Female Domination

Dominant females 

Spy Vs Spy Alora Jaymes & Kobe Lee

Alora Jaymes searches for loot & doesn't see Kobe Lee sneak up with a chloroform rag. She slumps to the floor. Kobe binds her wrists & ankles (off camera). Alora awakens pissed as Kobe mocks & gropes her. When left alone, Alora escapes her ropes & sneaks up behind Kobe with a chloro rag.  Kobe's eyes flutter shut. Alora throws her body on the bed. Grabbing rope, Alora's confident that her bondage is better than Kobe's. Slapping her face & ass, she awakens her nemesis & humiliates her. After Alora leaves, Kobe laughs at Alora's attempt at domination & slips out of the rigging. Alora contorts her sexy body over the sofa & is surprised when Kobe sprays her. Kobe bound her with extra rope around her knees because she can't risk this pest getting in her way. Sparring words, they bitch talk while Alora struggles. Escaping, she confronts Kobe in a hand to hand fight. Alora has a needle to plunge in her neck. Kobe's eyes glaze before falling asleep. Alora binds her wrists, knees & ankles to keep her foe occupied while she finds the treasure. Kobe saunters in with rope & tries to wrangle a very wiggly Alora. They grapple. Neither can tie the other until Kobe holds Alora's hands over head. This gives her chance to tie Alora to a chair with her chest, waist, wrists, knees & ankles.

Vampire Queen - Alora Jaymes

You invade Alora Jaymes lair & hold a cross which makes her cower.  She makes fun of you for being pathetic. As the sexiest Vampire Queen she's the most powerful & easily captures you. You awaken bound.  She wants to tease you with her sexy lingerie before draining you. She has supernatural speed. You could never slay her. You have doubts about taking her out as she shows off her curves & fangs. You pull out a stake. She feigns nervousness & suggests a game! If you get her, you're the best slayer in the world. If she wins, you get a painful demise. Squeezing her tits together, she bounces back & forth throughout the room & easily grabs your stakes. Using the point, she teases& taunts you to hit the target. It's stuck between her cleavage, straight into her black heart. Her arrogance got the better of her. She's shocked at the pain. Falling to the floor, she tries to remove it & can't believe you got her! Moaning in agony, she can't pull it out and it sounds like an orgasm as she struggles. Her movements slow down. She goes limp. Her body evaporates into the ether. You are the greatest slayer.

Big Game Part 1 - Brittany Shae, Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr

Two friends want to watch a game but their girlfriends won't let them. Those bitches are cheating on them. They come up with the idea of killing the other's girlfriend if their team loses. Scott's brother's ex-wife, Kobe Lee, hates both of them. She will take care of it. Lucy Purr & Brittany Shae are ushered in. Kobe points a rifle at them & explains the bet. Each girl will sit on their knees with their hands on their heads. For every point, the non-scoring team will stand, take off an item of clothing & be whipped by Kobe before returning to her crouching position. Lucy & Brittany balk but they can’t fight back. They are ballgagged & marched around the room. As the game progresses, they take turns stripping their clothes & being whipped.

Slut Training Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr Part 1

Lucy Purr & Kobe Lee plan revenge on Scott Torvea by posing as hookers. He beats up Dommes & trains them to be his sex slaves. He's excited about training them to be submissive sluts & doesn't expect them to tackle him to the ground. Kobe holds his wrists down while Lucy digs her over the knee boots into his balls. Taking him to their dungeon, they bind him with arms overhead & ballgag him when he calls them bitches. Grabbing his balls and nipples they squeeze until he moans in agony. They smack his ass & humiliate him as he struggles in his cuffs. Preparing for the rest of their punishment, they chloroform him, so they can transport him to another room. They have a buyer who wants to keep him as a pet. He's blindfolded, cuffed & collared with a leash that renders him completely helpless to these two femdoms!  Emily Torvea saunters in & looks at her new sub. Kobe & Lucy didn't know that she is one of Scott's own transformed slaves & are shocked when she releases him from his binds. Scott takes the opportunity to take down these annoying do-gooders!

Double Crossed Captured Angel Lee & Alora Jaymes

Angel Lee arrives for a webcam shoot with Alora Jaymes but the door's locked with a note. A truck drives up & she offers to help him carry things from the trunk. It's a ruse to knock her out with chloroform. Struggling in his arms, she flops down. He lifts her in a cradle carry, dumping her body in the back of the truck & drives off. Still asleep, Angel is bound arms overhead with a spreader bar & cleave gag. He extensively gropes her body over & under the coverup. She awakens. A camera is set up & records her moans & pleas for release as people pay per minute to see her ordeal. Following the viewers orders, his hands dart beneath her bikini bottoms before he lifts her up and turns her around to show her ass. Lifting her again, she's rotated for the audience. Pulling her bikini top off, her nipples poke through the thin cotton. She gasps in pain at the impact. Sucking her tits makes her squirm in disgust, but she's mortified when stripped of her bikini bottoms. Picking her up & rotating her sideways, he smacks her ass, enjoying her wiggle beneath his touch. He fingers her pussy. She struggles to fight it but as the orgasm creeps up, he removes his hands. Edging her closer to climax, he lets her cum. She crumbles in her binds from exertion. Alora saunters in, excited to see her toy. Wearing a mask for the webcam audience, she caresses her prey & loves hearing her cry at her touch. Kissing her nipples & rubbing her clit, she uses a vibrator while her partner holds Angel's arms taut above her. The impact of multiple orgasms makes her fall limp in her cuffs. Alora giggles & admires her helpless victim as her goon takes Angel out the bondage, placing her on the couch. Laying still, he removes her cloth gag. Suddenly Angel's eyes pop open.  She says, "that was fun" as the baddie chloroforms Alora! It was all a set up. Angel is determined to have her revenge on this evil femdom!

Stepmother Giantess - Emily Torvea

Your step mother, Emily Torvea, wants to chat. She loves your father & isn’t with him for the money, so stop sabotaging the relationship. Your dad is on a business trip. You guys can bond while he’s away. Want to see the new ap on her phone? She shrinks you. You are tiny. She terrorizes you! You can’t run away because her sock clad feet will stop you. Picking you up, she taunts & smushes you between her palms. You can't fight her when you are smaller than her thumb. Stop pinching! You are dropped on the floor. She crawls on the ground to find you. Using her hands, she presses down on your helpless body. Too bad your father thinks you are a disappointment. She steps on & squashes your body beneath her knee socks making sure to dig into the carpet. You are overwhelmed by her smelly feet as she puts her full weight on you. You like it when she sits on you with her perky ass because she always sees you staring. Grinding her ass, she demands that you respect her marriage to your dad. Squealing when you bite her butt, she grinds harder. If you promise to stop ruining her marriage, she will let you live, but she can’t turn you back to your normal size. The ap wears off, but it may take some time.

HR Foot Worship - Lucy Purr & Paige Turner

Lucy Purr dangles her stilettos off her stockinged feet as Paige Erin Turner explains that she can’t find her sexual harassment training guide. They are going to roleplay & Paige will be the harasser. She asks if someone stares at Lucy’s dangling shoes & legs, would it be sexual harassment? Lucy answers that it wouldn’t be if the employee enjoyed it. The 2nd scenario involves taking off the employee’s shoes & tickling her soles.  Paige  removes Lucy’s pumps & uses her red fingernails to graze Lucy’s pantyhose soles as a demonstration. Lucy gently laughs & wiggles her feet but likes it. Paige tickles more. Lucy asks if Paige needs both of her nylon soles to tickle. Paige is excited to have a willing employee. The 3rd scenario involves an employer having a toe sucking fetish & sucking on the employee’s toes without permission. Lucy answers that it wouldn’t be harassment if the employee likes it & moans as Paige's mouth fucks her nylon toes. Lucy asks how HR would feel about this. She's been sent undercover because of complaints about Paige’s training techniques. Paige’s face flashes worry, then relief when Lucy asks to worship her feet. Paige leans back & exposes her reinforced toe pantyhose for tickling as Lucy confesses her stocking foot fetish. Lucy sucks on the sexy big feet, using her tongue over the toes, arches & soles. If Paige agrees to be at Lucy’s beck & call for foot play, she won’t be reported & demands her feet be worshiped immediately!

Big Game Part 2 - Brittany Shae, Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr & Brittany Shae are pawns in a bet between their boyfriends over a sports game. If the guy's team loses, their girlfriend has to strip & get a whipping. Kobe Lee doles out the punishment in her skimpy bikini & humiliates them. Lucy strips an item of clothing, walks like cattle with her hands on her head & receives her whips. The ballgag muffles her cries as she squirms with each impact. When the game is on back on, they revert to the sitting position with the hands on their heads. Brittany's team loses. She begrudgingly strips her bra & bounces her tits on command. Her back arches when she takes her whips & cries with each stroke. Lucy tries to cover her huge tits when her bra is removed. Brittany shakes her ass when she removes her panties & nervous she will have to sit on the stool for the final punishment. Multiple rounds of flogs & stripping make them wide eyed & anxious. They cry when Kobe applies nipple clamps to their sensitive tits. This is the worst game they have ever played but there's more to come!

