to transform on her own without the full moon. After thinking about it, she decides to bring out her inner sexpot and starts caressing her body despite her disbelief.

Once it starts to feel good, she begins to intersperse her snorts with sensual moans. Her geeky work attire transforms from the bottom up and her flats become heels. The awkward socks become stockings and her skirt becomes a mini. Her cleavage comes out of hiding and she climaxes. The long flowing blonde hair is freed from its restrictive bun and it is time to play.

Transforming Anabelle

You cannot believe your luck in bringing home this amazingly hot girl and when she starts teasing you by showing off her sexy body, you can't help but get aroused.

It is almost cute how she tries to laugh and a snort comes out. Anabelle continues teasing but her confident sessual tone changes to a mousy, stammering one. Once her hair transforms into a bun and her stockings fall off her legs, you know something is wrong. She awkwardly stumbles in her high heels and makes a fool of herself. Before you realize what is happening, her provocative clothing morphs into a nerdy ensemble complete with glasses.

The sad look in her eyes almost tugs at your heartstrings, but you realize that it is your annoying neighbor that you have turned down hundreds of times. It is time for her to leave!

Anabelle laments that ever since that girl bit her, every full moon she becomes a sexpot and no man can resist her. She rushes to the window and discovers that a cloud is blocking the moon. As it leaves, she feels a pain in her belly and seductively smiles as she transforms back into her sultry self.

The geeky girl is once again replaced with the confident vixen and she climbs on top of your lap. You both moan in pleasure as you both orgasm. She now owns you every full moon!

Becoming Dolly Leigh

Scott has had great luck using his potion to invade any woman's body and he decides that Dolly would be fun! As he sucks it down, he feels a bit odd but the rewards are worth it.

In a different location, Dolly is chatting on the phone, and feels funny as Scott invades her body. It never gets old as he, now a she, feels her shapely legs and caresses her shapely tits that are encased in a pretty pink bra. The perky nipples are very sensitive and she feels  the long flowing blonde hair swish around her shoulders.

As she stands to get a look at her round ass, she stumbles while acclimating to the high heels. Time to shimmy out of the pink lacy panties her hands greedily caress her tiny clit. The bare pussy is so sweet to play with and way better than stroking a cock.

She squeals with delight as she has an orgasm and savors the exotic female climax that is so intoxicating. Since time is limited when in transition, Scott takes pictures and emails them so that there is proof later!

As Dolly reenters her body she is surprised to be nude and then very embarrassed to find the pictures on her phone.

It is so great to be a girl!

For The Love Of Candle

Sara Liz is irked that Scott keeps hitting on her girlfriend Candle. She calls him up and chews him out since the only way he would be able to get her is if he became Sara and was a hot girl. This gives Scott an idea and he goes to his workshop to create a gizmo that allows him to invade Sara's body.

As she lies down for a nap, he transfers into her body. When Scott awakens, he is now a she! This is amazing and he marvels at how it feels to be in a woman's body! Her tits are so squishy and the skin is so soft! No more facial hair or shaving for her. Earrings, pink lingerie, and painted nails are lovely adornments on a sexy body.

Quickly Scott strips out of the dress in order to get a better view of her new vessel. The bra and panties are stripped and Scott cannot believe that where balls and a dick should go, is now a hole!

As she tries to walk toward the mirror, Scott learns how to gracefully walk in the stilts known as high heels. When she sees her reflection, it is amazing to know see and feel the body at the same time!

Scott is ready to play with Candle so that they can finally have some sensual time together!

Transforming Work

Nerdy Candle is sitting at her desk when Kobe, her recently hired employee pops in. The new hire is also awkward, but inspired by her boss who seems to have men wrapped around her fingers. When she asks for the secret, Candle shuts her down and tells her to get back to work in the laboratory.

That was a close call for Candle, and she is running late for a meeting. Kobe secretly follows her because she knows there is something going on and is amazed when she sees her boss pleasuring herself. Strangely, the ugly woman starts getting more attractive right before Kobe's eyes.

The transformed woman leaves and Candle sneaks in to grab a hair that was left behind. She takes it back to the lab and creates a concoction that simulates the DNA of her boss. As she drinks the serum, pleasure overwhelms her body. Her clothing and face become sexier and along with it a new confident demeanor takes over. She now can have any man and even take down her boss. Maybe she will even get Candle fired now that Kobe is hotter than her.

