Forced Orgasm

Orgasmic Pants Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync stretches in baggy sweatpants that hang below her ass. In a backbend, she's surprised when an orgasm magically overtakes her body and moans in disbelief. Her eyes cross as she writhes and cums repeatedly. Thrusting hips and moaning, she smiles in passion. Giggling, her abs tilt as her pussy is fucking the air. Grinding the sofa, her ass jiggles and her big breasts are revealed. Her body shudders in exctasy. Wanting more, her hand dives down and rubs her clit. Her body bucks as she's helpless to her libido.

Pantyhose Encasement Mind Fuck - Arielle Lane & Little Mina

Little Mina tries on her massaging pantyhose. They feel great. She glides them over her feet and up her legs. Putting on high heels, she goes to work. Coming home, she relaxes and removes her stilettos. Stretching, she enjoys the suntan pantyhose that massage her legs. She moans in pleasure as her legs writhe. Her hands are encased as well as her body underneath her shirt. She has a surprise orgasm. Shocked but enjoying the nylon, she keeps going until her head is encased. Choking from the pressure, she goes limp! Arielle comes home and finds Mina splayed on the floor but doesn't understand why she's stuck in stockings. As she tries to call for help, a possessed Mina crawls behind her and hand smothers her. Arielle struggles and kicks her legs, but is too weak. When knocked out, Mina smiles.Fast forward and Arielle is stripped to just tan pantyhose and Mina worships her feet before fucking her with a strap on. Her body shakes as the dildo uses the crotchless pantyhose.Awakening, Arielle is shocked and Mina shuts her up with a handgag. As the powers possess both of them, Arielle has a nylon encased head and goes still. Mina finishes pounding her and orgasms so hard, she passes out. Time elapses and the encasement magically disappears from Mina's body and transfers to Arielle who awakens with the same demon mind control. Calmly, Arielle calls their other friend to come over before having her way with Mina.


Cat Woman's (Anabelle Pync) transformed her life from Super Villain to Super Heroine and is obligated to do a photoshoot with a photographer who donated to her favorite charity. She's bitchy when she marching in with over the knee boots. The camera's flash affects her, causing her to blink and shake her head clear. Mesmerized, her poses become sexier as her hands run over her curvy body. Blinking and entranced, she forgets her surroundings and unzips her catsuit, exposing her large tits to the camera. Her mission is to please and excite. Handed a vibrator, she loses herself while masturbating. A soaked dusk mask is held over her face while she cums. Exhausted, she's injected and taken to the basement for her sex training. Blindfolded, she lies on the floor ziptied with a vibe against her clit and ropes around her OTK boots. Scared of the crowd, Scott unzips her uniform. She's excited and moans in pleasure. Just before orgasm, Scott holds the mask to her face. Cumming repeatedly, the viewers bukkake (simulated) her body. She passes out.

Magic Encasement Orgasms Little Mina

Little Mina has new nylon knee highs with therapeutic properties. She pulls them on her small feet and wiggles her soles. She admires her wiggling toes in the tan nylon. Walking, she likes them, but they aren't amazing. She puts on a pair of stilettos and it feels like a foot massage. Stripping the shoes, the massage moves up her legs. Confused, she unbuttons her jeans and finds tan pantyhose! Struggling, an orgasm takes over her body. She's surprised when her tits are encased in hosiery and cums again. Shocked by the nylon gloves on her hands, she climaxes and pleased with her new socks. It feels good, but she gasps when her face is encased with a tan stocking. She calls for help as the orgasms control her body and falls limp to the floor.


Anabelle Pync's Bondage Night Part 3

Anabelle Pync gets ready to sleep and puts on a t-shirt and panties. While adjusting her over the knee socks, Scott Torvea surprises her from behind.Her wrists are bound to her ankles with legs spread wide. She rubs her pussy over her pink panties and moans in her knotted cleave gag. Lifting her shirt, she pinches her nipples and strokes her clit that is pulled out of her thong. Cooing, she escapes from her ties and runs away.

Anabelle Pync's Bondage Night Part 2

Anabelle Pync moans through a mouthpacking cleave gag and whimpers as Scott Torvea gropes her large tits through her Hooters Girl uniform. She's bound in a frog tie. He blindfolds and leaves. A crotch rope rubs her clit as she struggles to escape. It feels good. She cums hard. She removes her blindfold and removes mouth packing. Wiggling in ropes, she escapes her binds. Relieved, she strips and leaves a pile of clothes on the floor. Wrapping a towel around her, she's surprised when he returns and binds her wrists and ankles with dirty socks. Worn panties are shoved in her mouth and cleavegagged with the belt from her robe. He tells her to stay, but she escapes his makeshift bondage and runs off.

Poachers Gain Part 2 - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is groped by her captor Scott Torvea. He wants his fun. Lifting her from the chair with her arms bound behind her, he gropes her breasts and rubs her pussy as he pushes her against the wall. He fucks her from behind while grabbing her large tits (simusex). His cock is too big. She cums as he bounces her up and down the shaft. He uses her body like a doll and alternates positions with her leg up on the wall and on the chair. He teases his cock with a lapdance where she faces him, but turns her around for cowgirl style fucking. She cries, he taunts and fingers her until cumming despite her best intentions. She rides him harder as he pussy slaps her to orgasm. When done with her, he leaves her in shame. 

