Female Domination

Dominant females 

Belly Dancing Jacquelyn Velvets & Arielle Lane

Jacquelyn Velvets awakens with her hand and legs bound by a magic spell. She's frozen in place except for her belly, hips and head. Confused, she moves her hips, rolls and sucks in her belly. She doesn't know why she's in a crop top or string bikini bottoms. Arielle Lane reveals herself as the Belly Enchantress. Jacquelyn is her belly dancing slave. Their bodies are under her control and linked as one. She demonstrates the power by undulating her belly which causes Jacquelyn's to undulate at the same time. She's not convinced, but the hip Mayas prove the magic. Begging her to stop, Arielle continues to do hip circles and caresses her prey's belly button. This causes Jacquelyn to suck her stomach in more to avoid her touch and probing belly kisses. Arielle unbinds her hands and legs and demands a belly dancing contest. They pose like a genie, and roll their abs. Jacquelyn can't keep up with Arielle. Jacquelyn struggles to keep up with her through the long night!

Belly Bondage - Jacquelyn Velvets & Emily Torvea

Jacquelyn Velvets is stretched long in leather cuffs with arms overhead and struggles to escape. Emily Torvea silently pulls down her black leggings to expose her navel. She caresses her soft belly and plunges her fingers into the deep belly button. Jacquelyn begs for her to stop. Emily stretches the skin to lick, kiss and prod her stomach. Smiling, she smacks her abs before grazing her long fingernails over her skin. Jacquelyn's sensual moaning turns to laughing when Emily tickles her tummy. Emily walks away and leaves Jackie confused.


Coworker In Need - Jasmin Jai & Little Mina

Little Mina dangles her stiletto off her toe. Jasmin Jai begs for a pair of pantyhose for a meeting. She doesn't want to get in trouble for being bare legged and will take the hose Mina is wearing. Jasmin's surprised when she demands a foot massage for the used nylons. Desperate, she gets to her knees and takes off her dangling shoe. Mina's feet are sweaty. She orders her to smell and kiss her dirty feet and legs. Scrunching her face in disgust, she does it. Mina's removes her one shoe and demands she rub the other foot with her long fingernails before sniffing feet and kissing toes. Mina takes off her hosiery. She isn't wearing panties. Jasmin's grossed out by the smell. Mina wore them for a week without washing. Jasmin feels dirty. Mina had a new pair in her desk the whole time!

JOI Pantyhose Humiliation - Little Mina & Jasmin Jai

With Little Mina & Jasmin Jai! The loser is getting hard with his little dick looking at our sexy pantyhose. Stroke your tiny cock while we stroke our legs. Your dicklette is the size of our pantyhose clad toes. It's sad that your nub is excited. we point and laugh at someone so pathetic. You'll never be a real man with that wee wee. You've only had your hand and never a real woman. Worship our stocking feet. We wiggle and point our toes. Jasmin has red toenails. Mina has dark blue toe nails. We know your secret ofa tiny dick. We're going to let everyone know. We bet your Mommy takes care of you when you're not sniffing her pantyhose. We didn't give permission for precum. Stop touching yourself. You're on edge and want to cum so badly on these shiny hose. Go faster and play with those tiny balls. We're suprised you lasted this long. If you had sex, you would be done. You get a cum countdown. As predicted, your jizz is disgusting. Clean our feet.

Bondage Challenges Part 2 - Jacquelyn Velvets & Emily Torvea

Jacquelyn Velvets is bound on the floor in a spreadeagle. She struggles and cries in frustration as Emily Torvea puts a red ball gag in her red lips. After letting her writhe in her ropes and mmph, Emily repeatedly removes and replaces the ballgag when she antagonizes her slave.

Bondage Challenges Part 1 - Jacquelyn Velvets & Emily Torvea

Jacquelyn Velvets walks in a shiny silver bikini and stiletto heels. Her red lips pout. She doesn't find what she's seeking and doesn't notice Emily Torvea sneaking behind to put her in a sleeper hold. Time elapses. Jacquelyn's arms are spread and bound with her legs wide to keep balance. Emily saunters in with a cat-o-nines and whips Jacquelyn's ass and tits. In a tender move, she readjusts Jacquelyn's hair before continuing her torment. Emily leaves and allows Jacquelyn to struggles in her ropes before shoving a ballgag in her mouth and flogging her. Drool drips down her chin until Emily removes the gag to listen to her moans.


