Forced Stripping

Loan Shark Blues 2 Ela Darling

It took a long time to find Ela after she promised to pay the Boss his money. Of course she has a sob story about being robbed but she has an air of condescension as she says it. Scott does not appreciate this and grabs her by the throat.

Ela realizes that she is overpowered and squeals in terror. As he strips down her sundress, his hands grab her tits as he throws the sarcasm back in her face. It is better than the other things he could hurl, but he rubs her pussy juices all over her to make a point.

Scott brings Ela up close to the camera so she can apologize to the Boss directly but her face still screams of derision as she ekes out an insincere apology.

The bra is removed and she is not allowed to use her hands to take her panties off, so her perfect ass has to shake and shimmy to get them off her hips.

As a punishment for her insolence, she is forced to her knees. Her face grimaces as he starts pulling his zipper down. If she does not have the money in 3 weeks, she is going to skull fucked and be passed around to all of the people who work for the Boss.

Stay The Night Ela Darling

It is another episode of Stay the Night and Ela is ready to win the contest! If she spends just 1 night in the haunted house she will get $10,000. Of course she does not believe in ghosts, and decides to go to bed to get it over with.

A strange noise is heard and while disconcerting, she assumes it is just a rat. All of a sudden she is thrown off her feet by an invisible force and she really does become scared when she hears a creepy male voice. She shivers as the temperature drops quickly in the room.

The radio station does not understand why she is acting like this because they cannot hear anything  that she does, but it is all caught on the cams. She huddles in terror under the blanket and tries hurling her shoes at the mysterious force.

Loan Shark Blues 1 Ela Darling

Another girl is being brought in front of the boss and Scott sets up the camera so he can see the shakedown. Ela did not pay back her debt and she actually gives him lip about paying it back. That just makes it more fun for him when he gets to shake her down with a violent touch!

Before she realizes what is going on, his hands are around her neck and she realizes that she is in big trouble. That long blonde hair is pulled and he gropes her sexy body while explaining her dire situation. Her leather jacket gets taken off and Ela is spun around to show off her cute ass and how his spanking takes her down a notch.

Human Trade Ela Darling

Ela thinks that she is at a photo shoot and is excited about becoming famous. When the photographer asks her to take off her shoes, she thinks nothing of it, but when he tells her to take her dress off, she balks with indignation.

Scott then explains how there are screens with numbers and comments with people from all over the world bidding for her. She still does not quite understand what is going on, but when he grabs her throat, she realizes that she is in big trouble. She gasps and spits in an effort to get away, but he is too strong for her.

Her eyes widen as she sees the bids go up. They seem to like her feisty spirit because she will be more fun to break down. Ela's cute little sundress is stripped off of her and she pleads to be released. For someone who was not expecting to nude, she wore very sexy lingerie. Too bad it won't stay on for too long. His hands pull of the bra and grope her perfect, natural tits. Before he takes off the panties, he gives the viewers the chance to guess what type of pubic hair she has as well as to show off her round ass. A few spanks lets her know who is really in charge.

His roaming hands go between her legs and he smears her juices all over her face. Her pussy is slapped which elicits a squeal. The crying really is her best selling point and she is bought at a very high price!