Dirty Talk

Everything from talking dirty and JOI jerk off instruction 

Outside Belly Posing - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane walks in a park in a short dress and keds sneakers. She strokes her flat belly and wants to expose it in public despite the cold. Lifting her dress and flashing her pink panties, it's naughty to have the sun hit her perky tits. She caresses her torso as cars pass. Sitting on a rock, she spreads her legs and rubs her sensitive breasts and pussy over her lacy panties. Stretching her arm over her head, her ribcage is pronounced as she sucks in her taut tummy. Walking away, she's horny for more fun!

Secretary Interview Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea is nervous about her secretary interview. The straps on her top fall down. She's embarrassed. Crossing and uncrossing her tan pantyhose legs, the ballet flats dangle and fall off, furthering her humiliation. Despite her poor interview, you're attentive each time she exposes something. She seduces you! Smiling, her shoulder stays exposed. The dangling shoe stays off after falling. An upskirt view gives a flash between her legs. Letting her hair down, she seductively strips to pantyhose and lingerie. Posing legs, feet, ass and pussy, she gives you 10 seconds to give the job. After proving she's the best employee to please you, she gets the job!

Stocking Foot Domination Part 2 - Kobe Lee & Jasmin Jai

Kobe Lee kisses the tits of her submissive slave. Jasmin Jai moans in pleasure as her gloved hands rub her pussy. The pantyhose Domme keeps her on edge. She's desparate to cum but can only mmmph through her red ballgag. Her hands are tied behind her back. she's helpless to her Mistress's whims. Kobe's small feet rub Jasmin's pussy and writhes her clit against high arches. The stocking footjob causes Jasmin to arch her back and push her slit against Kobe's toes. She's visually aroused by reinforced heel toe stockings. Lying on her belly, Kobe teases Jasmin with her wiggling foot. A good sub gets a nylon foot job that morphs to a thigh job. Jasmin squirms and writhe on Kobe's legs.

Ass Domination Giantess Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets had a yoga workout. Her bare feet almost step on you, her ex boyfriend. She's amazed you shrunk small because she had a fantasy about shrinking and holding you in the palm of her hand. She thinks of things she could do to you with her barefoot, but your eyes widen at her big ass. Maybe she should crush you with her big booty? Could your tiny little body handle her large ass if smothered? Hold your breath under her large booty. Try pushing her off with your tiny hands. Oops, did something break? It's cute to see you gasping for air. Get comfy, because you're going tied down for ass crushing. Bouncing up and down, her long fingernails grab her ass for more teasing. you'll sit beneath her everyday while she's working. it feels good as you struggle to escape from being her ass slave. There's a reason you broke up She takes you out with her big butt!

Stocking Foot Domination Part 1 - Kobe Lee & Jasmin Jai

Kobe Lee massages her submissive's tits and ass to warm up for their nylon fetish session. She's not wearing panties. Ripping Jasmin's blouse so buttons fly, Kobe's black opera gloves strip her down and pulls her tits out of a white bra. Pushing her down to her belly, Kobe ties her wrists behind her back and puts in a red ball gag. Her submissive is prepped. Kobe puts her feet between her legs for a nylon foot job and sole fucks Jasmin with her reinforced heel toe stockings, and talks dirty. Jasmin is kept on edge as her clit's teased. She wants to cum, but can't have a release without permission. Frustrated, her heel pops out of the white pumps. Kobe knows she's close and rubs the top of her foot against her pussy. Jasmin gets ass smackings as Kobe taunts her!

Giantess Jasmin Jai

With Jasmin Jai! I find losers and compare to my boyfriend. There's no way you could mount or please me. Holding you in my long red fingernails, I verbally humiliate and tease, holding over my big mouth. Tasting your tiny bodies with my tongue, you aren't appetizing enough to eat. Nobody will miss you. I have fun despite your small cock. My boyfriend has a big cock and pleases me more than you ever could. you jerk off with your pointer finger and thumb because nobody gives you pussy.  I sit on you like human furniture. It's the only thing you're good for. How does it feel with my big ass on you? Ass smothering prevents you from talking. You can sit helplessly worshiping my feet and watch me fuck and have orgasms. Get on the ground, look up at my feet in fear and remember my superiority. This guy looks like my ex. I'm keeping you in my pocket until giving you to a girlfriend for torture and abuse. you won't last long! The last three guys are going to have fun with my boy toy!

