Dirty Talk

Everything from talking dirty and JOI jerk off instruction 

Little Mina's Broken Foot

Little Mina changes a lightbulb in her platform shoes despite a fear of heights. Using a ladder, she climbs high, but loses her balance and falls to the floor. Crying, she tenderly rubs the pain. Scott Torvea runs in and gingerly removes her high heel. Her tan pantyhose constrict the swollen ankle. She rolls to her back so he can cut them off. Wrapping a towel around her legs, he stabilizes it before encasing it in elastic wrap. He lifts her by her armpits and warns her not to put pressure on her foot. He holds her waist as she hops in her single stiletto. They return home and her leg is in a blue cast. Her dress's rolled up so she can hop with ease. She's thankful for the help when she was helpless. It's hot to be taken care of in her time of need. It's so manly. Scott licks her toes and black toenails. She vibrates herself. Talking about her hurt foot gets her off. She cums hard. 


Why Dakota Charms Loves Pantyhose

With Dakota Charms! I love tan pantyhose! They're the perfect fabric because they stretch and feel good on skin. I slowly roll them over my pointed toes and lift my leg high in the air. Admiring my foot, I instruct the proper way of putting them on. It's a delicate process especially on a big butt. Do you think they will fit? Teasing, I jump and pull to get them over my bubble butt. This second pair, should go over my head and the rest of my body. It's a cocoon and they're like mittens on my hands. These put me in such a playful mood that I jump up and down, giggling as the Pantyhose Queen. I try to pull the waistband as high as possible because I want to be covered in nylon. Blowing a kiss goodbye, I'm enamored with my webbed hands.

Love My Pantyhose - Dakota Charms

With Dakota Charms! I love tan pantyhose. They make my feet look perfect. I wiggles my toes while adjusting the seam. Touch them. They fit my big ass. You could bury your face in there. You're getting turned on. You should pull out your cock because you love my nylons. Touch it and get excited. Don't be shy. Stroke your dick while I tease you. You can sniff my pantyhose feet and wiggling toes. Imagine my toes wrapped around your dick. Rubbing the soles back and forth, it feels good and your balls engorge. Do something naughty with that cum. Jizz on my pantyhose feet and toes. I'm excited. You're teasing me now! I want it badly and can't wait. You have to cum in 5 seconds or you don't get to cum at all. I knew you would have a massive load. Looks like I need new pantyhose. You could lick your cum off.

Daddy's Pantyhose Girl - Little Mina

Hello Daddy! These tan pantyhose you bought me feel so good. It would feel better if you cum on them. I will help! Pull out your yummy cock and rub up and down your shaft as I caress my legs. You love my wiggling toes and nylon soles. These feel so silky smooth. I lick my lips in excitement as you jerk. Do a little twist at the head and go down to the balls. I play with the waistband. You get hard for your daughter. I can see the veins popping out. My pointed toes rub each other. I want you to taste and smell these nylons. I can see your precum. I want you to wait until I tell you. Look at my arches. You're getting me new shoes that fit my tiny feet. Let's do a big cum countown from 20 but you have to orgasm on my wiggling feet when I finish. That's so much jizz on my pantyhose! That was fun. Now we can go shoe and stocking shopping! I love you Daddy!


Dirty Interview - Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee is dressed sexy for her job interview. Her shiny blouse, pencil skirt, & nylons make her look professional, but the position requires someone who can be unlady like at times. It's mandatory for the boss & clients to have sex with her at times. The interviewer wants to make sure she understands. Kobe dives into a description of how she dropped off paperwork at a client's office, ending up in a blow bang with the client & his two friends. She loved having all of the attention and cum all over her! While describing the event, Kobe strips her clothes down to her pantyhose because she's so turned on by retelling of her conquests!

Giantess Party - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets grabs the box with the shrunken guests from her party. They didn't get her the gift she wanted. She made them tiny & controllable. She laughs at their helpless situation & demands they guess what she will do to them! They won't answer. She puts them on a plate for eating. Grabbing one with her long nails, she drops him in her mouth. More go down her throat. She loves the flavor. As a game, one little guy gets squished by her big bare feet. Her wrinkled soles crush his helpless body. She wants to do more! Those powerful feet stomp. Foot crushing made her hungry. She wants to eat more! They are delicious. She loves consuming the one who didn't bring a gift! She's going to swallow her best friends so they can be together forever in her belly. This wasn't such a bad party. She's tempted to do it again! Please note that this was a custom with specific requests for dialogue throughout the script. 

Jerk Off To My Pantyhose Sinn Sage

With Sinn Sage! Do you want to jerk off my sexy suntan pantyhose? I rub my hands over my smooth legs & dangle a high heel off one foot. You're stiff from looking at my shiny nylon feet. Rubbing the seam on my toes drives you nuts as I flex & point. Inhale the scent of my feet before putting them in your mouth. With one shoe on & one shoe off, I lean back, dangling the stiletto off my arched feet before it falls. Grab your cock & rub while worshiping my stockings. You love hearing the silky nylons rubbing. Bending over, my hands caress my thick ass & you're close to exploding. You have to wait for my direction. Squeeze & go faster so you can build up that load for me. Scratching my shiny ass, you get precum. I rub my legs together before spreading them wide in the air. Pump it faster & spray your jizz all over my stocking feet. That orgasm looks so good on my tan nylons!

