Foot Fetish

Android Breath Play - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync awakens on a couch and tries to leave. An android stares at her. A female voice says she needs to follow instructions. The first task is a sensual dance. Confused, but determined to escape, she's dancing and stripping seductively. She coyly asks to leave and teases the robot. The disembodied voice tells her to take the dildo. The android chokes her throat. Her eyes flutter. She slaps him. He releases her. Panicked, she runs to leave but is commanded to ride the dildo. Rubbing her clit and bouncing her large tits, she cums while riding the shaft and hands it back to him under orders. Kneeling, she offers it to him. He grabs her neck and drags her to her feet. She's taking his synthetic cock doggy style. Moaning, she orgasms as her big breasts sway. She's ordered to take the sex toy again. Jumping away before he can strangle her, she begrudgingly follows orders to give the cock a titjob. When commanded to give the dildo to him, she waits for the punishment before getting fucked (simulated). He holds her off the ground. When released, she grabs her clothes, but the door's still locked. Changing her attitude, she smiles as the robot grabs her throat.

One Shoe Escape - Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee escapes the rain during a jog and enters a warehouse. Her Sketchers sneakers walk around. She tries to find someone. A rope wraps around her ankle. She's stuck! It's tight. She flails on the floor in distress. Crying for help is futile. Nobody can hear! She can't reach the knot and kicks her leg in frustration. After struggling, she removes a white sneaker and reveals her ankle sock. Wearing one shoe, she escapes in glee!

Secretary Interview Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea is nervous about her secretary interview. The straps on her top fall down. She's embarrassed. Crossing and uncrossing her tan pantyhose legs, the ballet flats dangle and fall off, furthering her humiliation. Despite her poor interview, you're attentive each time she exposes something. She seduces you! Smiling, her shoulder stays exposed. The dangling shoe stays off after falling. An upskirt view gives a flash between her legs. Letting her hair down, she seductively strips to pantyhose and lingerie. Posing legs, feet, ass and pussy, she gives you 10 seconds to give the job. After proving she's the best employee to please you, she gets the job!

Stocking Foot Domination Part 2 - Kobe Lee & Jasmin Jai

Kobe Lee kisses the tits of her submissive slave. Jasmin Jai moans in pleasure as her gloved hands rub her pussy. The pantyhose Domme keeps her on edge. She's desparate to cum but can only mmmph through her red ballgag. Her hands are tied behind her back. she's helpless to her Mistress's whims. Kobe's small feet rub Jasmin's pussy and writhes her clit against high arches. The stocking footjob causes Jasmin to arch her back and push her slit against Kobe's toes. She's visually aroused by reinforced heel toe stockings. Lying on her belly, Kobe teases Jasmin with her wiggling foot. A good sub gets a nylon foot job that morphs to a thigh job. Jasmin squirms and writhe on Kobe's legs.

Stocking Foot Domination Part 1 - Kobe Lee & Jasmin Jai

Kobe Lee massages her submissive's tits and ass to warm up for their nylon fetish session. She's not wearing panties. Ripping Jasmin's blouse so buttons fly, Kobe's black opera gloves strip her down and pulls her tits out of a white bra. Pushing her down to her belly, Kobe ties her wrists behind her back and puts in a red ball gag. Her submissive is prepped. Kobe puts her feet between her legs for a nylon foot job and sole fucks Jasmin with her reinforced heel toe stockings, and talks dirty. Jasmin is kept on edge as her clit's teased. She wants to cum, but can't have a release without permission. Frustrated, her heel pops out of the white pumps. Kobe knows she's close and rubs the top of her foot against her pussy. Jasmin gets ass smackings as Kobe taunts her!

