Foot Fetish

Out Of Control Shoes Little Mina

Little Mina is a housekeeper for a warehouse, and finds a pair of black ballet flats. They're cuter than her black sneakers and a perfect fit for her tiny feet. She's stopped in her steps when walking. Her small feet drag her back to the chair and jitter before abruptly crossing one leg over the other. The shoe dangles off her foot. She's surpised at their autonomy. Her body is pulled around the room and does time steps like tap dancers. She tries stripping the shoes, but is unable to bend over. The dancing is frantic as she jigs. High kicking, jumping and flailing are exhausting, but she wants her old shoes! Bemused at her skipping, she can't understand what's happening to her legs! As she skips out the door, the shoes fall off her feet and await the next victim!

BTS End Of Day Dangling - Autumn Borrelli & Emily Torvea

This is the behind the scenes footage of End Of Day Dangling with Emily Torvea & Autumn Borrelli. You can see what happens at a photoshoot as the girls talk about their feet. This has more full body shots than the clip which had closeups of the feet. It was a simple custom without a lot of cuts.


End Of Day Dangling - Autumn Borrelli & Emily Torvea

Autumn Borrelli and Emily Torvea have sore feet after working. Emily removes her sneakers. Autumn strips her sandals and stretches her sweaty feet. Their bare feet dangle off the high chairs. This is the first day without pantyhose and she's thankful. She wiggles her toes. They compare their pale feet and tan feet. Emily has itchy soles, but tries to scratch quickly.  Talking about work, they lament how the long days make them limp from hurt feet. Emily doesn't walk around barefoot and has silky smooth feet. Autumn's the opposite and never wears shoes. They both have foot sweat and Emily has an unique solution of athlete's foot spray. Pointing and flexing toes, they talk about using their feet as prehensile tools. This foot break felt good!


Pantyhose Encasement Mind Fuck - Arielle Lane & Little Mina

Little Mina tries on her massaging pantyhose. They feel great. She glides them over her feet and up her legs. Putting on high heels, she goes to work. Coming home, she relaxes and removes her stilettos. Stretching, she enjoys the suntan pantyhose that massage her legs. She moans in pleasure as her legs writhe. Her hands are encased as well as her body underneath her shirt. She has a surprise orgasm. Shocked but enjoying the nylon, she keeps going until her head is encased. Choking from the pressure, she goes limp! Arielle comes home and finds Mina splayed on the floor but doesn't understand why she's stuck in stockings. As she tries to call for help, a possessed Mina crawls behind her and hand smothers her. Arielle struggles and kicks her legs, but is too weak. When knocked out, Mina smiles.Fast forward and Arielle is stripped to just tan pantyhose and Mina worships her feet before fucking her with a strap on. Her body shakes as the dildo uses the crotchless pantyhose.Awakening, Arielle is shocked and Mina shuts her up with a handgag. As the powers possess both of them, Arielle has a nylon encased head and goes still. Mina finishes pounding her and orgasms so hard, she passes out. Time elapses and the encasement magically disappears from Mina's body and transfers to Arielle who awakens with the same demon mind control. Calmly, Arielle calls their other friend to come over before having her way with Mina.

Dragging Little Mina

A simple clip of Scott Torvea holding Little Mina by the biceps. Her legs to dangle off the ground before placing her down. Her platform stilettos kick and slide on the floor as he drags her around the room. She breaks free. He grabs and continues their dance. Moaning and grunting from exertion, she never stops flailing in her tight jeans!

Sore Feet - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane complains about cleaning after a shoot but can't find sneakers. There's a rule about footwear for safety. She wears highly arched stilettos. Scott Torvea (POV) teases and films as she sweeps and struggles to walk. She should have put on a maid outfit instead of a tight spandex dress? Steps get smaller. She hobbles through the warehouse. Taking a break, she crosses her legs and removes the shoe to flex and point her foot. Vowing to never wear them again, she shoves and buckles her large feet back in the ankle strap pumps. Determined to finish her job, she click clacks on the hard concrete floor. The stairs are steep. She moans in agony as each calf flexes and contracts. She sits and savors the feel of bare feet on carpet. Wiggling her toes and wrinkled soles, she demi points before squishing her feet back in the fuck me pumps. The patent leather stretches as she jams her footsies in, almost needing a shoe horn. Ambling downstairs, they joke about bastinado. She goes upstairs and falls to the floor, begging to remove the shoes. Her long legs point and flex as she strips the footwear. The relief is short lived because she has to go back to work! 

