Double Crossed Tables Turned - Alora Jaymes & Angel Lee


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Alora Jaymes was surprised when Angel Lee and Scott doublecrossed her. Awakening on a table with her arms and bound to her sides and knees in a frog position, she struggles to escape. Rope crosses her tight belly and she threatens Scott as he slowly gropes her. A cleave gag shuts her up, but she still mmmphs and complains as he reinforces her bondage.

With great care, he removes her string bikini so he can squeeze her naturally large tits. Sucking on her nipples makes her howl in humiliation at being treated like a sex toy. Rubbing her breasts and pussy, he brings her to orgasm despite her best intentions.

Angel Lee saunters in and sucks Alora's tits while Scott eats her pussy. Squirming, she arches her back as multiple orgasms overtake her body. Holding Alora's legs wide, Angel insure that Alora can't squirm away from Scott's talented tongue. They refuse to stop giving her orgasms as she screams in pleasure and agony!

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26:45 minutes
  • Alora Jaymes Alora Jaymes
  • Angel Lee Angel Lee
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea