Becoming A New Woman - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane enters the spa for a massage appointment. Something's strange & a sign with personality types & girls names confirms suspicions. The Mastermind that lured her explains how he followed women in order to combine their best attributes & create a new woman by liquifying their bodies. Arielle's the smart one but she can't escape! She tries to leave but he freezes her body. The phone drops from her hands & she becomes still like a statue. Lifting her stiff body, he carries her to his laboratory & lays her out on a work table. Arielle awakens confused that her head can move & talk, but the rest of her body is  paralyzed. As she thaws, he cuffs her body. A bottle is the future home for her body. In desperation, she offers to help his mission if he doesn't melt her. The pleas are rebuked & he puts the tube in her body to absorb  liquid. Moaning & writhing, she begs to stop. She's drained. Her body lies still until all that's left is her clothing. The bottle fills with her DNA & stored with the others. Crossing off her name, the evil scientist is on his way to creating the perfect woman!

Nephew's Revenge New Slaves 2 - Anabelle Pync & Arielle Lane

Sexy times with Arielle Lane & Anabelle Pync after they took a serum to control their mind. Their Master can't get them to keep their hands off each other. They need a climax & shove their hands down their pants, rubbing their clits to orgasm. Still horny, they lie on the bed, continuing to grind  each other. After repeated orgasms they fall limp on the bed. Waking up, they are horrified to discover their exposed bodies & shamefully redress. He proved that they were controlled by his serum, but they are more determined to stop him before he profits on the serum they created for him against their will! Wandering his lab, they find the elixir & are amazed that he would  leave it out. They walked into his trap & magically freezes them in place like statues. Using a dolly, he transports them to a staging area. They look so sexy like mannequins as they stand there completely still & helpless. There is no way these do gooders can stop his evil plans!

Stolen Contract Freeze - Monica Jade

Monica Jade is confronted by Scott for stealing his leads. She is bitchy so he uses a new device from the research team. He aims the ray & freezes her in place. Her brain is frozen so she has no recollection of what happens when she is out. Scott opens her jacket & unfreezes her. She is confused & he freezes her so he does not have to hear her bitching. He alternates between freezing & thawing her. Monica panics as her clothes disappear. She offers the contracts back to Scott to make the embarrassment stop. Monica tries covering her exposed body but can't avoid the eyes of everyone as she heads off to her desk.

Nephew's Revenge Loose Ends 1 - Anabelle Pync & Arielle Lane

Anabelle Pync is worried that something happened to Kobe Lee. She gave her a serum to take down the nephew of a baddie.  A call orders her to the lobby, but it was a prank. She finds a mysterious sheet covering a frozen Arielle Lane with a letter in her back pocket. If Anabelle wants to save her, she will have to come to him. Anabelle is determined to come up with an antidote. She gives Arielle a dose & puts electrodes on her chest to get the treatment into her system. Anabelle panics, & Arielle stands still like a statue. More work will be needed to defeat Hanzel!

Nephew's Revenge : Loose Ends 2 - Anabelle Pync & Arielle Lane

Anabelle Pync has been trying to wake Arielle Lane out of frozen state & stimulating her heart rate & increase breathing will be the only way, which means giving her an orgasm.Trying to be respectful & scientific, she rubs Arielle's tits over her shirt. It is a surprise that she is braless, & her hands dart down to her clit through her jeans. Anabelle breathes heavy & is turned on by groping the frozen Arielle. Feeling guilty about enjoying it, she closes Arielle's eyes, & grinds her own crotch on her helpless subject.
Closer to cumming, Anabelle unbuttons her own blouse, & pulls her pants down so she can rub herself over her panties. Her hands dive underneath &  slapping her pussy hard as she cums. Feeling guilty, she redresses &  tries a vibrator on Arielle. She struggles to pull down Arielle's pants & unbuttons her shirt, pleased to see perky tits. Rubbing the vibrator over her panties. Arielle stirs with orgasm. Anabelle admits guilt about her own secret orgasm. Arielle kept all of her senses while frozen, but promises not to tell anyone. Now to find Hanzel and get some revenge!

Nephew's Revenge Part 1

Hanzel was sent to prison for controversial research. His nephew resurrected his uncle's research & wants revenge on the two detectives & district attorney who jailed him. Paige Turner & Kobe Lee discuss a case when they receive a text about the theft of Adrosterone (female arousal) & Focalin (focus) from the pharmaceutical company. They recall these were used in the research of Hazel. They contact Arielle Lane, the attorney who is suspicious of the nephew & gives the address with the promise of bringing a warrant. Kobe & Paige sneak into his house before she can get there & find him working in his bedroom. He commends them for linking to him quickly, but taunts them with falling into his trap  by his hacking of the department's IT system. The girls are confident that they can stop his nefarious activities and Arielle walks in with the proper paperwork. He releases the foca-rouse. Nothing happens & they look at him with derision & cockiness as they mock him. He waits a few seconds & they are tingly in their crotches & can't focus on anything but carnal pleasures. They try to fight it, but fondle & caress. Their urges are strong & they finger & grind themselves. All three are intensely horny & crave orgasms. They fall limp on the bed.

