Foot Fetish

Foot Smelling Sisters - Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets

Arielle Lane wore socks for one week without changing or washing her feet. Her sister, Jacquelyn Velvets, is researching the genetic implications of smelly feet. Without taking off her old sneakers, Arielle's vinegar feet waft through the air. For comparison, Jacquelyn wore nylon socks & shoes. Jacquelyn pretends not to like the smell but secretly loves stinky feet. She removes the keds sneakers, revealing sweat stained ankle socks. Gasping for breath, Jacquelyn's amazed by the pungent aroma & reminisces as Arielle recounts stories of her smelly feet. The sweaty socks peel off. Arielle is embarrassed by her aromatic feet. Wiggling her soles, it feels good to be out of the dirty socks. Jacquelyn excitedly inhales her feet & is orgasmic by the blue cheese smell. Jacquelyn smells her own feet & takes notes of the black ankle socks. Removing soaked socks, she's excited by how bad her feet smell & offers Arielle a whiff of tootsies. Comparing feet, Arielle notes the nuances. Arielle knows of Jacquelyn's foot fetish but doesn't let on & teases her by suggesting that she wash her feet or burn her socks. Jacquelyn has one more test & lies on the ground with Arielle's feet above her face. Arielle talks about her feet. Jacquelyn slips her hands down her skirt & rubs herself to orgasm. Arielle knows what she's doing, laughing at her foot loving sister! After cumming, Jacquelyn begs her to wear the same socks for another week!

Emily Torvea Blows & Pops Balloons Part 3

With Emily Torvea! Time for balloon popping. I blow them large. It's scary. Holding one in my lap, I tie the neck & put beneath my bare feet.  I cross the balls of my feet & push down but it's stubborn. Smiling, I'm determined to destroy it & love seeing my toes curl while pushing pressure on the rubber foe. Struggling, it explodes under my footsies. I inflate a balloon but it pops in my face. The last balloon bursts easily. I'm out of balloons. For now!

Emily Torvea Blows & Pops Balloons Part 2

Featuring Emily Torvea! I just blew & popped balloons. The anticipation of popping made me want to do more! My lips wrap around the neck. I overinflate the balloons. Using my black fingernails, I struggle to tie to top & stuck in the neck. The sound of the rubber is awesome. I love hearing it beneath my feet. Arching my footsies, I cross & press down on the balloon. The neck of the balloon extends & contracts. I smile when it pops. The next one is shocking when it explodes in my face mid-blow. A red balloon is stubborn. I press so hard that my feet go a third of the way through the balloon until it pops. Looking at you with doe eyes, I blow to pop in my face! Time for more balloons!

Emily Torvea Blows & Pops Balloons Part 1

This is my first balloon popping custom. I'm excited to blow them up big & overinflated so they will pop easier. I explodes in my face. I laugh in shock because I have never done blow to pop. It's a challenge to tie with my long nails, but will try not to pop before I put them under my bare feet. Arching my footsies, I dig in & feel the balloon combust beneath me. Cautiously, I grind on the balloon & watch the neck grow & contract as I writhe. I hope it doesn't hurt but laugh as my ass crashes to the floor. I destroy it. With flat soles, I feel the tense balloon. I arch my feet.  iI explodes. The next balloon makes me gasp for breath.I'm determined to make it suffer as I cross my feet to pop it. My legs are more wobbly. I want the next one to be bigger so it's easier to pop. It has a small hole in it. I try to pop quickly before moving to the next balloon. I love seeing my calves flex as I dig into the guts of the balloon. The anticipation makes me nervous. Who knew a balloon was stronger than my long legs?

Relaxing After Work - Andrea Rosu & Emily Torvea

Andrea Rosu and Emily Torvea return home after a long day in their high heels. Rubbing their calves, they try to relax and Andrea asks if she can remove her stilettos. After running around, she is nervous that they smell bad but Emily doesn't mind.

They candidly talk about what they love about pantyhose and graze their fingernails on each others legs. Emily has a slightly thicker black stockings and Andrea has thin, silky tan nylons.

Leaning back and enjoying the leg worship, Andrea admits to having a pantyhose fetish. Emily confesses to loving leg caresses in hosiery because it feels like a massage. They have both been admiring each other at work and are excited that they both have the same kink!

Comparing stocking feet they admire each others arches and wiggling toes. Emily runs into guys who want to take her hose off, but Andrea really wants to worship her feet. They have found their "Sole" mates!

