Dirty Talk

Everything from talking dirty and JOI jerk off instruction 

Pull It Out For Me JOI - Andrea Rosu

Featuring Andrea Rosu! It's sexy that you jerk off with your hard cock while looking at me. Watch me & follow my words so you don't cum too soon. I control your cock. I want to see what you’re capable of. Go slowly because I fantasize about you stroking from the tip all the way down. Follow my voice. I caress my cleavage & tease with my large tits. Your balls need light squeezes & tickles your body like electricity. Let me see that pre-cum & think how wet my pussy will be as you move in & out. Spreading my legs, I want to hear you as you get excited & go faster. Both hands off your shaft! Don't give me that look. It will be worth it as the tension builds up. You want to cum badly. I promise to let you explode. Stroke, but you can only cum from a countdown, but you can only release at 1. A man who  controls himself is someone  I want to fuck all night long. 10,9,8...Will I tease you in the middle & not let you orgasm? I don't know, shall we find out?

Missing You - Andrea Rosu

Featuring Andrea Rosu!I made you a video while you're on this business trip because I missed you! These tan pantyhose are your favorites.  I run my hands over my legs to tease you. It drives me wild when your hands caress my calves & work their way up my thick thighs. My legs wrap around you & encapsulate you in nylon. Rubbing my gams makes that sound you love. It makes your cock grow harder. Taking off my black pumps I splay, point & flex my toes. I show off my pantyhose ass & let you admire my curves while posing. Come home soon so we can play!

Office Pantyhose - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane comes in & thanks you for the raise which bought new pantyhose. You can't keep your eyes off her long legs. She bends over the desk organizing papers. Her high heels are tight & uncomfortable. She shifts weight on each leg, sliding the black pump up & down her leg. Heel popping her stiletto, she lets it dangle before dipping her foot in and out of the shoe, massaging her leg. The nylon rubbing turns you on. Keeping one foot in the shoe. The other unclad. She wiggles, splays & points her toes. Her stockinged feet stroke your shaft (simulated) before pulling off one side of her pantyhose leaving the other intact. Kneeling, she takes your cock in her mouth & sucks, looking up at you with her big brown eyes. She makes sure you see her barefoot, wrinkled sole next to the other leg in nylons & a high heel. The contrast of flesh & shoe is sexy! She strips her blouse and bra on one side and caresses her tit. It's raw versus elegant. She wants to cum.Grabbing a dildo, she rides up & down, moaning as she's filled up. She knows you're about to explode but tells you to wait so you can climax in her shoe. Using prehensile toes, she begs you to cum on the back of her soles, dangling it off her toes. After blowing your load in her shoes, she pops her heels loves how it squishes against her feet. Time to get back to work. She can't resist leaving one leg out of her stockings.

Kobe Lee's Crush

Kobe Lee has a crush on Christina after they hugged last week. She smelled good. It felt good to hug a curvier girl with a big ass & tits. They're perfect boobs.  Kobe rubs her own tits & talks about them.Shyly, Kobe admits to masturbating in a bathroom stall over her! She pulls out Christina's white bra that she stole from her house because she needed something of hers. She loves this sexy & elegant bra in a 36C. When Kobe got home, she laid the bra on the bed & masturbated thinking of her crush encouraging her to have an orgasm. Focus on this bra & jerk off thinking about Christina in this bra. Fantasize about her jumping up & down with her huge tits bouncing. Think about her stripping the lingerie & asking you to play & suck on her tatas. Get on top of her & stick it between her boobies. Keep stroking & fantasizing about spraying her huge tits while being between them.  That was an intense orgasm! Kobe loved getting you off, but wants to cum with the bra again! THIS WAS A CUSTOM BASED ON DIRTY TALKING & DOES NOT HAVE MASTURBATION IN IT.

