Female Domination

Dominant females 

Eating Smart Little Men - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr believes eating little people makes you smarter. Searching for tiny men is easy. She opens her mouth wide with her tongue out to swallow. They feel funny going down to her stomach, but she feels smarter already. The intelligence is fleeting. She needs to eat more! Rubbing a helpless body on her wet tongue, he's chewy. Crawling, she looks for more as her brains fade. Lucy's addicted to the surge of IQ and needs the constant fix but runs off to do her homework.


Paige Turner Sits On Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane brags about her workout and how muscular she is. Paige Turner doesn't think she's  strong bets that Arielle couldn't handle the weight of Paige sitting on her for 8 minutes. They weigh each other on a medical scale. Arielle's nervous at the weight difference but lies on her back. Paige sits on her belly. It's a struggle to keep the pressure on her. She tries to trick her into lessening the time. Paige mocks her heavier breathing as weakness. Paige switches position and digs her ass bones into Arielle's abs. Arielle smack talks about her powerful muscles. Switching positions, they play a game of cat and mouse game about who will win the bet. When done, they admire the red marks from pressure. Arielle lays on the floor and breathes a sigh of relief when Paige leaves.

Beaten Wife - Jacquelyn Velvets & Arielle Lane

Jacquelyn Velvets confronts Arielle Lane and calls her a whore for sleeping with her husband. Angered, Jacquelyn throws a punch. Arielle catches it and shoves her against the wall. A quick belly punch and face punch knocks her out. She slumps to the ground with her round ass in the air. She awakens. Arielle slams her calves on the back of her neck. Although asleep, Jackie grunts each time. Sensually caressing her big ass, Arielle uses her long legs to keep knocking her out. A belt chokes her neck. She tries removing it before the whites of her eyes flutter shut. Drool drips down her face. Arielle strips her tank top and daisy dukes to reveal her nude colored lingerie. Squeezing her prey's cheeks, she makes fun of her before straddling and kissing her limp body. Her husband would love seeing his Mistress atop his beaten wife! Jacquelyn rouses and embarrassed to be exposed in lingerie. She pleads. Arielle pulls her hair and forces her to do a humiliating puppy crawl. Submitting to the superior woman, Jacquelyn is broken down and knows her place. Arielle makes a phone call to her boyfriend. Jacquelyn barks like a doggy. He's excited to see the new training. Arielle puts Jackie into a chokehold and out like a light. Jacquelyn snores as Arielle draws an L on her forehead for LOSER, PATHETIC on her chest, and GOODY DOGGY on her belly. Pictures are taken. Jacquelyn is pushed to her belly and big booty in the air.

Stocking Foot Domination Part 2 - Kobe Lee & Jasmin Jai

Kobe Lee kisses the tits of her submissive slave. Jasmin Jai moans in pleasure as her gloved hands rub her pussy. The pantyhose Domme keeps her on edge. She's desparate to cum but can only mmmph through her red ballgag. Her hands are tied behind her back. she's helpless to her Mistress's whims. Kobe's small feet rub Jasmin's pussy and writhes her clit against high arches. The stocking footjob causes Jasmin to arch her back and push her slit against Kobe's toes. She's visually aroused by reinforced heel toe stockings. Lying on her belly, Kobe teases Jasmin with her wiggling foot. A good sub gets a nylon foot job that morphs to a thigh job. Jasmin squirms and writhe on Kobe's legs.

Ass Domination Giantess Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets had a yoga workout. Her bare feet almost step on you, her ex boyfriend. She's amazed you shrunk small because she had a fantasy about shrinking and holding you in the palm of her hand. She thinks of things she could do to you with her barefoot, but your eyes widen at her big ass. Maybe she should crush you with her big booty? Could your tiny little body handle her large ass if smothered? Hold your breath under her large booty. Try pushing her off with your tiny hands. Oops, did something break? It's cute to see you gasping for air. Get comfy, because you're going tied down for ass crushing. Bouncing up and down, her long fingernails grab her ass for more teasing. you'll sit beneath her everyday while she's working. it feels good as you struggle to escape from being her ass slave. There's a reason you broke up She takes you out with her big butt!

Stocking Foot Domination Part 1 - Kobe Lee & Jasmin Jai

Kobe Lee massages her submissive's tits and ass to warm up for their nylon fetish session. She's not wearing panties. Ripping Jasmin's blouse so buttons fly, Kobe's black opera gloves strip her down and pulls her tits out of a white bra. Pushing her down to her belly, Kobe ties her wrists behind her back and puts in a red ball gag. Her submissive is prepped. Kobe puts her feet between her legs for a nylon foot job and sole fucks Jasmin with her reinforced heel toe stockings, and talks dirty. Jasmin is kept on edge as her clit's teased. She wants to cum, but can't have a release without permission. Frustrated, her heel pops out of the white pumps. Kobe knows she's close and rubs the top of her foot against her pussy. Jasmin gets ass smackings as Kobe taunts her!