Taking Control - Whitney Morgan

Featuring Whitney Morgan. I dangle my high heels & take notes but you are distracted by my feet.  I mock you for being unable to look away from my red pumps. Look since it's the two of us in the office. Stare at my tootsies. The stiletto drops off. You look at the reinforced toe stockings. I readjust the hem, pull my skirt up & show my nylon ass. You won't admit to loving stockings. The look in your eyes proves your addiction. Dangling the other shoe off my toe, I tease you about the archaic dress code that caters to your whims.Let's order lunch in so you can feast on these pantyhose feet. I know your perversions, I'm using it to my advantage. If you want these sweet stocking soles, you are going to pay more. You wouldn't want anyone to know about your humiliating secret. It won't be all blackmail. It could be your hands grazing down my shapely legs if you make it worth my while. We could work late. You can worship my feet. Take a sniff of these sweaty toes as the fibers rub against your face. I haven't washed these for a week. tThey reek. You inhale like your wife never lets you play with her feet or wears pantyhose. You want to kiss my wiggling toes & suck the sweat out of these hosiery? Get on your knees as I gag you with my feet or people will learn your secret & laugh at your obsession. 

Pantyhose Lover JOI - Whitney Morgan

Featuring Whitney Morgan! Hello pantyhose lover! I have a surprise for you with these sheer black pantyhose that I have been wearing all day. After stripping down to just a bra & high heels, I want to tease you. Do you want a little peek of my pantyhosed feet. They are sheer so you can see my toenails as I dangle the stilettos off my toes. Get a whiff of these smelly feet as you inhale my wiggling toes flexing soles. You are a naughty boy for jerking before I gave you permission. This is the teasing phase, so use only one hand on your dick.  You can use the other hand for touch just the tip.You are begging to cum to my long legs, but hands off as I dangle the other shoe off my tootsies. Dropping the shoe, you can admire my ass as it hovers over my exposed soles. It's the perfect position to give a footjob because you can put your nose in the gusset of the hose. The sweet scent tickles your nose. You are ready to explode. Stroke harder & faster with attention to your balls. Are you ready to cum to these pantyhosed feet? We're doing a cum count down from 10.Put your popshot on my wrinkled soles. Milk every drop for me!

Roommate Pantyhose - Terra Mizu

Featuring Terra Mizu. I got home after a rough day & it feels good to dangle these classic black pumps off my feet. Why are you fixated on my legs? Is the rumor that you like women in sheer pantyhose true? These stilettos always been part of my daily wardrobe, but you seem fixated on my stocking feet as the pumps precariously dangle. Pointing my toes, I ask for favors as the shoes fall off my feet. I lift my legs in the air & splay my toes as you admire my soles. We are roommates.You wouldn't mind if I get out of these work clothes & lounge in my tan pantyhose? We can come up with an arrangement where you enjoy the view & give me money so I can keep my toes pedicured & in great shoes. I borrow your credit card to get things you would like. I show off my nylon ass. You are tempted. My red fingernails graze over the sexy nylon. You are distracted. No strings attached. I tease with my nylon feet. You like these tootsies in your face. It would be worth it to cover all my bills & not just things related to my legs and feet.

Come Home Soon - Whitney Morgan

Featuring Whitney Morgan! Honey, I miss you & made a sexy home video while you travel. I have on black garter & stockings so you can sneak a peek between meetings or at your hotel. You can only edge yourself closer to orgasm. Milk yourself till you tremble with desire & beg to come home to me. Run your hands down my long legs & slip off these stilettos. I dangle them off my toes while I guide you to stroke your shaft. Don't you want to lick them like I do? My stockinged toes are wet. I love teasing you. With one shoe, I dangle the other before dropping it off. Slowly stroke your cock while admiring my wiggling, pointed, spread toes. My hands dart under the nylons. I rub the fabric to make that scratchy sound you love so much. Unhooking the garter belt, I slide them down my curvy thighs & calves but don't strip them off. Are you going to make it through the whole video or are you going to wank off even though I want you to save every drop for my nyloned feet. You have to spray my high arches, toes, soles & every wrinkle. I show you how I will lick every drop of cum off my feet. The best orgasms come with time.  I'm more fun than your hand.