One Legged Pantyhose - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is your secretary & wears pantyhose & ankle strap pumps that show off her legs. Arching her feet in her stilettos, she rubs them trying to figure out what is rubbing her foot. In a Vargas Girl pose, she removes the high heel & discovers a run in her nylon feet. Wiggling her toes she thinks of the fun she can have since the office is empty. Pulling a dildo out of her purse, she rips the gusset of her hose while keeping one shoe on! Spreading her lips, she enjoys the dildo when she hears someone in the office. Frantically she hides her barefoot under her skirt so nobody notices that she's not wearing a shoe. Realizing it's you, she's excited to hear that you closed a deal & will use the promotion money to buy new pantyhose. Teasing you with her sole, she encourages you to take out your cock & demonstrates what she wants to do with you on the dildo. The shaft goes beneath the stockings & rubs her sole. Spreading her legs she rips the rest of her stockings on her right leg, leaving the left one in tact & the high heel on. Putting the now stocking on the dildo, she gives it a handjob while talking dirty. Sucking the head, she looks up at you while deep throating it. Her lips tease the stockings at the base & her legs rub up & down as she feels skin against nylon. Begging for your cum in her mouth, she wants to be your loyal secretary & sits on her barefoot while her high heeled shoe rests on the floor. Time to get back to work!

Nyssa Nevers Silky Pantyhose

Featuring Nyssa Nevers! I'm wearing silky pantyhose. I want to see you cum! You have a beautiful cock  & want to see you explode on my legs & ass! Did you bring a nylon covered wand? It feels good to rub it against my tender flesh but it feels amazing next to my stockings. I spread my legs & rub it on my gusset while stroking it. Suck on my pantyhose feet while we masturbate.  My toes wiggle. You lick & get harder. You have to wait until I tell you! I love this nylon dildo between my high arches like a footjob. Stroking it up & down, you hear that swishing sound of nylon against nylon. Go faster because I want to cum with you! My hands sneak beneath the gusset teasing my pussy while the wand rubs the outside. I tease myself & want us to cum together after a cum countdown. Arching my back, I moan in pleasure & beg for you to cum on my feet.

Taking Control - Whitney Morgan

Featuring Whitney Morgan. I dangle my high heels & take notes but you are distracted by my feet.  I mock you for being unable to look away from my red pumps. Look since it's the two of us in the office. Stare at my tootsies. The stiletto drops off. You look at the reinforced toe stockings. I readjust the hem, pull my skirt up & show my nylon ass. You won't admit to loving stockings. The look in your eyes proves your addiction. Dangling the other shoe off my toe, I tease you about the archaic dress code that caters to your whims.Let's order lunch in so you can feast on these pantyhose feet. I know your perversions, I'm using it to my advantage. If you want these sweet stocking soles, you are going to pay more. You wouldn't want anyone to know about your humiliating secret. It won't be all blackmail. It could be your hands grazing down my shapely legs if you make it worth my while. We could work late. You can worship my feet. Take a sniff of these sweaty toes as the fibers rub against your face. I haven't washed these for a week. tThey reek. You inhale like your wife never lets you play with her feet or wears pantyhose. You want to kiss my wiggling toes & suck the sweat out of these hosiery? Get on your knees as I gag you with my feet or people will learn your secret & laugh at your obsession. 

He's Out Of Town - Nyssa Nevers

Featuring Nyssa Nevers! I know you love my silky, shiny pantyhose. I made a home video for you since my husband is out of town. Let's do a striptease out of this satin blouse & expose my huge tits before taking off one high heel. The red ankle strap is unclasped. I dangle it off my toe. Dangling the other one, I wait for it to fall off my foot & drives you nuts. My stocking feet wiggle & point as my hands graze over my legs. My toes splay so you can admire my soles. Don't you love that swishing noise of nylon? The red skirt is stripped. You see everything in these sheer to waist hosiery. Worship my feet. Lick me from head to toe. My husband doesn't appreciate my legs the way you do. He doesn't even know you bought me pantyhose! He could learn some tricks from you because you know how to make me quiver by rubbing the inside of my thighs before darting inside the band & down my legs. My hands caress my ass under the shiny hose the way I want you to rub me. If you buy me another pair, I could layer them & wear only those around the house. You deserve a woman who loves pantyhose just as much as you!

