Experimental Shrinking - Jacquelyn Velvets


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experiment chemicals in the fridge and naps.  Waking up later, she's late for a beach party. She strips her tank top and daisy dukes to primp her microbikini. Putting on sandals, she's ready for fun.

Walking to the kitchen, she shocked that her experiment is gone. Her friends must have consumed it and shrunk! Not seeing or hearing a small friend on the chair, her big booty sits on him. 

Rushing to the living room, her big ass bends over the couch looking for them. Sitting POV, she doesn't hear the crunch of bones as she ass smothers their bodies. Pacing and panicked, she goes to the  beach and hopes for the best.

OTHER KEYWORDS- giantess, unaware giantess, amazons, shrinking fetish, blondes, curvy, bikini fetish, micro bikinis, big tits, large breasts, blondes, pawg, white booty, big butts, whooty, ass fetish, Jacqueline Velvets

This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email TorveaFilms at g m ai l dot com

Please note this custom is about walking into the camera and magically morphing to the other side.


9:02 minutes
  • Jacquelyn Velvets Jacquelyn Velvets