Forced Stripping

Card Game Part 1

The guys invited their girlfriends (Arielle Lane, Brittany Shae, Sinn Sage, & Autumn Borelli) to a poker game. The women are curious when they're told they're the bets. It seems naughty but playful. They're excited to meet the dealer, Emily Torvea. She explains if the guy is given a card with a heart, the girlfriend strips her top. Laughing, they think it's cute & do a round of cards. Some wear bras. Others expose their tits. Emily excuses herself to get a mysterious bag of toys. Aiming a shotgun at the girls & handing pistols to the guys, the women are ordered to put their hands on their heads & walk to a wall. Each man gags their girlfriend with ductape. Emily orders them to strip to their panties while they eye the stools placed in front of them. Their eyes widen when told they're to be handcuffed...

Girls Retreat Part 3

Kobe Lee & Dakota Charms have serviced the goons (off camera) while Brittany Shae receives whippings from Scott Torvea. Arielle Lane stands guard  with her rifle so they don't cause problems. Dakota receives her floggings & trades place with Brittany. He pulls her panties to her knees & handcuffs her to the pole while Lucy Purr looks on helpless & tied. After their beatdowns, the guys  turn their guns on Arielle. She's confused. They explain that they don't need any women & put a pistol in her mouth before forcing her to strip her panties & put them in her mouth. She doesn't fight back & obediently takes the handcuffs before being led to the pole. She cries through her tapegag. He flogs her ass but arches on command. Scott uncuffs her hands so she can remove her dress. The other girls watch in horror as the baddies backstab their own. What will they do to them if they are that coldhearted? Arielle is bound to the pole around her waist, shoulders & ankles as the others cry. After torturing them, the girls need to be disposed because the men would be identified. The girls are taken one at a time & kneel in a row. Lucy & Arielle are released from their bondage & added to the line. Crying through gags, they panic at their fate. Lucy is dragged away, but Arielle is hooded because they liked her for coming up with the plan & don't want to see her brains sprayed every where. Brittany has a gun shoved in her mouth & blood goes everywhere. Kobe & Dakota are shocked, but shot as well, laying on the ground with blood dripping out of their mouths. Lucy & Arielle wait their turns. We hear two shots before fading out.

Girls Retreat Part 2

The girls weekend is not going well for Kobe Lee, Dakota Charms, Brittany Shae & Lucy Purr. The entertainment, Arielle Lane & her friends, ended up not being strippers, but  gun toting baddies. The girls are ordered to put their hands on their heads while Scott applies nipple clamps. They scream in agony through their ballgags as their sensitive nipples are groped & pinched. Lucy is bound to a post & watches in horror as her friends are humiliated & helpless to fight back.They are handcuffed while Lucy is released from her binds so Arielle can whip her ass. The flogging makes her squeal but she squeals more when he has her strip her top. Removing her handcuffs, she whimpers while removing her shirt, but the gun  motivates her to follow orders! Down to her bra, Scott reties her around the ankles & waist with her wrists handcuffed behind. Brittany is handcuffed to the pole & whipped. Crying, she's ordered to arch her back & stick out her ass. She's walked back so all of the girls can take turns getting flogged. Scott is irked that Lucy won't watch her friends get beaten & antagonizes her into watching.

Removing the nipple clamps, the girls scream as the sensations rush to their tits. Scott has his men take turns with the girls (not shown) while he flogs Brittany's ass an even brighter shade of red! How are they going to get out of this mess?

