Forced Stripping

Simon Says App

Angel Lee and Candle Boxxx work for Ikimott Marketing, they are always so nice to boss. To his face that is. But as soon as he is not around, they bitch and complaining about everything. He has been hearing complaints about them for a long time and no one understands why he keeps them around. What they don't know is he keeps them around for his own entertainment and testing. Testing of his newest invention that is. It's an app that......

Human Trade Candle

Candle answered an ad for a model, she needed the money and had always dreamt of being a model. It was only a short walk from the bus stop so she figured it wouldn't be a problem, after all her suit case has wheels. She walked across the parking lot to the place she was told, but when she went up the steps there was a note on the door. It read that the audition has moved and the new address, but it is clear across town. She would never be able to make it in time taking the bus. Luckily for her, there was a man that also was going to the audition and he drove his car. He offered her a ride and she accepted.

That was a mistake!

Pocket Change Sinn Sage

Sinn knew that the corporate office watched the amounts that cash drawers were over or under but she also knew that she could zero out anything under $20.00. This corporation was too big to be worried about such small amounts. So she thought she was safe taking $5 here and $14 there from the drawers after the employees left. It all adds up knowing how many registers there are. 

What she didn't count on was that her manager was watching her....

Human Trade Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage heard about a company that was holding an audition so she thought she would check it out. What she didn't know is it was for a human traffic ring. She showed up to the warehouse and came into the office, at first it all seemed normal, then the man told her to take her shoes off, she thought ok this is weird but what ever and did so. Then he told her to take her shirt off, that's when she knew something was wrong.

When she refused the man grabs her and forces her to get undressed, groping her beautiful little breasts and pinching her nipples. She tries to fight him but he is simply to strong for her.

Prove you want it Sinn Sage

Sinn has worked hard for this company for a long time and has even stayed late without complaining, so when she was called in to talk to the evaluator she was not worried. That was her first mistake, it seems that they have to make cuts in her department and Mr. Jenkins has the final say who stays and who goes.

She is called in and is asked if she knows why he is there, she says yes but is not worried about it. He abruptly tells her that he has to let her go, and she flips out. She goes on about how she works her ass off for this company and how other people should go, not her. After listening to her ranting for a while he hears the one thing he was waiting for..... "I'll do anything to keep my job"

Testing Chamber Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage has done clinical trials before but never one like this!

She signed the wavier and is led to a room, there she meets with the tech and he asks her if she has done clinical tests before, she said that she has and he informs her that this one is a little different. It's a machine that is going to help people control their prosthetic limbs. She doesn't understand why they need her, she has all her limbs, but figures she is there and could really use the money.

The tech. leaves the room to set up the machine, nothing at first, then she notices her hands are unbuttoning her shirt, but she can't stop them! They start with her shirt then they grope her over her bra before taking it off, then going right back to groping bare her breasts. She is horrified but can not stop her hands. She starts yelling for the tech but no one is coming to her rescue.

Loan Shark Blues 2 Sinn Sage

Loan Shark Blues Sinn Sage Episode 2

Well, Sinn was given time to get the money, but she never showed up when she was supposed to. So, he had to hunt her down. It seems instead of paying them the money, she bought new stuff for her car.

Well it seems she needs to be taught a lesson.....

Loan Shark Blues Sinn Sage 3

Episode 3

He drags Sinn into the room and slams her against the wall. She still has not come up with the money. He is not upset by this at all. He is the kind of guy that really enjoys his work. Especially when it's with such a pretty woman.

She is almost in tears right from the beginning, it was a rough ride over in the trunk of his car. He grabs her by the throat and is really rough with her. In the end he forces her to her knees....

Prove you want it Annabelle Genovisi

Mr. Jenkins was hired to evaluate and get rid of people in each department that is not doing the numbers that it should. After all times are tough and even the biggest of companies need to make cuts. He calls Annabelle Genovisi in and starts asking her about her department, she is a little nervous because she doesn't know why he called her in.

Loan Shark Blues Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage ran into some money troubles and needed to fix her car, she had no one to turn to but the boss, a local loan shark that she had heard of. She figured it would be no problem making the money back, but one thing after another came up and she didn't have it in time.

Since she did not make the meeting to pay the boss back he sent his thug to teach her a lesson. He takes pride in his work and has no problem roughing people up, and when it is women that owe the money he has a special way of helping them to understand the severity of the situation.

Loan Shark Blues Annabelle 2

Well, Annabelle had 3 days to come up with the money. It's been 3 weeks!!! He gets a tip that she is going to be at her gym working out. So he goes and grabs her there. He drags her back to the bar. And begins to question her, you can tell she is nervous because of her twitch and she really can't think straight. She knows she is in trouble this time. 

After listening to her lies he decides he's had enough. He grabs her and starts to get a little rough. He doesn't like to be lied to and now she is going to have to pay extra.

Loan Shark Blues Annabelle

Annabelle needed some money for school, she couldn't get a loan from any bank. She had to borrow it from the local loan shark. Everything was fine until she couldn't pay it back. After about a month overdue, he sent out his thug to collect the money or teach her a lesson.

The thug drags her into the room and sets up the camera for the boss. Then he asks her if she has the money. Of course she doesn't... she tries to explain why. But after a bunch of empty excuses, he takes things into his own hands.