Roommate Pranks - Bambi Buttons & Dakota Charms

Bambi Buttons comes home to nap. Kicking off her shoes, she quickly falls asleep & doesn't realize that Dakota Charms sneaks in to play with the hole in her stockinged feet. She lights a match between her toes! It flames. Dakota blows it out, but sticks more matches between her nylon toes so she can film her reaction. Letting it burn, Bambi awakens to see Dakota & realizes her foot is on fire. Hopping up & down on one foot, she screams hot foot trying to get respite from the heat. Dakota recounts the experience on the phone & doesn't see Bambi getting revenge by crawling in & lighting matches between Dakota's sandals. Dakota stomps her feet to make the temperature go down. Hopping on one foot, her lace up sandals fall off. She's upset to be pranked! Bambi's in the kitchen & doesn't see Dakota under the table. She sticks lots of matches between her  pedicured toes! The toe rings helps keep them in place & shows off her red toenails. The fire flares on her feet. She squeals in discomfort trying to cool down. As the matches fall out of her toes, Dakota accidentally steps on the still hot matches & jumps with her roommate to get relief.

Stuck Bambi Buttons

Bambi Buttons awakens bound at her wrists & ankles, but escapes her binds. She doesn't realize that her boots are stuck in a gluey substance. As she tries to get free, it becomes stickier. She can't lift her feet. Moaning in exertion, she's frustrated when it gets harder to move. Sitting down, she leverages her body to pull the gooey substance, but her feet are pulled  down to the ground. Alarms go off. She will be caught again!

Missing You - Andrea Rosu

Featuring Andrea Rosu!I made you a video while you're on this business trip because I missed you! These tan pantyhose are your favorites.  I run my hands over my legs to tease you. It drives me wild when your hands caress my calves & work their way up my thick thighs. My legs wrap around you & encapsulate you in nylon. Rubbing my gams makes that sound you love. It makes your cock grow harder. Taking off my black pumps I splay, point & flex my toes. I show off my pantyhose ass & let you admire my curves while posing. Come home soon so we can play!

Office Pantyhose - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane comes in & thanks you for the raise which bought new pantyhose. You can't keep your eyes off her long legs. She bends over the desk organizing papers. Her high heels are tight & uncomfortable. She shifts weight on each leg, sliding the black pump up & down her leg. Heel popping her stiletto, she lets it dangle before dipping her foot in and out of the shoe, massaging her leg. The nylon rubbing turns you on. Keeping one foot in the shoe. The other unclad. She wiggles, splays & points her toes. Her stockinged feet stroke your shaft (simulated) before pulling off one side of her pantyhose leaving the other intact. Kneeling, she takes your cock in her mouth & sucks, looking up at you with her big brown eyes. She makes sure you see her barefoot, wrinkled sole next to the other leg in nylons & a high heel. The contrast of flesh & shoe is sexy! She strips her blouse and bra on one side and caresses her tit. It's raw versus elegant. She wants to cum.Grabbing a dildo, she rides up & down, moaning as she's filled up. She knows you're about to explode but tells you to wait so you can climax in her shoe. Using prehensile toes, she begs you to cum on the back of her soles, dangling it off her toes. After blowing your load in her shoes, she pops her heels loves how it squishes against her feet. Time to get back to work. She can't resist leaving one leg out of her stockings.

Foot Teasing Bambi Buttons & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr leans back as Bambi Buttons kisses the soles of her feet. Holding her ankles with her red fingernails, Bambi loves her cute feet & playfully rubs and tickles them. Her fingers graze against Lucy's high arches causing her toes to lightly wiggle. Bambi is excited to have a turn. Lucy's surprised by how little her feet are! Even flexed Bambi's soles have a lot of wrinkles Lucy uses her finger to trace the lines. It tickles Bambi so Lucy returns to kissing.

Foot Worship - Kobe Lee & Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane grabs Kobe Lee’s tiny feet & kisses her soles. Her lips love the balls of her feet. She alternates each foot. Kobe wants to return the favor. Arielle leans on her back. It feels good to have Kobe’s lips on her tootsies & giggles at the light tickling. Kobe lightly licks her soles. Arielle relaxes with the light foot worship.

Stepping On Limp Bambi Buttons Toes

Bambi Buttons is limp in Scott’s arms. He holds her up by her armpits. Using his heavy shoe, he steps on her bare feet & laughs when she stays asleep! Her head flops from side to side. Her arms flail helplessly as he repositions her in their awkward dance. He grabs her neck. She leans into him as he steps on both feet. He lifts her straight up & puts her down.