Pantyhose Interview - Arielle Lane & Paige Turner

Arielle Lane dangles black pumps in an interview with Paige Turner. Picking up on her nylon foot fetish, Paige admits to wearing pantyhose for her previous boss and gives a demonstration by removing her black stilettos, rolling down one of her black stockings and revealing her bare foot. She pulls out a dildo and demonstrates how she gave a pantyhose handjob. Paige kneels to strip Arielle's suntan pantyhose off one leg and onto Paige's own hand to stroke Arielle's clit. Switching to the black stocking on her hand, Arielle moans and writhes as her pussy is rubbed to orgasm. Arielle hires Paige while cumming. The new secretary pulls her black stocking on Arielle's leg and leaves her with a black and tan leg.

Pantyhose Break - Arielle Lane

Ariele Lane dangles and heel pops her high heel pumps in sexual frustration at work. Grabbing a porn magazine, she stands and dips her pantyhose foot in her black stilettos and her long legs. Aroused, she walks to the break room and sits, keeping one shoe dangling off her stocking foot. Her hands go under her tan pantyhose and rubs her clit while moaning. Taking one leg of her nylons off and leaving the other on, she uses it like a glove to masturbate. Cumming hard, her foot kicks one shoe off and she wiggles her red toenails in the afterglow. It's time for a nap and she leaves her feet peek out of the blanket. One shoe on and one barefoot.

Handcuffed Hogtied Arielle Lane

No plot, just erotic struggling in handcuffs for Arielle Lane. A harness gag covers her pretty face and supports the strict bondage. An extra pair of chained handcuffs dig into her elbows while toe cuffs restrict her cute feet. A chain wraps her flat belly and shows when she arches her back or rolls to her side. 


Nylon Fight - Angel Lee & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai mocks Angel Lee for wearing tan pantyhose, and vice versa for black leggings with lace trim. Smack talking ensues. Both stripped to nylons. Jasmin's stomach sitting on Angel Lee as she's bound in a frog tie with her wrists tied to her ropes. Mocking Angel, Jasmin alternates choking and nipple torture. Jasmin stands on Angel's toes before grinding Angel's pussy with strappy sandals. She admires her red toenails during the pussy abuse and humiliation. Crushing her crotch makes Angel cry and struggle to get away from the spike heels. Collared and leashed, Angel is pushed to her belly so Jasmin can smack her ass and put her high heels in the victory pose. Angel's her new pet and will be submissive to her Superior Goddess. 

Crawling Bondage - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is rope bound on the couch in a strict frog tie with her toes bound and arms in a reverse prayer. Easing to the floor, she whimpers and struggles to escape the tight bondage. With difficulty, she maneuvers to her belly and crawling across the room. She's frustrated and cries at her lack of progress. Defeated and crying, she can't call for help!

Little Mina's Bondage Socks

Little Mina kicks off her unlaced keds sneakers, wiggles her sock feet and drinks some water. Her eyes flutter. She's limp on the sofa. Asleep on the couch, topless with arms overhead and ankles bound. Awakening, she's confused and struggles to escape her binds. Her feet shake back and forth as she writhes in the tight bondage. She's shocked when you enter and wants to appease. Grabbing her arms, you pull her to another room and her wiggling socks are the last we see of her!

Stocking Foot Domination - Kobe Lee & Jasmin Jai

Kobe Lee caresses the ass and tits of her submissive slut, Jasmin Jai. No panties for the pantyhose slut! The Pantyhose Domme rips off her blouse, reveals a white lace bra and pulls tits out. Jasmin's wrists are bound and ballgagged Kobe teases Jasmin's pussy with a stiletto. Jasmin is sole fucked in a lesbian footjob. The reinforced toes go on her clit. Jasmin's feet pop out of her white high heels. Kobe commands her foot slave to her knees. She rubs the top of her size 5 feet on the gusset. Kobe taunts her slave with her RHT stockings to make her moan. Kissing tits and stroking her wet pussy keeps Jasmin on edge. Kobe keeps control by teasing with high highly arched feet. On her belly, Jasmin wiggles. Her Mistress's foot gives the pantyhose footjob she desires. Jasmin squirms while Kobe does a thigh job.