Arielle Lane's Pantyhose Interview

Arielle Lane interviews to be your secretary & crosses her legs while answering questions. She feels warm & remove her blazer. The demure blouse is unbuttoned scandalously low. She rolls up her sleeves & mentions her availability. Noticing that you are fixated on her toes, she slips off a black pump, claiming that it's tight. Her red toenails wiggle beneath her sheer nylons. She strokes her legs & taps the toe that is still in her shoe. Arielle knows what a CEO wants & pulls a dildo from her purse. The large toy represents your cock. She strokes it how you would like it done if she's hired. Her high arches rubs up & down because you want nylon wrapped around your shaft. It feels good rubbing your cock on her stockinged soles. One leg of the pantyhose is carefully shimmied off, so she has one leg & foot bare. The other in stockings & a stiletto. The contrast of black & white is sexy as she points her barefoot & glides it up the stockinged leg. Wrapping the empty leg around the toy, she strokes it longingly & sucks while giving sensual eye contact. Lifting her skirt, she slides the nyloned cock in & out of her pussy. It's only fair that your assistant would have fun too! She's horny & wants to finish you both off. Her bare foot goes on the couch. The high heel stays on the floor. Her legs to widen. Arielle mounts the stockinged cock & plunges it deeper. She cums with excitement. She pulls the stocking out of her wet pussy. It's coated with her cum. If you hire her, this cum could be yours. She sensually tastes it,  crosses her bare leg over the nylon leg. Did she get the job? Arielle knows the answer, but walks out with a wink & the single shoe & hose on one leg.

Pantyhose Lover JOI - Whitney Morgan

Featuring Whitney Morgan! Hello pantyhose lover! I have a surprise for you with these sheer black pantyhose that I have been wearing all day. After stripping down to just a bra & high heels, I want to tease you. Do you want a little peek of my pantyhosed feet. They are sheer so you can see my toenails as I dangle the stilettos off my toes. Get a whiff of these smelly feet as you inhale my wiggling toes flexing soles. You are a naughty boy for jerking before I gave you permission. This is the teasing phase, so use only one hand on your dick.  You can use the other hand for touch just the tip.You are begging to cum to my long legs, but hands off as I dangle the other shoe off my tootsies. Dropping the shoe, you can admire my ass as it hovers over my exposed soles. It's the perfect position to give a footjob because you can put your nose in the gusset of the hose. The sweet scent tickles your nose. You are ready to explode. Stroke harder & faster with attention to your balls. Are you ready to cum to these pantyhosed feet? We're doing a cum count down from 10.Put your popshot on my wrinkled soles. Milk every drop for me!

Pantyhose Surprise - Lucy Purr

Featuring Lucy Purr! Hey baby. I got off of work & left on my pantyhose & black pumps on for you. Don't they show off my curves as we both rub my legs? (POV) I love it when you caress my calves & remove my high heels. Playing with my soles, I lean back & enjoy the foot worship. When you take a break, I rub my pointed toes up & down my legs so you can hear the nylon against nylon sound. I strip my blouse off & let you see the waist band peak out of my pencil skirt. Shimmying the skirt down, the shiny pantyhose glisten on my ass.  I pull up the waist band. A sexy black thong peaks from beneath. You rub your hands over my nylon ass. This was a surprise that I planned this morning. Put your hand down the front of my hose so you can feel the thin denier that I feel all day! I rub my nails over my body & savor the sensation. Leaning back, I put my soles in the air while wiggling my feet & giggle when you lightly tickle them. These long legs are meant to be wrapped around you!

Roommate Pantyhose - Terra Mizu

Featuring Terra Mizu. I got home after a rough day & it feels good to dangle these classic black pumps off my feet. Why are you fixated on my legs? Is the rumor that you like women in sheer pantyhose true? These stilettos always been part of my daily wardrobe, but you seem fixated on my stocking feet as the pumps precariously dangle. Pointing my toes, I ask for favors as the shoes fall off my feet. I lift my legs in the air & splay my toes as you admire my soles. We are roommates.You wouldn't mind if I get out of these work clothes & lounge in my tan pantyhose? We can come up with an arrangement where you enjoy the view & give me money so I can keep my toes pedicured & in great shoes. I borrow your credit card to get things you would like. I show off my nylon ass. You are tempted. My red fingernails graze over the sexy nylon. You are distracted. No strings attached. I tease with my nylon feet. You like these tootsies in your face. It would be worth it to cover all my bills & not just things related to my legs and feet.