Prison Ass & Feet - Dakota Charms & Paige Turner

Dakota Charms is a prison guard who taunts the new prisoner Paige Erin Turner. Paige is eager to please but concerned when Dakota pulls down her yoga pants for ass training. The punishment involves a butt plug. Paige gasps as it's inserted. She has to keep it in while enduring her foot torture. Paige wiggles on her cot. The next step involves Paige leaning over the bed and dangling her ballet flats. One of the shoes falls off. Dakota tickles the nylon foot. Paige laughs and the other shoe dangles off one toe. Dakota binds her ankles while Paige dangles the shoes off her toes. One shoe is off and one on. Paige's stocking foot is tickled. She squirms. Both shoes fall off and both wiggling soles are tickled  before ripping the knee high off of one foot. A feather tickles her sensitive feet.  Paige tries to stay still as commanded. A toe tie restricts her movements. Her toes and wrinkled soles wiggle while tickled. Paige makes too much noise. The guard gags Paige with her stinky socks and duct tapes it in.  She whimpers through her gag. After tickling, Dakota takes the mouthpacking out and unties her. Paige's allowed to remove the butt plug and take a nap. Dakota returns to play with her feet. If she does one more round of punishment, she gets one month off. Paige is ordered to the wall. Dakota spreads her ass cheeks for some ass tickling. Her asshole is as sensitive as her her soles. This is going to be a long prison sentence!

Office Beatdowns - Kobe Lee & Arielle Lane

Kobe Lee glares at Arielle Lane while talking to the Boss. Tired of work drama, Arielle confronts her competition. Unbuttoning their blouses, they stand tit to tit before pulling each other's hair and grappling. Kobe punches Arielle's face. Shocked, Arielle manages to push her against the desk in a submission hold. Trading punches, it escalates when Kobe's cuntbusted. Kicks fly and belly punches flail. Arielle's gut is beat hard. She crawls on the floor while gasping for breath. Getting back in the game, she uppercuts Kobe's jaw. The winner does a victory pose and walks off. 


Smoking Bandits - Jacquelyn Velvets & Little Mina

Jacquelyn Velvets is a secret agent who stole microfilm from an evil organization and sits in a safe house. A rival agent, Little Mina, surprises her foe. A drinking challenge ensues. They take shots while smoking. It becomes hard to light the cigarettes because they're so drunk. They bitchtalk. When one is about to black out, they snap out of it and continue. Jacquelyn's eyes roll to the back of her head. Little Mina wins the contest, but has to make sure that she's really out. Grabbing her hair and taunting her, she closes Jacquelyn's eyes and drags her to the floor. She strips her catsuit, and searches her helpless body for the microfilm. Playing with her face and groping her body, she finds it in her thong. Giving her a kiss, Mina takes a shot and leaves Jacquelyn exposed.

Cat & Mouse Games - Jacquelyn Velvets

Kitty Jacquelyn Velvets returns to an abandoned cheese factory after catching mice. You're little. She doesn't notice you at first, but a tiny mouse is the perfect desert after her meal. You can join your girlfriend in her belly. Do you want to be scratched or bitten? Her claws can't catch you, but she loves the game and to play with her food. It makes her hungrier. Pouncing, she doesn't expect you to shove a hose in her mouth. It's stuck. She struggles to escape as cheese pumps into her stomach. Her tummy ache distracts her from her prey. She rubs her growing belly. Moaning in discomfort, her eyes roll. She falls to the ground. Her gut is swollen. She threatens you for making her sick. Climbing a chair, you aim a chopstick into her belly. She arches to get it out. Writhing in agony, she finally yanks it out but can only claw the floor in discomfort. Breathing hard, her ribs suck in and out until she lies limp on the floor. The irony of the mouse getting the cat.


Wrong House - Paige Erin Turner

Paige Erin Turner has an intruder (POV). She pleas for help like a damsel in distress but becomes a bitchy Domme telling you to leave. You're confused why she won't submit. You're shrinking! It's her turn to have fun with your little body. She lifts you from the carpet. Put your hands up or you're going to get dropped. On the floor, you look up her long legs, see up her skirt as her big feet coming down on you. Her toes squish and smother. She lectures about the perils of crime. You had the chance to leave. She has no remorse about squashing you with her soles and toes. You don't like feet. That wasn't fun for you? How do you feel about hands? She hears your screams while rubbing her palms together. Stomping with her big feet is a a game. She tries to catch you. You're tiring yourself out and slowing down. You can watch tv since nobody stole it. Oops, did she sit on you? Bouncing up and down on your tiny body, you get comfy for a long night in front of the tube.

Belly Queen - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr confronts you for slaying her giantess sister while fingering her belly button. She stole a jewel from the last village she ate and pokes her stomach out in memory of how good they tasted. Crawling, she reaches for you and ready for a snack. but you attack with your spear in her belly button. Her eyes and mouth widen in shock. She gasps and moans while staggering for balance.Tugging, yanking and weakened, her eyes roll and tongue falls out as she crashes to the ground. Clawing and stroking her navel, she tries to get you but can only writhe in pain. You climb on her ankle and walk to her abs. The gem's lodged deep in her tummy. Reaching in her gut, you take it out as she arches and shudders her least breath.