Forced Stripping

Choose Her Fate - The Chair - Andrea Rosu

Andrea Rosu is the next victim in the Choose Her Fate Series and she struggles while Scott Torvea holds her arms behind her back. He explains the cameras and the viewers who will bid on her fate. They decide what happens to her and it could be anything from shooting, hanging, choking, stabbing ...The possibilities are endless.

She keeps fighting him as he explains the process so he chokes her neck to shut her up. Calming down, she takes off her high heels at his command, but there is no new learning for this bitch. Andrea tries to get free and he smacks her ass for punishment.

Doing an arm hold on her neck, he gives her the chance to strip her shirt. Realizing she’s helpless, she removes her shirt and tries to cover her huge tits with her arms. The viewers pay extra to see her naked faster, and he expedites the removal of her clothes. As his hand grips her neck tightly, she removes the skirt and panties in despair. Turning her around, he shows off her big, round ass.

The bidding ends and Andrea awakens bound to an electric chair. Crying, she begs for release as he explains her fate to the viewers.  There is no escaping and he turns on the switch causing her curvy body to bounce and twitch in response to the voltage. Her hands and feet clench and expand as she tries to will her way out of this predicament.

Scott does multiple rounds to slowly make her suffer but not kill her completely. Dazed, she becomes weaker as her brain and body become fried. The last round is too much and her head flops to the side and body goes limp.

He takes her pulse and prepares a dolly to take her body to the dump.

Missing Girls

Andrea is a government agent and is investigating some missing girls. Scott is a lead that works for another government agency and is less than forthcoming but says that he can take her to the girls. Unfortunately, they committed crimes that led to a long prison sentence so she will need to be searched to make sure that she is not smuggling anything.

Until this point, she has been cocky, but she is upset at this proposal. If she resists, she will face prison time for smuggling since her refusal indicates that she is hiding something. Humiliated, she removes one item at a time and hands it to him. He gropes her body and pulls her hair before searching her cavities. (simulated).

When finished, she is handed a tiny g string as her uniform. Since she has never worn something so revealing, she begs to wear something else. Scott asserts his power and threatens to charge them with a 30 year prison sentence. Realizing her possible fate, she complies to his demands even when it involves shaking her ass. Andrea realizes that this has gone too far when she is required to state her name, age and whether she is better at oral or anal sex.

He lets her know that she will be seeing the missing girls soon, because she is going to the same sex slave owner. Time for her to crawl into her shipping crate and go to her new home!

Celebrity Rip

Candle Boxxx is a celebrity waiting for an appointment. When Andrea and Luna see her, they become ecstatic and lavish praise and adoration. They ask for autographs and selfies while shoving cameras and paper in her face. With all of the hoopla, Candle is a little overwhelmed and tries to leave.

The women start asking who made her suit and what kind of material it is made of. They fondle her clothing and start pulling on it. Candle pleads for them to let her go, but hysteria gets the best of them and they laugh as they tear her suit off. They ignore her yelling to stop and when they get down to her blouse, they pause as she realizes that she has minimal clothing left. This does not stop them from ripping it off of her.

As Candle stands humbly trying to cover her body, the rabid fans pick up the shorn clothing and leave the room with their trophies in hand. This embarrassed woman calls her agent to bring her clothes...again.


Hired Job

Andrea had a long day and is ready for bed but an intruder has other plans for her. He fights her into submission although she gives a valiant effort struggling against him. Once her baby blue eyes flutter to sleep, he ragdolls her limbs to make sure that she is out like a light. Her heavy body is picked up and he throws her over his shoulder to carry her to his lair.

When she awakens her arms are overhead and she groans against his groping. He pulls her hair and rips her clothing off so that she knows who is in charge. He toys with her as each thread is slowly torn off and her dignity lessens thread by thread. Her shorn panties are stuffed in her mouth but he pulls them out because her pleas are so much sexier. Andrea still balks against his touch until he makes his motives a little more clear without

Stay The Night

If Andrea can spend the night in the haunted house, she will get $10,000 from the local radio station. They put up hidden cameras so they can watch her experience and everything is on record. She settles in for the night and the radio crew does not understand why she starts yelling out.

There is a real ghost named Adam Smith who is haunting her and only she can hear him. She assumes that it all fun and games from the radio staff until something throws her back on the bed. An invisible force won't let her leave her small section of the room and it looks like she is miming as she tries to get free.

Her jacket is pulled off in the wind and she cannot keep it on despite her best efforts. Andrea tries to keep her sweater on but the ghost is determined to get her clothes off of her. She learns that she is being watched by many cameras as her bra is taken off and her tits sway in the wind against her will. She does not think it can get much worse as she jumps up and down with her tits bouncing everywhere. As she is bent over the bed and spanked, she learns a new level of embarrassment. The skirt is yanked off and her traitorous hands pull down her panties despite her protestations.

Andrea is now fully exposed and humiliated as the ghosts poses her like a doll. After he has his amusement, she runs off without her clothes in order to escape this crazy house.

The radio announcers are surprised that she left but happy to have the show and to save the prize money.

Human Trade Andrea Rosu

Andrea answered an ad for a model, she needed the money and had always dreamed of being a model. She talked to the photographer over the phone and he was really nice, he even offered to pick her up from the bus station and drive her to the shoot. Wow how could she be so lucky..... Well he picked her up brought her to a house that was empty except for in one room there was a video camera, some lights, a computer and big screen tv's on the wall. She thought it was kind of weird but maybe that's what it looked like on photo shoots... He has her stand against the wall while he sets the camera up, he is a little confused and tries asking questions, but he just side steps them or ignores her completely. Once he is set up he tell her to get undressed but she refuses, she is not that type of model. He tries talking with her but she is not going to have it, so he takes matters into his own hands. He grabs her by the throat and explains to her what is about to happen. She tries to fight him and is quite feisty at first, but she is no match for him. He gropes over her clothes, then forces her out of them... She struggles through most of this one, until near the end, you can see where she breaks and turns into the good little submissive.... Lots of throat grabbing, hair pulling, nipple pinching, and groping in this one.

Testers Wanted Andrea Rosu

Andrea Rosu has done clinical trials before but never one like this! She signed the wavier and is led to a room. She meets with the tech and he tells her that they are working on a machine to help with prosthetic limbs. She figures what the heck. She is already there and going to get paid. What she doesn't know is that this machine controls her body completely. She can do nothing but watch in horror as she is forced to take her clothes off and move around like a toy robot. After a few tries the tech has the controls set correctly so that he can control her every move! Poor Andrea is so embarrassed as she is exposed and helpless!