Transformation Fetish

Liquidating Employees - Kobe Lee & Alora Jaymes

Kobe Lee, the boss, calls Alora Jaymes in to discuss department cuts. Employees are being liquidated. Alora's scheduled to be melted & is disappointed but quickly gets over it. Kobe instructs her to strip her blouse, skirt, black nylons, lingerie & high heels. While stripping, Alora asks what it's like to be melted.  Kobe relays how other girls enjoyed it sexually. Kobe activates the machine. Enjoying the process, she moans & feels orgasms overtake her body. Her head peaks out of the tub & then nothing is left of her! Kobe inspects the tub & confirms that Alora is a puddle before stripping for her turn. She's impressed with how much Alora enjoyed it, & looks forward to melting. Setting the controls, she steps in the tub. Her body transform into a puddle. It's better than imagined!

Tables Turned Inflation - Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee enters an abandoned warehouse looking for loot. Spotting an employee, she sneaks up but catches his eye. She lost the element of surprise. A wire trips her. She pretends to be knocked out on the ground. Scott Torvea picks her off the floor & holds her limp body while demanding answers. Springing to life, Kobe pounces on him & thrusts him against the wall by his neck with intent to maim. He grabs a compressor hose & jams it in her mouth. Rearing her head back, she panics trying to remove it. Scott turns the tank on full blast. The air flows. Kobe's face puffs. Her eyes are wide with surprise. Stumbling, she tugs on the stuck hose, but is pinned against the wall from pressure. Her arms flail & cheeks expand as her mouth is suctioned around the hose. Staring in disbelief & confusion, her tits & belly grow larger until they look like they're going to pop. Scott runs for the door. He doesn't want to see her explode. Her eyes cross & she's terrified of what will happen.

Puppy Transformation - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is desperate to find her lost dog & wants your help. You give a soda to calm her nerves & she falls to the floor from stress. When she awakens, her face is painted like her lost dog. A sub collar adorns her delicate neck & she obediently begs at your command. Panting & barking, she crawls on all fours eager to please her Master. She's well trained in sitting, rolling over & lying on her back. She tries to sneak something naughty such as eating a plant or licking your foot, but is a good puppy. A flea makes her scratch. She plays and humps your leg. A stuffed toy distracts her, but she won't release it from her strong jaw until you throw it. Arielle digs in the carpet to bury her treasure,& confused why she doesn't make progress. Lying on her back, she waits submissively for her belly rub & writhes at your touch. Her haunches kick in pleasure. She climbs on the couch. That won't do & you grab her collar & pull her down so you can go for a walk with her leash.

Smart Giantess - Paige Turner

Paige Turner's a teenage genius that isn't taken seriously because of her age. She created a potion that makes her older & treated with respect. The first dose transforms her into an early 20's woman. She savors her curves. Another gulp & she becomes a sexy, late 20's vixen. The short dress & hormones make her horny & excited, but something feels strange. Her growth potion works on height & aging. The added stature makes her feel powerful. She swigs the vial & savors her stretching & expanding body. The people who looked down on her won't be able to resist the goddess she has become. She's so powerful, she should take over the world. People will tremble in awe at her strength & beauty. If they don't follow her commands, she will crush them!
This experiment exceeded her wildest expectations!

Price Of Youth - Bambi Buttons

Bambi Buttons is an older realtor who brags about her long career. She's confused that you won't be financing or using cash, & offer a special deal. Feeling warm, her drab appearance transforms from mid 60's to mid 30's. The aches & pains are gone. Her hair is a brunette chignon & not grey. The boring flats grow into stilettos. The frumpy clothing morphs into sexier apparel a junior would wear to use her "assets". Bambi's torn between regaining her youthful looks & a demotion at work. Nobody would believe it's her. Another metamorphosis makes her hair longer. She wears younger clothes. With her experience & looks, she could make more money & gets excited. A final change transforms Bambi to her sorority days. She loses intelligence & becomes a ditzy broad! You tell her of her job as your maid. She's excited to make $8 per hour with special benefits! She wants to start right away & bends over to clean to your liking!