Zombie Attack

Kimmy is nagging her boyfriend, Scott, while he watches a zombie movie. She thinks zombies are ridiculous and since he is watching it, he is not so smart by default. All of a sudden she screams when she sees that his face resembles the monsters on the tv.

The only words that Scott utters are, “Must eat pussy”. Kimmy is freaked out and struggles to get away from him, but even though he is lumbering and slow, he is very strong. 

Transforming Sisters Part 1

Star has not seen her older sister in a long time and is shocked to see what a nice place she lives in and how confident she has become. They were both on the meek and mild mannered side, and she is very curious to know her secrets. Candle tries to assure her that it was hard work, but it is obvious that something else is going on. She realizes that she has been caught and opens up her wardrobe of slutty clothing. 

Candle explains that ever since she was bitten, she turns into a sexy version of herself and men go nuts to be with her. She is no longer a virgin and has become

Transforming Sisters Part 2

In the first part, Candle transformed right in front of her sister, Star. It was surprising when Candle bit her, but she did not take it seriously.

Fast forward to next month and Star is tutoring (POV). All of a sudden she feels funny and starts fidgeting in her chair. She crosses her legs and her flats become heels. When she realizes the transformation has started, she writhes and grunts to stop it. 

Her breathing becomes heavier and she moans that she likes the new power. Her transformation follows the same pattern as her sister's and she starts crossing and uncrossing her legs. Star starts talking dirty and is impressed with the new found sexuality. This is just the beginning!

Transforming Sisters FULL

Star has not seen her older sister in a long time and is shocked to see what a nice place she lives in and how confident she has become. They were both on the meek and mild mannered side, and she is very curious to know her secrets. Candle tries to assure her that it was hard work, but it is obvious that something else is going on. She realizes that she has been caught and opens up her wardrobe of slutty clothing. 

Candle explains that ever since she was bitten, she turns into a sexy version of herself and men go nuts to be with her. She is no longer a virgin and has become a werewolf slut. It used to only happen on the full moon, but now she can control it whenever she wants.

Biker Transformation

The POV hero made the mistake of texting and driving at the wrong time. While he was looking down, he ran a scary looking biker off the road. The hero stops and tries to see if he is ok, but the biker sucker punches him. When he awakens he is in a chair with his hands tied behind him. The biker paces angrily and tears off the hero's pants in order to humiliate him before beating him up.

When the biker looks down, something sparks an interest and the mood changes. The biker pulls out an MP3 player and a sultry song comes on. The biker takes off the leather jacket, boots, and pants. There is padding and more layers of clothing. Each layer of clothing comes off in layers and there are deliberate and awkward movements as it is hard to move in all of that material.

There are so many levels of clothing, but it becomes apparent that the biker is much smaller than at first glance. The dancing becomes better and the scarf around the helmet is slowly removed. With a flourish the biker dude is really a biker babe with long, sexy flowing hair and bright red lips.

The biker laughs at the

Jacquelyn's New Chair

Jacquelyn always hated James but now has a perfect solution so she never has to listen to him again. She magically transformed him into a chair! It is the most brutal form of torture because he has all of the human senses of thinking, seeing, and feeling, but cannot communicate in any way.

When she brings him home, she talks down to him and lets him know that he is just a piece of furniture with

Becoming The Black Queen

Wonder Wick arrives home after a long day of fighting the Black Queen. She is proud to announce that She has defeated her once and for all... or has she?

Strange things begin to happen and the room begins to spin. Right before her eyes, she begins to transform. It starts off without notice, Her red boots turn black. The virtuous tiara disappears. More disturbing is the dark makeup that shades the once bright and cheerful girl.

Something has come over her and she has no....

Donut Revenge

In a previous encounter (Cupcake Expansion), Candle had been possessed to eat cupcakes against her will and she became very fat, very quickly. We find out that Jacquelyn Velvets was the one who left them out. She gloats about Candle becoming a fat cow. 

When she sees a box of donuts, Jackie starts gloating about her fast metabolism and how she can eat whatever she wants without gaining an inch. She starts to eat one and it turns out they have the same powers as the cupcakes. This sexy blond becomes insatiable and

Transformation Ring

Monica is a frumpy secretary that is tired of chauvinistic men who hit on the pretty, vapid girls. When she sees a package on her desk with a ring, she slips it on, but cannot take it off. She is a little worried, but heads to her boss's office so she will not be late.

As she takes notes, she feels a tingle in her feet and she cannot stop arching her feet as if she is wearing heels.