Suspending Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea looks for missing girls and sneaks around an abandoned warehouse. Her white ankle boots alert a security drone which sends out a hook. It latches onto her white overalls and lifts her off her feet, causing a deep wedgie. Her legs are kicking, flailing, and swinging, but no escape! The hook moves her across the floor and placed on the shelf. She whimpers when she sees the other girls overalls hanging and realizes this was their last spot. The fabric gives out and she falls to the floor. The fear is over. She admits it was fun minus the wedgy.

Magic Encasement Orgasms Little Mina

Little Mina has new nylon knee highs with therapeutic properties. She pulls them on her small feet and wiggles her soles. She admires her wiggling toes in the tan nylon. Walking, she likes them, but they aren't amazing. She puts on a pair of stilettos and it feels like a foot massage. Stripping the shoes, the massage moves up her legs. Confused, she unbuttons her jeans and finds tan pantyhose! Struggling, an orgasm takes over her body. She's surprised when her tits are encased in hosiery and cums again. Shocked by the nylon gloves on her hands, she climaxes and pleased with her new socks. It feels good, but she gasps when her face is encased with a tan stocking. She calls for help as the orgasms control her body and falls limp to the floor.


Android Breath Play - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync awakens on a couch and tries to leave. An android stares at her. A female voice says she needs to follow instructions. The first task is a sensual dance. Confused, but determined to escape, she's dancing and stripping seductively. She coyly asks to leave and teases the robot. The disembodied voice tells her to take the dildo. The android chokes her throat. Her eyes flutter. She slaps him. He releases her. Panicked, she runs to leave but is commanded to ride the dildo. Rubbing her clit and bouncing her large tits, she cums while riding the shaft and hands it back to him under orders. Kneeling, she offers it to him. He grabs her neck and drags her to her feet. She's taking his synthetic cock doggy style. Moaning, she orgasms as her big breasts sway. She's ordered to take the sex toy again. Jumping away before he can strangle her, she begrudgingly follows orders to give the cock a titjob. When commanded to give the dildo to him, she waits for the punishment before getting fucked (simulated). He holds her off the ground. When released, she grabs her clothes, but the door's still locked. Changing her attitude, she smiles as the robot grabs her throat.

One Shoe Escape - Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee escapes the rain during a jog and enters a warehouse. Her Sketchers sneakers walk around. She tries to find someone. A rope wraps around her ankle. She's stuck! It's tight. She flails on the floor in distress. Crying for help is futile. Nobody can hear! She can't reach the knot and kicks her leg in frustration. After struggling, she removes a white sneaker and reveals her ankle sock. Wearing one shoe, she escapes in glee!

Secretary Interview Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea is nervous about her secretary interview. The straps on her top fall down. She's embarrassed. Crossing and uncrossing her tan pantyhose legs, the ballet flats dangle and fall off, furthering her humiliation. Despite her poor interview, you're attentive each time she exposes something. She seduces you! Smiling, her shoulder stays exposed. The dangling shoe stays off after falling. An upskirt view gives a flash between her legs. Letting her hair down, she seductively strips to pantyhose and lingerie. Posing legs, feet, ass and pussy, she gives you 10 seconds to give the job. After proving she's the best employee to please you, she gets the job!

Stocking Foot Domination Part 2 - Kobe Lee & Jasmin Jai

Kobe Lee kisses the tits of her submissive slave. Jasmin Jai moans in pleasure as her gloved hands rub her pussy. The pantyhose Domme keeps her on edge. She's desparate to cum but can only mmmph through her red ballgag. Her hands are tied behind her back. she's helpless to her Mistress's whims. Kobe's small feet rub Jasmin's pussy and writhes her clit against high arches. The stocking footjob causes Jasmin to arch her back and push her slit against Kobe's toes. She's visually aroused by reinforced heel toe stockings. Lying on her belly, Kobe teases Jasmin with her wiggling foot. A good sub gets a nylon foot job that morphs to a thigh job. Jasmin squirms and writhe on Kobe's legs.