Jacquelyn Velvets Giantess Mouth

Jacquelyn Velvets runs to squash a bug but realizes it's her friend. He shrunk himself and he wants to explore her mouth. She doesn't think it's a good idea in case she accidentally swallows him whole. He doesn't want to peril in her belly, but does want to dance on her tongue. He convinces her he's clean and careful. She agrees to mouth exploration. Opening her lips and darting her tongue he gets a good look at her white teeth. She lightly bites him as he lies on her tongue and likes feeling his helpless body that she can push in different positions. Tickling her gums, she moans in pleasure. He's tasty and she ties a string to dangle him over deep down to her uvula, threatening to swallow him. It's a prank and tease but will keep small so they can play later. 

Jacquelyn Velvets Knocks Out Angel Lee

In vignettes, Jacquelyn Velvets sneaks up on Angel Lee and makes her go limp with a sleeperhold and head scissoring. Jacquelyn climbs on top of her victim with her ass in the air. Angel goes to sleep with a hand over mouth smother. Angel struggles to fight, but succumbs and left in a spread eagle with small twitches. Jacquelyn radgoll checks each arm and leg to make sure she's completely out and talks about how much stronger she is. She thought her opponent would be stronger because of her muscular body. Angel slowly stirs and Jacquelyn administers the next knockout before leaving her.

Nylon Fight - Angel Lee & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai mocks Angel Lee for wearing tan pantyhose, and vice versa for black leggings with lace trim. Smack talking ensues. Both stripped to nylons. Jasmin's stomach sitting on Angel Lee as she's bound in a frog tie with her wrists tied to her ropes. Mocking Angel, Jasmin alternates choking and nipple torture. Jasmin stands on Angel's toes before grinding Angel's pussy with strappy sandals. She admires her red toenails during the pussy abuse and humiliation. Crushing her crotch makes Angel cry and struggle to get away from the spike heels. Collared and leashed, Angel is pushed to her belly so Jasmin can smack her ass and put her high heels in the victory pose. Angel's her new pet and will be submissive to her Superior Goddess. 

Jeans Humping Autumn Borrelli & Angel Lee

Autumn Borrelli pulls her jeans over her round ass and caresses her curves, admiring denim. Moaning, she teases her pussy through the material. She doesn't notice her Femdom Angel Lee. Autumn is pushed to her knees and licks Angel's crotch through light blue jeans. Angel scoldsfor her self pleasure and demands that she kiss her ass. Autumn is timid about licking ass through the jeans, but is obligated to her Mistress's demands. It's harder to train women into submissive slaves! Autumn's pierced tits are slapped and nipple pinched. Angel and Autumn are on the bed for the strap on between her denim legs. Riding in missionary and doggy style, Autumn struggles beneath her Domme. She grabs her hips and goes harder as she breaks Autumn down. Shoved to her knees, Autumn's required to suck the big black cock of the dildo. Angel face fucks and pulls her hair as she sucks the strap-on dick. Gagging, Angel pulls out and gives her a bukkake facial (simulated).

Giantess Jasmin Jai

With Jasmin Jai! I find losers and compare to my boyfriend. There's no way you could mount or please me. Holding you in my long red fingernails, I verbally humiliate and tease, holding over my big mouth. Tasting your tiny bodies with my tongue, you aren't appetizing enough to eat. Nobody will miss you. I have fun despite your small cock. My boyfriend has a big cock and pleases me more than you ever could. you jerk off with your pointer finger and thumb because nobody gives you pussy.  I sit on you like human furniture. It's the only thing you're good for. How does it feel with my big ass on you? Ass smothering prevents you from talking. You can sit helplessly worshiping my feet and watch me fuck and have orgasms. Get on the ground, look up at my feet in fear and remember my superiority. This guy looks like my ex. I'm keeping you in my pocket until giving you to a girlfriend for torture and abuse. you won't last long! The last three guys are going to have fun with my boy toy!

Stocking Foot Domination - Kobe Lee & Jasmin Jai

Kobe Lee caresses the ass and tits of her submissive slut, Jasmin Jai. No panties for the pantyhose slut! The Pantyhose Domme rips off her blouse, reveals a white lace bra and pulls tits out. Jasmin's wrists are bound and ballgagged Kobe teases Jasmin's pussy with a stiletto. Jasmin is sole fucked in a lesbian footjob. The reinforced toes go on her clit. Jasmin's feet pop out of her white high heels. Kobe commands her foot slave to her knees. She rubs the top of her size 5 feet on the gusset. Kobe taunts her slave with her RHT stockings to make her moan. Kissing tits and stroking her wet pussy keeps Jasmin on edge. Kobe keeps control by teasing with high highly arched feet. On her belly, Jasmin wiggles. Her Mistress's foot gives the pantyhose footjob she desires. Jasmin squirms while Kobe does a thigh job.