Forced Stripping

HR Manager Exposed

Scott is getting revenge on the HR Manager for his recent firing. He has blackmailed her to come to a special club that is anything goes. Candle is very concerned that her position as HR Vice President could be jeopardized if anyone recognizes her. She is especially embarrassed to be seen in the slutty clothing that he forced her to wear.

He senses her trepidation and reminds her of the incriminating photos while coaxing her to the spotlight. Scott hands her special glasses and explains that she won't be recognized with them on, yet fails to mention that they will control her movements by remote control.

Once again the feeling washes over her causing her hands and body to betray her once again. She opens her coat and spreads her legs so she can play with herself while begging him to stop. Candle drops to the sticky floor and Scott hands the remote to the club owner (implied).

A sybian is revealed and as she begs to be released from her helpless state, she straddles the fucking machine.

Despite her will, she climaxes just in time for the audience to spray a bukkake (implied) all over her. The exertion mixed with the humiliation, cause her to fall off the machine and lie limp on the floor.

Booking Candle

Candle is led into the police station with her hands cuffed behind her back. She was in possession of some very bad things and she is scared of what happens next. The officer explains that she is going to be strip searched to make sure she does not have anything in her cavities.

He orders her to remove her clothes which she does with unease and embarrassment. She shakes her hair to make sure nothing is hidden. He has her open her mouth and lift her tongue. She lifts her breasts even though they are perky before squatting and coughing. Her ass cheeks and pussy lips are spread to make sure there is no contraband.

The officer has her deloused even though she says she does not have lice. Shampoo suds through her hair and her dignity goes down the drain with it. When she is done, she is given a t shirt and diaper before being handcuffed and led to her cell.

When she arrives at her cell, she asks why there is no toilet and the guard indicates that the diaper is her toilet. Candle is outraged at first, but then begins to cry. The guard removes her handcuffs and leaves her to her new life.

HR Manager Controlled

Candle enters the company warehouse in search of someone to help her. No one answers her calls until Scott, an employee she terminated for sexual harassment, steps out of the shadows. She confronts him angrily and threatens to call security, when he calmly points a remote at her.

A strange feeling washes over her and her hands roam over her body as she tries to control them. Candle backs up against the wall trying to get away as she questions what is happening. Her pleas for making it stop are music to his ears and he relishes the humiliating spectacle.

like a caged animal trying to escape, she backs up against the wall. Her body betrays her and she spreads her legs to play with herself. Much to her horror, she slides down the wall as the powerful orgasm overtakes and consumes her.

Now Scott can have his final revenge and cum all over her. (Implied POV)

Sorority Girl Rip Part 2

It has been a frightening night and Candle is trying to make sense of what happened while Scott destroys her favorite fleece coat. Her arms are tied to the side and she cannot fight him even if she wanted to. Inch by inch he cuts into her favorite jacket and each tear brings her down another notch.

In a desperate plea, she tries to talk about her life so that she can make herself more human to him, but he has no feelings toward any living creature. This is all about his entertainment of humiliating this diva and she quietly cries when she realizes that she is in the clutches of a mad man.

Layer by layer he tears her down. The expensive, trendy boots are slashed, while the t-shirt and yoga pants are torn off her body. It seems a shame to leave the cute little bra and panty set, so he destroys them as well.

Now that she stands there nude and scared, he grabs a shred of her jacket and takes it to masturbate in (Implied offscreen).

Time to get rid of this one and get the next one.

Debt Collector

An intruder barges into Candle's house to collect a loan payment. Since she does not have the money, she offers her jewelry as a down payment. She is very surprised when the debt collector wants her clothes as well. There is not much that she can do, so she hesitatingly gives him her clothes piece by piece. Each time she starts to balk, he reminds her of the imminent threat if she does not comply. He even makes her take off her garters which force her stockings to creep down her long legs!

Once she is nude, he ties her to a chair and tape gags her. He leaves her in this embarrassing predicament for someone else to find! Since Candle cannot stand the thought of being found like this, she struggles to get free, but there is no way that she can get out of this mess!


Forced Strip Of A Private Invetigator

Candle is reading a letter from a client that needs her to find a family heirloom in his recently deceased Uncle's house. He warns her that the house is haunted, but as a Private Investigator, she does not believe in that nonsense and only proof before her own eyes. This job should be a cake walk.

As she walks in, the rain starts pouring and she is glad to have made it inside just in time. While looking for the heirloom, she is startled as something pushes her. All of a sudden the lights go out and when they turn on, her trench coat is unbuttoned. It is a little confusing, but she assumes she is overtired. Strangely the power keeps going off and on and each time, a little bit more of her clothing is stripped off. Since it is innocent at first, she jests out loud to the Uncle that he better stop, but as it becomes more extreme, she pleads to keep her clothes on.

As the spirit takes off the jacket, blouse and skirt, Candle becomes more and more embarrassed and tries to cover her body with her arms. When she is down to her lingerie, the panties are yanked down against her will and even though she tries pulling them up, they end up flying off, her leaving her exposed.

All of a sudden she sees the heirloom and as she grasps it, it flings out of her reach. Much to her chagrin, one of her garter belt hooks releases her nylons, causing it to slink down her long legs.