Girls Retreat Part 1

Lucy Purr, Brittany Shae, Kobe Lee & Dakota Charms arrive for a girls weekend in a cabin. The cabin owner arranged for strippers. They assume the weird are platforms for dancing.  The female dancer, Arielle Lane, has a bag that has a surprise! Arielle teases before pulling out a rifle, handcuffs, ropes,tape, ballgags, nipple clamps, whips & shovel. The men have pistols & point at the terrified girls. The girls whimper & follow directions to put hands on their heads. Yelling at Lucy to identify herself, Scott Torvea wraps his hands around her neck when she can't answer. Sputtering her name, he ballgags & handcuffs her before walking her to one of the platforms. She's recuffed with her hands behind her back & rope is bound on her shoulders, waist & ankles. The other girls cry while gagged & ordered to strip their tops one at a time. When Dakota balks, Scott grabs her tits & offers to do it for her, which hastens her stripping. They are ordered to walk back & forth with their hands on their heads like cattle before being forced to remove their skirts. Even though they are terrified & shaking in their high heels, they are commanded to walk sexy. The next round of walking involves removing their bras. Brittany hesitates. Scott throws her to the couch by her neck which motivates her. When her hands try to cover her tits, they command her to put them back on her head, which she does weakly through her tears. 


Booking Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane loves handcuffs & committed crimes to get arrested.  The police arrive with a warrant. She's excited & asks for the handcuffs & shackles to be extra tight because she wants them to dig into her flesh. She writhes in ecstasy. She's cuffed while sitting at the station & wiggles in her chair to enjoy the restricted movement & feel of cold metal on her skin. The cop starts booking & takes mugshots in the standard poses & she faces the wall for the strip search. She removes her sneakers, socks, denim shorts, t-shirt & lingerie. Shaking her hair, he probes her ears, mouth, & armpits. She's instructed to lift each breast & he inspects her pubic hair for contraband. She's ordered to place her hands behind her head, squat & cough three times. She turns around, faces the wall, bends over & spreads her cheeks, & coughs three times. Sitting on the couch, her hands & feet are reviewed. The red toenails are going to be out of place in prison. All jewelry is given to the cop & she's asked if she has any tattoos. It's jail policy not to give inmates a jumpsuit for 24 hours, so Arielle will have to sit nude in the holding cell. She faces the wall & the handcuffs are placed on her wrists. She asks for them to be tighter. Shackles are placed on her legs & she's sent to the holding cell to revel in the metal biting into her sensitive skin. 

Blackmailing A Thief

Arielle has stolen a lot of clothes and bragged about it to her friend. Unfortunately for Arielle, her cousin, recorded her conversation and threatens to turn her into the store. When confronted, she responds that she has nothing to pay him off with, but he has alternative payment plan. He wants her to strip out of her clothes. 

Candle, Arielle's mother, overhears him blackmailing her, and is disgusted and appalled that her nephew could be such a pervert. When Candle confronts him, he records it as well and threatens to turn her in as well for hosting a thief.

Both women are horrified, but do not want to deal with the police, and begrudgingly comply

Arielle Lane caught in the act

Scott is working on Arielle's car and she is left to her own devices in the front of the store. She takes this opportunity to go behind the counter and steal the cash out of the register. Little does she know that the security cameras have caught everything as she stuffs the money down her blouse.

Arielle denies any wrong doing but the footage proves otherwise. She says she should just go, but Scott  has other plans. He suggests that she take her shoes off which she finds strange. She balks when he orders her to take her shiny blouse off. The threat of the cops makes her a bit more compliant. When she hesitates, Scott offers to take it off of her which is less appealing. There is a chance that she has hidden the money in her lingerie, so she has to take it off as well. 

Her hands do a poor job of covering

Loan Shark Blues Arielle Lane

Arielle is closing up at her retail job when Scott sneaks in with a camera and tripod. She is very confused because the store is closed. She had been a little low on cash so she decided to borrow money from the boss. One thing after another kept coming up and she kept dodging the boss, his calls and his thugs calls. Finally the boss was tired of it and sent his thug to hunt her down and "talk" to her. Now this is not just a thug for hire, he really likes his job, he is the kind of guy that really gives it his all and he loves it when the boss lends money to pretty women, it really makes his job worthwhile. He tracks her down and brings her in so he can tape his interaction for the boss (and his own entertainment). He gives her one more chance and asks her if she has the money and when she doesn't, he roughs her up a little, grabs her by the throat, and rips her shirt off. He forces her to take the rest of her clothes off. He runs his hands all over her beautiful body and gropes her nice tits. Her used panties are shoved in her mouth and she promises to pay the money back!