It is unnerving, but she tries to focus on what he is saying. Monica notices that she is magically wearing high heels and crosses her legs in a sexy manner against her will as if they have a life of their own.

With all of her might she tries to hide it form her boss, it is impossible when she suddenly wears pantyhose and a short skirt instead of her dowdy skirt. It suddenly dawns on her that the ring is causing this to happen and she tries to pull it off. The only thing that happens is a more revealing shirt replaces her baggy shirt and her hair is no longer in a bun. Her vision becomes better and the ugly glasses now hurt her eyes. 

Now Monica admits to her boss that she gives up because her biggest dear has taken place. She is now dressed like the rest of the brainless girls in the office and she

Dudes Transformation

Andrew and Candler are talking on the phone out Candler’s latest crush. It turns out she is a lesbian and Candler is really bummed. It all seems like a joke to Andrew and he makes fun of him especially when Candler wishes he could be a lesbian to be with her.

All of a sudden, Candler feels a bit odd

Cupcake Expansion

A mysterious bakery box sits on the table with a placard reading “EAT ME”.  Candle, who is in shape and proud of her body, does not indulge in junk food so is very surprised to see them.

The tempting smell beckons her to open the box and she sees no harm in taking a look.  “Wow, I have not had anything this rich in years. I feel fatter just looking at these. I have been really good and deserve a cheat day. One bite won’t hurt.”

Little does she know that the dollop of frosting on her finger is the gateway to an amazing transformation.  A bite follows and a bit of the icing gets on her face. She tries to put the cupcake back but a rumble from her belly is heard. These cursed confectionary delights cause the eater to eat until fat!

Candle feels a little funny and decidedly different. She is hungry! She grabs the cupcake and shoves it in her face. More morsels are shoved in her face till she is bulging like a chipmunk. She is terrified at this behavior but there is nothing that will stop her from gorging. 

The box is empty and Candle has grown a large belly

Transforming Savannah

Savannah has had enough of the cool kids always taunting her and she decides to use her brains for revenge. She creates a serum that will turn her into a beautiful girl and solve world hunger on Tuesdays! While she is getting mocked by two football player buffoons, she ingests it in a huff and is not sure if the potion will even work.

All of a sudden she feels

Catastrophic Transformation

On a moonless night,  a single woman joylessly gets into bed. She lies in the dark and is frustrated and lonely about her single status. Her hands sneak down between her legs and the warmth spreads through her body in a novel way. This is an intense feeling that she has never experienced and cannot resist its siren call even though she knows something is amiss. Gradually cat ears sprout out of her head and a tail develops. Her voice becomes growl like.

This once meek girl has become a wild nympho and is ready to go find a mate. She is a sex kitten and primps and preens before sneaking out to find a partner.

Something in the Water

Jacquelyn and Annabelle see an ad for a modeling job that looks to good to be true. College is expensive and this seems like a great way to help pay for it. Besides they have awesome bodies and they may as well capitalize on it.

Fortunately, they both get cast at the same time. They give a brief background about themselves and drink some water that was given to them. It tastes a bit odd but the girls do not think much about it until the company divulges what the modeling job actually involves.

Metal Moves

Jacquelyn ends up going first she is so excited to be the first person ever to be teleported. After Annabelle adjusts the settings, the machine starts up, and the particles start to move, a flash of light and Jacquelyn is gone! Only a small glowing orb is left which slowly disappears. Then the machine starts back up another flash of light and she is on the other platform. There is a problem, she is completely naked and solid gold! 

When Annabelle comes in she is horrified, what went wrong?

Miss Hyde Transformation

Jacquelyn Velvets is a very basic kind of girl. She relies on her brains rather than her looks. But that is all about to change thanks to a potion she has been working on!

She comes in the house talking to her friend on the phone. She got this outfit as a gift but it is way too sexy for her taste

Age Regression Transformation

Ms. Boxxx is a no nonsense elementary school teacher and she cannot condone that one of her students has brought a stuffed animal to her classroom. She tries to explain the proper decorum to the parent of the student. The parent thinks that it is better to have an imagination and that the teacher has forgotten how to be young and vibrant.

All of a sudden, Ms. Boxxx notices that the stuffed animal has moved and there are more of them. She thinks that she just needs some more sleep, but when her hair transforms

Black Heel Transformation

That shoe store is just amazing. They manage to transform grown men into high heels! Candle has quite the collection already and she is ready to try on her new pair of black patent pumps. Unfortunately for you, you are the latest victim She cannot wait to feel her stockinged feet slide into you and put all of her weight onto you. Your pleas for help are met with derision and laughter. After all, you are a shoe and nothing more. It brings her glee to humiliate you with dips and dangles of her feet. After awhile she tires of you and puts you in her shoe closet where she may torture you again or completely forget about you!

