Gallows Remorse - Angel Lee


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Angel Lee is ordered to take her clothes off piece by piece and silently complies. The executioner, Scott Torvea, ties her hands behind her back (onscreen tying) before slowly walking toward the gallows. She's nervous about her fate as she sees a trap door beneath the noose. 


He wraps the rope around her neck and she bows her head in shame as he reads her chosen passage from the Bible. In tears, she apologizes for the murder of her husband and that she never meant to hurt him. She doesn't want to die, but resolves to stay strong. In hysterics, she repeats the prayer repeatedly as if possessed. When she refuses to stop speaking, a hood is placed over her head and they leave her to stand until given the word to continue from the state.


Without fanfare, the rope is yanked and Angel hangs limp in her binds. Scott approaches and checks her heart rate with a stethoscope, confirming that the process is done.



OTHER KEYWORDS- execution fetish, hanging fetish, bondage, rope bondage, neck fetish, throat fetish, damsel in distress, peril, male domination, domination, crying fetish, barefoot, bare feet, limp fetish, sleeping fetish, jail fetish, prison fetish, blondes, big tits, DID,


16:13 minutes
  • Angel Lee Angel Lee
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea