Detective Gadget - Jasmin Jai


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Jasmin Jai got a new spy watch but doesn't have a manual. Poking and prodding the attachments, she is surprised when it flings parts all over the room. Leaning down to pick a part up, she is shocked when her pants rip, revealing her lacy black panties.

Later on, she tries to make it work, but it flings out of her hands as if magnetically. Her shirt buttons pop off and fling toward the magnetic pull. The conservative skirt is yanked to her ankles and she tries to cover her body while figuring out why this place is conspiring against her. Unfortunately she falls to the ground and scurries off.

Determined to figure out the watch, she fiddles with it, but it explodes in her face. As her eyes cross, she is dazed and doesn't even realize that her clothes are barely hanging on by a thread. The impact causes her to lie down and take a nap!

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6 minutes
  • Jasmin Jai Jasmin Jai