Golden Opportunity

Doctor Candle Boxxx is very excited to have made an advancement in her golden gizmo and wants her intern to be the first to see it. Arielle has gotten used to the constant stream of flops and just wants to get done with her research and away from the crazy lady who insists that she can turn things to gold.

Arielle is not impressed with the pseudoscience that Candle spits out but is not happy when she has an unproven gadget pointed in her direction. Suddenly a flash occurs and where the intern once stood, there is a nude golden statue. Her hands are raised in shock.

Boot Transformation

Andrea has pushed the limits and Candle decides to transform her into a pair of shiny, knee high black boots. At first, she does not like her new form and complains about how smelly Candle's feet are and how she is wiggling her toes too much.

UpSkirt Perverts Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn comes into the living room to clean up a little before her guests get there. But as she's cleaning she notices some bugs on the floor. After a closer look she realizes they aren't bugs. It's those up skirt perverts that she shrunk last night! "I guess shrinking you wasn't enough" she says while looking down on them. She puts her foot over them and is about to end them once and for all, when she decides a better fate for them. She decides to sit on them. Crushing them with her beautiful butt they so badly wanted to see! One by one she sits on them and wiggles her butt while crushing them.

Babyfication Mind Control

A sweet nurse is in charge of a controversial program that reprograms hardened criminals into helpless and sweet babies. She is in the process of organizing a treatment room when the door suddenly closes with her in it. She knows that she must get out of here quickly or she too will be transformed and have control of her mind but not her body.

Melted Candle

It is a pleasure that you are my last client and I am a little excited to see what this will entail. If you are fast, you can get your dick in me as transform from partial human to partial melted wax. You can rub your body all over it and know that I exploded just for you. Oh, yes, I can feel it happening. I am melting and getting lower and lower. I am your goo-d time girl!

Power of Seduction

Crimson Blaze has tracked down her arch rival, only known as "The Inventor" She is trying to use her powers of seduction against the evil scientist to make him lose control of his won will and obey her every command. But something is wrong......

As she moves sexily in front of him she realizes her powers are having no affect on him!!

Somehow you managed to transform Crimson Blaze into her frumpy, nerdy alter ego and she is not thrilled about it at all. She is physically powerless and cannot fight against the ropes that bind her.

Witch Skype

Witch Convention and Candle was not able to attend. Fortunately, technology allows her to skype the proceedings. This is a great thing because she was not sure how much longer she could maintain her mainstream persona.

Candle is enthralled with the people watching and comments on what they are wearing and mutters about the scandals under her breath. It is all great fun, but she is ecstatic when the High Priestess gives the command to take off her shoes. She oohs and ahhs as she rubs her hands in all of the crevices and feels the relief rush through her aching arches. The gloves have always made her itchy due to the eye of newt lining, and she scratches her arms trying to relieve the sensation. The best part of the convention is when she can take off her wig and rub her bald, sensitive head. She is so happy with her transformation and so proud to be involved in her coven.

Principal Revenge

Old Ms. Candle is a cooky old principal at your school, she calls you in her office and starts to come on to you. It's weird because she is so old and you tell her no way! Then she drinks a potion and transforms right before your eyes into a younger woman! She is much better looking now but still to old for you.

Good Deed Transformation

You see an overweight man on skid row. You feel for him so you give him a hundred dollar bill. Shocked by this he asks if you meant to do that or did you give it to him by accident? When you say it was intentional he tells you that you deserve a reward. He stands up and starts to transform into a beautiful woman. Slowly she starts to take off her layers of clothing and lets her true identity be known. 

Friendly Neighbor

Scott has always wanted to invade a woman's body and possess it. He creates a potion that will allow him to leave his body and invade the closest female which happens to be his neighbor Andrea Rosu. She has never given him the time of day, and he wants to embarrass her by making her lose control of her body.

He takes the potion but feels nothing except for being a little tired, so he decides to go to bed and sleep it off.....

Poison Ivy's Change

From frumpy to sexy, in this custom Candle changes into the beautiful Poison Ivy. Candle box starts of in old baggie clothes, and her favorite Ugg boots. But once she gets pricked by a thorn, she comes out of her old clothes and turns into Poison Ivy