As the lights do their little game of turning on and off, she is magically on the floor and sees the heirloom within reach. As she crawls across the floor, her stockings slinks down her legs and a shoe is disengaged from her foot. Once she grabs her prize, she breathe a sigh of relief and crawls away with her hose dragging behind her.


Pretty Neighbors

Dixie and Candle are chatting but have no idea that there is an intruder in the house watching them and waiting.

He sneaks in and before they realize what is going on he makes sure that they go to sleep. Now to play with his new toys! Their arms are ragdolled to make sure that they are completely out. When it is clear that they are not going to fight back, he starts taking their clothes off.

They look like little angels that need to be defiled as he gropes their helpless bodies. Unfortunately these little cherubs do not want to stay asleep and he has to make sure that they will not wake up! He gets pleasure as he watches their eyes cross and plea for him to stop before conking out again.

Filming courtesy of Nate Liquor!

Limp Cheerleader

Alexis is annoyed that Candle comes bouncing in showing off before her cheerleader audition. When she is asked if she wants to go fragrance shopping, Alexis pulls out her own sample. Candle must be allergic to the smell because her eyes cross and she goes limp.

Now that the spazz is quiet, Alexis decides to have some fun with her. Those spaghetti arms are ragdolled and flopped around in the most ridiculous positions. The dirty keds are removed and placed on her face before putting her stinky foot in her own mouth. 

Candle's uniform is stripped down and Alexis is amused as she poses her body into a human pretzel. It is like she has a real life poseable doll, albeit one that cannot hold poses on her own. Alexis is so strong that she flops her around in a pile driver and throws her around the room.

As time wears on, Candle starts waking up and is confused how she became nude. She runs off to make the tryout and to get redressed in private!

Under My Command

Alexis is annoyed with Candle as she always is but agrees to be the guinea pig for her new hobby of neurolingusistic training. Since she does not believe that Candle has any power, she agrees to do it.

This makes Candle giddy and she pulls out her pocket watch and puts her under her spell. As her blue eyes get heavier, Candle counts down from 10 and commands Alexis to agree to whatever she says when she snaps her fingers as the trigger.

When Candle does a quick test to see if Alexis is under, she is excited that it actually worked! This is perfect because Alexis is always giving her grief about everything.

She has Alexis take off her clothes which is something she would never do in real life! Then Candle commands the very serious Alexis to act like a chicken, jump rope and dance.

Candle gets the great idea to take pictures of Alexis in compromising positions and then sends them to everyone they know!

It is time to get Alexis dressed in her lingerie again before pulling her out of her trance. Candle has her close her eyes and counts again to 10 before pulling her out by snapping her fingers. Alexis is confused when she awakens. Once she gives lip, Candle snaps her fingers to revert Alexis back to her programmed state and lets her keep the glazed look on her face.

Filming courtesy of Alexis Rain's videographer!

Ghostly Guest

Candle and Alexis moved into a new house but there is a very spooky vibe. They start hearing things and when they try to stand, an invisible force pushes them down. It gets even more bizarre as their own hands start taking off their clothes against their will. As much as they try to keep their clothes on, the spirit is too strong. The tank tops and jeans are shimmied off despite their will.

These two are embarrassed as they are forced to take the others panties off, and then they take off their own bras off. They try to cover their body but the spirit does not like that!

As they try to escape, the spirit makes them frozen in place and they cannot get free. When he tires of them, he won't let them grab their clothes, but he lets them run out of the house while completely nude.

Who will the next tenants be?

Filming courtesy of Alexis Rain's videographer!

Celebrity Rip

Candle Boxxx is a celebrity waiting for an appointment. When Andrea and Luna see her, they become ecstatic and lavish praise and adoration. They ask for autographs and selfies while shoving cameras and paper in her face. With all of the hoopla, Candle is a little overwhelmed and tries to leave.

The women start asking who made her suit and what kind of material it is made of. They fondle her clothing and start pulling on it. Candle pleads for them to let her go, but hysteria gets the best of them and they laugh as they tear her suit off. They ignore her yelling to stop and when they get down to her blouse, they pause as she realizes that she has minimal clothing left. This does not stop them from ripping it off of her.

As Candle stands humbly trying to cover her body, the rabid fans pick up the shorn clothing and leave the room with their trophies in hand. This embarrassed woman calls her agent to bring her clothes...again.


Gullible Interview

It is so hard to get a decent job and Candle is optimistic that the towel company will be her ticket to employment. When the interviewer mentions that she will be wearing the towels, she is confused but then excited that she will be a model and be at conventions and advertisements. How glamorous!

As she wraps it around her body, the interviewer indicates that she needs to take off her clothing so that her form can be seen. She is a little nervous to do so, but heads to the changing room and leaves her lingerie on. The interviewer is sneaking a peek while she changes but she has no idea. When she heads out, she is a little bit shyer than before, but determined to get this job. It soon becomes apparent that she needs to take off her lingerie and she tries to shimmy it off without dropping the towel.

Candle manages to keep the towel covering her private bits, but when the interviewer asks that she start doing different tasks that involve lots of movement, she falters and fumbles to maintain her composure. Of course she wants to get this job, so she has to do all of the revealing activities.