Becoming A New Woman - Angel Lee

Angel Lee enters a waiting room of the spa & thinks it's strange location for a massage. There's no cell coverage & she reads a confusing sign listing personality types with female names.The Mastermind that lured her explains how he followed multiple women with the intent of combining their best attributes & creating a new woman by liquefying their bodies. Angel's the rebel but she can't fight her way out of this! She tries to leave & gas fills the room. She coughs before falling to the floor.  Lifting her heavy body, he drags her to his laboratory by her ankles. Her appendages are strapped down so she can't escape. She awakens confused. Her molecules are being converted to a liquid state for extraction of  DNA. She arches & struggles to get free. She goes still as her body liquefies into a pink fluid, leaving her clothes on the table. Crossing off her name, the evil scientist is closer to creating the perfect woman!

I Dream Of Lucy Purr

You have an antique vase & rub off the grime. A genie (Lucy Purr) stands in front of you. She oozes sensuality & greets you as Master. You get 3 wishes for your desires. You test her & ask for a bigger dick. Magically, your pants bulge. For the 2nd wish, you want her to look like the chick in the porno you watched. Her genie costume is replaced with a skimpy white top & blue panties. The veil vanishes, revealing her pretty face, & the ponytail is replaced with voluptuous curls. Lucy admires her body in the skimpy outfit, & feels sensations that the pornstar felt while filming. She's horny & eager to please. How about that third wish? When you ask for a non-stop fuckfest, she's startled & tries to fight it. The wish is done & the worried look turns into a smile as she straddles & slides down your cock cowgirl style (implied POV). You grab her hair & huge tits as she rides your member. You cum quickly but magically recharged for more action. You don't realize the implications of sex all night! As the orgasms continue, you cramp, chafe & beg for a break, but Lucy doesn't slow down. Pleas for water are ignored despite her sweaty body. You can't keep up and slump over. Looking over her former Master, the wishes reset & she climbs off looking like she did when she came out of the vase. Looking sad, she laments how this always seems to happen before returning to her home.

Becoming A New Woman - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane enters the spa for a massage appointment. Something's strange & a sign with personality types & girls names confirms suspicions. The Mastermind that lured her explains how he followed women in order to combine their best attributes & create a new woman by liquifying their bodies. Arielle's the smart one but she can't escape! She tries to leave but he freezes her body. The phone drops from her hands & she becomes still like a statue. Lifting her stiff body, he carries her to his laboratory & lays her out on a work table. Arielle awakens confused that her head can move & talk, but the rest of her body is  paralyzed. As she thaws, he cuffs her body. A bottle is the future home for her body. In desperation, she offers to help his mission if he doesn't melt her. The pleas are rebuked & he puts the tube in her body to absorb  liquid. Moaning & writhing, she begs to stop. She's drained. Her body lies still until all that's left is her clothing. The bottle fills with her DNA & stored with the others. Crossing off her name, the evil scientist is on his way to creating the perfect woman!

Best Friends Forever - Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr is nerdy & lonely, but a spell will turn her doll into a real girl. Lucy's excited that the magic dust worked but disappointed to see her friend's slutty! A skimpy shirt barely holds in Angel Lee's tits, & her mini skirt is too short. Lucy's brother used her laptop for porn, & tweaked the spell so she would be a stripper. Angel's glad to be free from the doll body & ready to party. She will thank Lucy's brother with sexual favors but first gropes Lucy. Scared & embarrassed, Lucy squirms from Angel's wandering hands. Annoyed & bored, Angel kisses Lucy, inflicting a spell to bring out Lucy's inner bad girl.Falling, Lucy looses her frumpy dress & sultry black, spandex pants & halter top hug her curvy body. Big, wavy hair replaces her ponytails. Dark lipstick emphasizes her beautiful face. She admires herself & swigs Angel's booze before grabbing Angel. Snapping her fingers, their clothes magically come off & evil Lucy climbs on top of Angel. Grinding, she's ready for sex but Angel struggles to escape the rageful Lucy's kisses. Lucy tries to reach between her prey's legs & Angel tries to get away. Lucy's confused that Angel transformed her into a shameless whore & doesn't want to fuck! Pushing Angel against the wall, she has a dildo & wants to break Angel. They struggle to gain control as Angel reaches out to you, Lucy's brother, for help. Lucy wants to show you what real magic can do!