Jungle De Lajuria Animal - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms is a scientist on a jungle expedition in a rain forest & logs her data on a camera. She's prim & proper in her button up blouse, shorts & Converse sneakers. She tells local superstitions but isn't scared of being driven mad by the jungle. Logging out, she's ready to reach the base camp with her local guides. A month later, she does another video log in the same scene as before. Her hair hangs loose, shirt dripping with sweat & she's unnaturally cheerful as she tries to put on a brave face. The maps aren't correct. Her guides stole her belongings, leaving her with only the clothes on her back. The steamy heat affects her thoughts. She mentions wanting to rip her clothes off & run around naked. Embarrassed by these low brow thoughts that aren't civilized or scientific, she signs off to conserve energy. Two months later, she's deep in the jungle but without her Chucks sneakers or glasses & doesn't realize the camera is on. She's dirty & unkempt. The shorts are tattered. The seam on one hip has torn open. The shirt is stained & ripped. She should be home. People look for her. Her thoughts aren't her own. She thinks like an animal & wants to crawl through the forest naked & wild. She gets tingling & warmth between her legs. She's filthy & sweaty, & feels her sexiest. Every rip & tear of her clothing makes her feel wild & savage. Unhinged & crumbling, she rationally knows she needs to get out before she's left in just rags. Six months later, she's deep in the jungle & crawls sensually & sexually like a jungle cat. She's restless & a mess with long, tangled wild hair. Her feet & skin are filthy but she glistens with sweat. Her shirt is shredded & exposes most of her chest. The shorts are like a skirt of tattered ribbons. Dakota's no longer innocent but turned on by her half naked body & can't keep her hands off her curves. The jungle is her playground. She's efficient at hunting & catching prey. It's like they can't resist her as Queen. A lustful energy has grown inside of her. She admits she was always meant to be a predator. Civilization held her back. If you come looking for her, she will devour you. Much later, she enters. The camera has been put on its side. She's feral & tattered rags hang off her almost nude body. Crawling, she purrs & stares at the lens in confusion before remembering what it is. With a roar, she pounces on the camera & is never heard from again!

Little Mina's Date Night

Featuring Little Mina! We should have fun before our date! Pass me those tan pantyhose because I know how much you like watching me put them on. Do you love how I roll them over my pointed toes & stretch my legs? You're excited & I love pleasing you. Standing, I turn around & pull them over my ass. Sitting, I rub my red fingernails over my legs. wWe both get turned on. I give a handjob before going down on you with my mouth. (simulated POV) Sucking your dick with my pantyhose ass in the air is naughty. My hands rip the gusset. See my spread pussy. Stick it in & fuck me while my stocking feet are in the air. I encourage you to smell my nylon soles. Grab my feet while pounding me. Turning sideways, I tear the thighs of the stockings with my teeth & hands. You bring me close to the edge. Flipping to doggystyle, I bounce on your cock & continue ripping the pantyhose. With guttural moans, my ass hangs out of the shredded pantyhose & bounces as we fuck. Cum with me! After cumming, it's time for some new pantyhose!

Little Mina's Pantyhose JOI

Featuring Little Mina! You're so excited staring at me in these tan pantyhose. Stroke your cock while I rub my nylon legs. They're soft as my red fingernails graze my thighs, down my calves & down to the white stilettos. Dangling the high heel off my foot, I tease you with my size 4 feet but leave one shoe on. The stocking toes wiggle, point & tease as I encourage you to jerk off. Dangling the other pump, your eyes focus on my arches until it drops off. Rubbing my feet next to each other, I want your precum all over my wiggling red toenails. Go faster until I tell you to go slow & steady. Putting my feet in a silky smooth footjob position, smell my nylon feet. Jerk yourself while my feet smother your face. I dip one foot down to your balls while you keep smelling & jerking. Make love to my feet because these are only for you! Hands off your cock & you have to wait until I tell you. Start with the tip while I lay on my belly & swing my feet. I kick them to the rhythm I want you to stroke. Crawling on the couch with my ass in the air, I readjust the pantyhose gusset so the seam goes straight down my ass crack. I want you to cum all over these nylons & mess them up. Put the tip on my wiggling feet while I do a cum countdown. You're such a good boy to release for me!


Lost Shoe JOI - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane sits at her desk with black pantyhose legs crossed & dangling her shiny black pump off high arches. She's fixated on a mysterious hole that steals shoes. Slipping off her high heel, she smells & strokes inside, thinking about how exciting it would be to lose a stiletto. Walking down the hallway, she teases whatever force lurks & takes off her right shoe. Arielle inhales the shoe deeply before holding it toward the hole & talking dirty. A web wraps itself around the stiletto & tugs. Letting go, she watches it drift to the void & is aroused. Walking in one shoe, she encourages you to squeeze your cock because she's horny. At her desk, her stockinged foot rubs against the remaining shoe. She gives explicit directions to slowly play with your shaft & head. Arielle is nasty & grabs her dildo before ripping the crotch of her nylons. She warms up with fingering before driving the dildo deep inside. Fucking herself she teases you until cumming & removes her remaining shoe. You need to cum in her pump! 

Personal Assistant - Savannah Costello

Savannah Costello saunters in for the secretary job confident that she's the best fit. Crossing & uncrossing her long legs, she strips her jacket & unbuttons her blouse because it's warm. She always wears silky nylons to show off curves. Removing one shoe, she stretches her gams, pointing & wiggling her toes. She would be running around for the job & wouldn't be opposed to foot massages. Dangling the other shoe off her nylon foot, she teases & gives a quick glimpse upskirt. As your assistant, she will be on call 24/7 & reveals her pink lacy bra. She knows you like her legs & spreads them allowing a peak of the matching pink panties underneath the sheer stockings. The skirt is removed & she encourages you to rub your hands over her pantyhose legs up to the sheer gusset. Her hosed feet are strong & she wiggles her toes before demonstrating how she would do a pantyhose footjob on your cock. Her high arches go up & down. She removes her bra so she can cool down. Squeezing her tits & showing off her nylon ass, she encourages you to use her body besides just her oral dictation skills. She's excited to be offered the job. What she can do for you!