Poachers Gain Part 1 - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is bound with wrists behind her back as her captor, Scott Torvea, gropes her tits. Whimpering in a cleave gag, she's stoic. He removes her blindfold but squirms as he rubs her pussy over and under shorts. Her large tits are revealed. She's embarrassed when he pulls out a camera. She's embarrassed when her body betrays her in orgasm from fingering. A hitachi vibrator terrifies her because she can't deny the orgasms or that she secretly wants it.


Slut Trained Spy - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is a spy dressed to entice the target in a bar. She confirms her recording glasses will get proof, but is unaware that transmissions are scrambled. She flirts with the baddie, determined to keep up with his drinking, doesn't notice the roofie slipped in. The drug enhances the effects. She fights her mind as her body betrays her. Vacantly staring she dances lewdly and takes a vibrator, cumming hard. Weakly fighting, she can't resist. He removes her glasses and chloroforms. The last thing she hears is "Your our cunt now". Knocked out, she's lifted and carried in a cradle carry. In the same clothes, she awakens bound by her hands and ankles to a table. He prepares drugs. She pleads. She's to be the company whore. He gives her a shot, places the mask over her face and turns on the mind control and aphrodisiac gas. Teased with a vibrator to the brink of orgasm for hours, she's exhausted and needs release. Removing the mask, he commands "You're a dirty little cunt". She moans and denies. Training continues with alternating shots, gas and toys. Holding her neck down and groping her large tits, she transforms into a begging whore, reciting and believing her mantra. Aroused and cumming for days, she loses sense of time, and will to resist. Testing her conversion, her hands are untied and she's given the sex toy. Repeating her phrase, she cums until going limp from exhaustion. In a cheap cartel club, she's fixated on orgasms and led to a stage. Unconsciously, she dances and masturbates as the music takes over her mind. Rubbing her pussy and dropping to the floor, she rams a dildo deep inside and cums. Men surround her for a bukkake (simulated). She passes out on the floor

Orgasm Challenge - Paige Turner & Arielle Lane

Paige Erin Turner and Arielle Lane are in leotards and shiny pantyhose waiting for a sexfight with Scott Torvea. They have both been defeated in a forced orgasm challenge and think they can beat him if they work together. Scott offers a challenge that if they can survive cumming no more than 3 times while subjecting themselves individually, then they win. Teasing them by fondling their legs and asses, he progresses to rubbing their pussies over and under the leotards. They cum hard. Scott goes down on Paige. Arielle's jealous of her intense orgasm and begs for one. Scott agrees and asks Paige to finish her off which she does. Everyone wins this sex fight!

Controlling Giantess SuperGirl - Lucy Purr

Super Girl finds The Atom playing with his toys and mocks him for being a useless superhero. He's tired of the bullying and has a device to control her mind but has to enter her head for implanting. Shrinking down, she's concerned he may do something bad and crawls on all fours to find him. He hitches a rides on her wrinkled soles as she's crawling. She has a nice ass and isn't wearing panties. he dives into her pussy to make her orgasm uncontrollably. She feels him invade her cave and begs for mercy. he makes her cum repeatedly. Stripping nude, she touches herself as he moves inside of her faster and faster. Helpless, she masturbates despite her best intentions. Tingling, The Atom leaves her body to admire her curves. Starting at her feet, he wanders up her soles and walks between her toes with blue toenails. He walks up her legs to the tip of her nose and proclaims he's not useless after all! Supergirl can't believe his plan was to make her orgasm, but he wants to embarrass her on live television. Jumping to her face he waves and walks in her nose. Reaching her brain, he sets up the mind control device and turns it on. In the real world, she threatens to crush and eat him, but the pain becomes too much in her head. Staring into space, her voice is monotonous and The Atom is in control. Using her voice and hands, he fondles her feet and large tits. He has better toys now and is going to have so much fun playing with her!

Double Crossed Tables Turned - Alora Jaymes & Angel Lee

Alora Jaymes was surprised when Angel Lee & Scott Torvea doublecrossed her. Awakening on a table with her arms bound to her sides & knees in a frog position, she struggles to escape. Rope crosses her tight belly. She threatens Scott as he gropes her. A cleave gag shuts her up, but she  mmmphs & complains as he reinforces her bondage. With great care, he removes her string bikini & squeezes her naturally large tits. Sucking on her nipples makes her howl in humiliation at being treated like a sex toy. Rubbing her breasts & pussy, he brings her to orgasm despite her best intentions.Angel Lee saunters in & sucks Alora's tits while Scott eats her pussy. Squirming, she arches her back as multiple orgasms overtake her body. Holding Alora's legs wide, Angel insures that Alora can't squirm away from Scott's talented tongue. They refuse to stop giving her orgasms as she screams in pleasure & agony!