Becoming A New Woman - Brittany Shae

Brittany Shae arrives at the empty spa & is confused. She sees a sign on the wall with various attributes & tries to leave. Unable to open the door or use her phone makes her angry & scared.
A voice informs that he's going to take the best parts of 10 women he's been following, & create a new whole woman. Brittany's mad & shocked that he's going to liquefy her! He chokes her delicate neck & she falls limp in his arms. She lies on his lab table & is the specimen for his innocent girl next door profile. The cuffs on her arms complement her brown suede boots & tight jeans. Stirring, she struggles against her binds but it's too late. The molecular structure of the cells in her body alters to a liquid state & collected in the jar. Brittany arches her back, wiggling to get away from this mad scientist. The tube in her back drains her juices. She writhes in agony as her soul is collected. Her body goes still & disappears, leaving a pile of clothes where her sexy form was. The bottle is stored next to Lucy's & her name is crossed off the list. Now he waits for the next girl.

Becoming A New Woman - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr arrives at the empty spa & confused why she got the evite. She sees a sign with  attributes & tries to leave. Unable to open the door or use her phone makes her angry & scared. A voice informs that he's going to take the best parts of 10 women he's been following, creating a new whole woman. Lucy berates him for stalking her for such a ridiculous idea. Assuming he will take a hair she's shocked that he's going to liquefy her! He makes her groggy & she falls limp in his arms. She lies on his lab table & is the perfect specimen for his fashionista profile. The cuffs on her arms complement her leopard print boots & tight jeans. She struggles against her binds but its too late. Lucy arches her back & wiggles to get away from this mad scientist. The molecular structure of the cells in her body alter to a liquid state & collected in the jar The tube in her back drains her juices. She writhes in agony as her soul is collected. Her body goes still & magically all that is left is a pile of clothes where her sexy form used to be. The bottle is stored & her name is crossed off the list. Now for the next girl to show up!

For The Love of Candle - Whitney Morgan

Whitney Morgan tells her girlfriend how Scott tries to hook up. It won't happen because he has a dick & she goes for pussy. She feels odd & naps allowing a portal for Scott to invade her body & become her! Waking up, he now she, is groggy & confused. She adjusts her deep & guttural speech to a high pitched voice. Peeking in the mirror, Scott is surprised it worked & laughs. Her hands rub her new curvy body, surprised that Whitney wears a thong. Groping the braless tits makes her giggle because Whitney would be pissed if she knew "he" was touching her body. There's nothing stopping Scott!! The chignon is released & long blonde hair cascades & hands dart to her new pussy. Rubbing the clit feels better than stroking a normal sized cock. She fantasizes of shoving things in her pussy, but excited by the ability to have multiple orgasms! As she is about to cum, she wants to play with Candle instead of wasting her first female orgasm alone. She snoops through Whitney's lingerie to find something sexy for the lesbian encounter.
Lacy bra & panties are perplexing as he usually takes them off. A vintage garter belt emphasizes her newfound curves & she wears nylons without ripping them. The rough man hands are replaced with delicate manicured nails. Black pumps finish the ensemble, but it's a struggle to maintain balance. Stumbling,she practices crawling before wobbling on delicate ankles. Whitney AKA Scott, calls Candle. Ambling to the bed, she practices poses & ponders how to have sex with her crush.