Stocking Foot Domination - Kobe Lee & Jasmin Jai

Kobe Lee caresses the ass and tits of her submissive slut, Jasmin Jai. No panties for the pantyhose slut! The Pantyhose Domme rips off her blouse, reveals a white lace bra and pulls tits out. Jasmin's wrists are bound and ballgagged Kobe teases Jasmin's pussy with a stiletto. Jasmin is sole fucked in a lesbian footjob. The reinforced toes go on her clit. Jasmin's feet pop out of her white high heels. Kobe commands her foot slave to her knees. She rubs the top of her size 5 feet on the gusset. Kobe taunts her slave with her RHT stockings to make her moan. Kissing tits and stroking her wet pussy keeps Jasmin on edge. Kobe keeps control by teasing with high highly arched feet. On her belly, Jasmin wiggles. Her Mistress's foot gives the pantyhose footjob she desires. Jasmin squirms while Kobe does a thigh job.

Arielle Lane's Sore Feet

With Arielle Lane! I wore new high heels and moan when releasing the ankle strap and putting my barefoot on the ground. Wearing one stiletto, I can't believe you want bondage play? Easing my foot back in the white pumps, I walk to the bedroom. My pain is your pleasure. Ballgagged, bound wrists and standing in agony, I sensually writhe against the wall before sliding down. Struggling in the ropes, I escape and remove my ball gag. I strip the shoes and massage my soles in your face. Wiggling my toes after being in "foot bondage"! Massage the balls of my feet. Does it make you hard looking at my sore feet? Pull out your cock and jerk off to my footsies. Get hard thinking about my aching feet and stroke. Cum on my red toenails and high arches.

Belly Defeat - Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage is an undercover superheroine posing as a secretary. She has a crush on her boss who brings donuts. She can't stop eating. Bending over, she caresses and jiggles her big ass in yoga pants. She doesn't care about her chubby belly or stretching clothes from the weight gain. At work, she bends over in her pencil skirt and teases her boss, letting him grope her ass as she talks about her expansion. Sinn pleads for help but also food. She answers the phone about the new baddie, The Feeder, who is really her boss! She makes an excuse to leave work, but he knows what's happening. She squeezed into a silver leotard and red boots. Grabbing her bloated belly and bending over, she takes stock of her curvier body. She smells a plate of donuts and shocked when her boss enters as the Baddie. He created a serum that increases appetites and reduces super powers. The more you eat, the more you want and less strong you are. She's angry that he watched her expand and tries to fight, but is too weak. Bound in a chair, he teases her with a donut until she begs for the food to grow fatter. Burping, she's bloated and miserable as he pats her fat belly and releases her. He's not concerned that she can do anything to stop him with her inflated body. Back home, her belly expands as she digests and can't move from her weight.

JOI Pantyhose Humiliation - Little Mina & Jasmin Jai

With Little Mina & Jasmin Jai! The loser is getting hard with his little dick looking at our sexy pantyhose. Stroke your tiny cock while we stroke our legs. Your dicklette is the size of our pantyhose clad toes. It's sad that your nub is excited. we point and laugh at someone so pathetic. You'll never be a real man with that wee wee. You've only had your hand and never a real woman. Worship our stocking feet. We wiggle and point our toes. Jasmin has red toenails. Mina has dark blue toe nails. We know your secret ofa tiny dick. We're going to let everyone know. We bet your Mommy takes care of you when you're not sniffing her pantyhose. We didn't give permission for precum. Stop touching yourself. You're on edge and want to cum so badly on these shiny hose. Go faster and play with those tiny balls. We're suprised you lasted this long. If you had sex, you would be done. You get a cum countdown. As predicted, your jizz is disgusting. Clean our feet.

New Pantyhose - Little Mina & Jasmin Jai

Little Mina brings Jasmin Jai shiny pantyhose. They're excited to try them on and slowly pull the shiny nylons out of the package, savoring the sexy feel. They pull the hosiery over the toes and love how they feel on their legs. Wiggling and pointing their toes they tease themselves and rub each other's legs. Jasmin's red toenails peek through the sheer toes. She admires Mina's purple toenails and adjusts the toe seams. They shimmy the sheer to waist pantyhose over their hips. They have only a thin seam. Their asses look and feel great. They can's stop touching their asses. Rubbing their legs and feet on each other, they're turned on by the tan nylons. Showing stocking soles, they love their perfect arches. Time for a pair of black pantyhose!

Little Mina's Broken Foot

Little Mina changes a lightbulb in her platform shoes despite a fear of heights. Using a ladder, she climbs high, but loses her balance and falls to the floor. Crying, she tenderly rubs the pain. Scott Torvea runs in and gingerly removes her high heel. Her tan pantyhose constrict the swollen ankle. She rolls to her back so he can cut them off. Wrapping a towel around her legs, he stabilizes it before encasing it in elastic wrap. He lifts her by her armpits and warns her not to put pressure on her foot. He holds her waist as she hops in her single stiletto. They return home and her leg is in a blue cast. Her dress's rolled up so she can hop with ease. She's thankful for the help when she was helpless. It's hot to be taken care of in her time of need. It's so manly. Scott licks her toes and black toenails. She vibrates herself. Talking about her hurt foot gets her off. She cums hard.