Nephew's Revenge Part 2

The evil scientist awakens Kobe Lee, Paige Turner, & Arielle Lane with medicine, but they are groggy. They are embarrassed but determined for revenge but he has them sleep at his command. He leaves the address of his laboratory knowing they will fall into his trap again. They awaken & still shy about their forced lesbian encounter, but make a vaccine against his concoctions before heading to his lair. When they arrive, they are puzzled to see their names on pedestals. He uses magic darts to infect Paige with paralysis serum. She is frozen in place. The other girls beg for him to turn her back, only to be transformed into statues. They are placed on pedestals & poses them in goofy, sexy & humiliating positions. 

Model Freeze

Monica has come for a shoot although the photographer, Scott, has other intentions. He hands her a xylochrome and tells her that it is a meter to test the lighting. When it actually works, he is surprised but glad.  This is his chance to start posing her.

She wakes up and is confused why she is facing backward.  Scott turns on the gadget again and she is completely frozen again. This time he gets a little more forward and unbuttons her blouse. Monica is getting more and more confused but there is always an excuse from the shady photographer.

The gizmo gets turned on and off more times, and Scott takes off more clothing, lifts and carries this model, and gropes her when he feels like it. She looks like a statue and is completely unaware of what is happening! As a mind fuck, he puts her clothes back on without her bra so she knows something is off, but he plays completely innocent.

She tries to pose and continue with the photo shoot, but she is obviously flustered. Another click and he takes off her panties. Monica is embarrassed and humiliated and leaves the shoot in a rush!

Gold Finger Discount

Anabelle stole a molecular transmutator  that will turn things into gold and is excited to try them out. She starts off with 14K gold so she does not overwhelm the contraption and is delighted when she transforms her old shoes into gold! They are lovely but she needs something to match it, so she creates a gold cup with a point of the gold laser. It looks shinier than the pumps and she realizes that she accidentally turned the nozzle to 11. Anabelle is going to turn all of her knickknacks to gold and be filthy rich!

In her excitement she comes back in with her now gold dildo and cannot wait to try something so decadent. She licks the top of it and swears it even tastes better. She strips out of her clothes and strokes it in and out of her pussy. It feels so good and she moans in delight at having something that nobody else has.

As she progresses closer to orgasm, something does not feel right and she stands up to get her bearings. 

In a flash, her body turns to gold and she shrieks in terror. Her body becomes more stiff and her breathing becomes shallow as the weight of the gold courses through her veins. Despite the seriousness of her situation, she catches her reflection and cannot help but admire how her curves are highlighted. Anabelle poses and loves by the prospect of showing off her solid gold body. 

As she is about to run off, her body becomes paralyzed and she is stuck in place for all eternity. Anabelle is now a gold statue till the end of time!

Greedy Roommate

Scott Torvea is doing a scientific experiment that turns anything into gold. Anabelle Pync does not quite believe that he is an alchemist, but is excited by the prospect. They test a bottle and it magically turns to gold!

Anabelle Pync is so ecstatic and does not care about possible side effects. They are going to be rich and she bounces up and down in excitement as they test bigger items like her shoes.

Unfortunately they are not quite gold, and Anabelle Pync is disappointed that there are flaws in the system but happy that she has shiny shoes!

She suggests that he turn the system up a notch and that will surely make it work better. With all of the money they make, the world is their oyster.

Scott Torvea decides to document the process for his research and tells Anabelle Pync not to touch anything while he grabs his notes. Of course she starts fiddling with the remote. In her excitement she stands in the conversion tank and ends up transformed into solid gold!

She is beyond delighted and bounces out to admire her new body. Everything is so shiny and glistening and she bounces up and down in glee. Scott walks back in the room and is horrified to see her transformed because it will set and she will be stuck as a gold statue forever!

Anabelle Pync was wondering why her body was stiff, but becomes more panicked as her movements become more and more rigid. Her feet become cemented to the ground and the metal travels through her veins until her arms are stuck at her side and her voice halts. At least she will be beautiful forever!

Gold Ring Part 2

Anabelle has morphed into a gold statue from a magic ring, and thaws right at the peak of climax.

That was the best orgasm she ever had, but now she must figure out a way to fix this ailment. Using her phone, she tries to find answers to her predicament, but is confused why the Midas Touch keeps appearing.


To her chagrin, she freezes again, and when she comes to, her phone battery is dead. If she is out that long, this could be serious. All of a sudden she gets an idea to call her creepy neighbor who dabbles in alchemy...wait a minute...He is the one who is behind this!

Anabelle starts charging over there, but her legs stop in their tracks and her body becomes more and more stiff until it reaches her face, closing her mouth and eyes. Panic fills her body but she can only mumble, until she is completely mute.

Now that his magic worked, Scott comes in with a dolly and takes her back to his trophy room. Anabelle makes a beautiful gold statue and he can admire her for the ages in her perfect form. 

Gold Ring Part 1

Anabelle does not expect a knock at the door and is surprised to find only a small box with a gold ring in it. There is not a note, but it looks so pretty that she slips it on her finger and heads to take a shower. Strangely she feels a sudden burst of energy and then exhaustion but brushes it off.

When she is done showering, she miraculously turns to gold from head to toe but is unaware until she glimpses herself in the mirror. Before she can process what happened, she freezes from shock. A few minutes later, she unfreezes and admires her new body because it looks and feels amazing!

As she leaves the bathroom, she freezes mid-stride but resumes moving before freezing again. When she thaws, she smirks because whatever is happening to her is making her horny. Anabelle dips her hands to her wet pussy, and just on the brink of orgasm, her body becomes still like a frozen statue.