Forced Stripping

Loan Shark Blues Chanel Yeoung part 2

The Boss is not pleased that Chanel did not return the money and Scott has brought her back in front of the camera to shake her down for it. She begs for  more time but Scott has heard it all before. Her new shoes give her away for squandering her money and her excuses fall on deaf ears. 

Before she realizes it, he grabs her neck tightly and gropes her tits above and below her shirt. Much to her chagrin he yanks it off and admires the sexy bra covering her huge, natural tits. Her jeans are shimmied off despite her protests and she mocks him for being confused by her front hook bra. That was not the brightest move on her part because he picks her up by her breasts and then feels her pussy. The panties are removed as well as her dignity because he forces her to her knees and makes her crawl while he pulls her hair.

He takes her to the edge of the bar and shows her off in person to the crowd that is watching the live feed before forcing her on his cock and getting an implied blow job. Chanel is forced to swallow his cum before they take care of the business of paying the Boss back.

Human Trade Chanel Yeoung

Chanel is so excited to be considered for a modeling job and even happier that the photographer picked her up! As he sets up the video camera she readily accepts that this is part of the audition, but when he mentions that she has to take her clothes off, she balks. This is not what she had in mind at all!

Scott explains that the camera and screens feed in the live responses from people all over the world and they are going to bid on her. Before she realizes what is going on, he grabs her neck and she starts kicking in protest. 

He throws her around and starts stripping off her clothes so that they can see what they may be buying. Her tits are real, large and very pretty which will help make him more money. His hands grab onto them and her breasts bounce despite her intentions to give less of a show to the perverts watching.

As he explains her selling points, he bends her over to show off her ass, and opens her mouth so the viewers can look at her like a piece of cattle. If the bidders can guess the trim of her pubic hair, they get 15% off slut training! As he explains training and how she will become an obedient little whore, her eyes widen in horror.

His grubby hands lift her up by her tits so the audience can get a better look at this piece of meat and he shoves his finger in her pussy so that he can see if she gets wet by the rough treatment. He forces her to her knees and forces her to crawl around the floor like a filthy animal. 

She is going to make a great submissive slut for whomever buys her especially since they sprung for training!

Loan Shark Blues Chanel Yeoung

Channel was not able to pay back her loan to the Boss and Scott is sent to get it out of her. He sets up the camera so the boss can watch the shakedown because he likes watching pretty girls get roughed up.

She comes up with the normal excuses and he just rolls his eyes before grabbing her around the neck, making her look at the camera for an apology. Alternating between angry and scared she whimpers when his hands start wandering around her curvy body. Those natural tits are so soft and firm and need to be shown to the world. Her pleas to remove his hands only makes him go back for more and tougher treatment. Her tank top is removed and she pleads and cries as she is exposed. It becomes even more embarrassing when he tells her the camera feeds out to the bar. Lots of people are watching her as she is brought down a notch.

He is not all bad and lets her take off her own jeans, but he gets mean again as he bends her over and spanks her ass. The tiny panties are shimmied off and she is completely exposed for the world to see.

As she is yanked closer to the camera, he fingers her pussy and smears her juices on her face. Now the apologies sound more sincere as they discuss payment. She has 5 days to get the money or things will get nastier.