Foot Sniffing Scientist - Jacquelyn Velvets & Lucy Purr


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In a research project, Jacquelyn Velvets is bound with a rope through her arms and torso while her feet are propped on a table. Lucy Purr, the scientist, queries if Jacquelyn wore the socks for the past 3 days without washing her feet. Jackie did a lot of sweaty activities, and when the scientist removes her hot shoes, she's embarrassed to expose her stinky feet, but glad to let them air out.

Wrinkling her soles, she gasps at how aromatic they have become, but Lucy dives in and binds Jacquelyn's ankles. Wiggling her toes, she surprised and disgusted when Lucy sniffs intently.

It's more embarrassing when Lucy notes that they smell like vinegar and sweat. Wafting the socks, Lucy's diligent about her research. Jacquelyn grimaces through the process, especially when Lucy asks her to smell her dirty feet. Lucy removes the ropes and Jackie takes a big whiff of each foot.

Thanking her for the participation, Lucy concludes the experiment.

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blondes, blond, Asian, brunette, Jacqueline Velvets


13 minutes
  • Jacquelyn Velvets Jacquelyn Velvets
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr