Female Desperation

Handicapped Farting Roommates - Bambi Buttons & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr & Bambi Buttons need a helping roommate after a car accident & wear diapers & neck braces. Lucy has IBS & Bambi has control issues. You would change them & massage their necks. Their movements are limited because of whiplash. They tenderly hold their necks tell you what is going on in their diapers. Lucy stubs her toe & hops on one leg in agony. Bambi falls down & hobbles trying to regain composure.  They mention their diapers are filled but aren't ready to change it because they’re expensive. Holding their belly, they’re uncomfortable as they fill it more.  Time elapses.  They want to change their diaper in a sexy way & help each other strip off their shirts. It's so uncomfortable to pull it over the brace, but they're determined to show off for you. Talking about how they're going to explode, they giggle & struggle to force it out which causes discomfort in their necks. They argue about who's going to get changed first & strike blows. Even minor tussles cause extreme discomfort. They struggle  to the floor,  apologize & ask for help to the emergency room. This was a custom. There are no farting noises added as requested by the customer. Everything is implied.

Stuck Hanging - Bambi Buttons

Bambi Buttons has to change a lightbulb. She's afraid of heights. Climbing the ladder, she panics but has an idea. She harnesses a rope around her belt buckle. It will save her if she loses her balance. After completing her task, she's proud & forgets she’s attached to the hook. It pulls her belt. She feels her shorts riding up her butt & loses her footing causing the ladder to fall. Bambi's hanging high in the air by her daisy dukes! She's annoyed she's wedgied in mid-air & helpless to stop it. She swings & calls out for help. Her legs flail & kick in the air. Nobody is coming to her rescue. Spinning in circles, she tries to slow down by swinging her arms in the air. Time elapses.  The wedgie digs deeper into her skin. She marvels at the lightbulb jokes! It was funny at first but she panics about hanging there forever. She she has to pee. Bambi tries to contort her body & hold her feet together but can’t alleviate the pressure. Her hands dive between her crotch but she's mortified by the prospect of having to wet herself. Will anyone save her?!

Overall Lift - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms is grumpy about her shortened break at work & determined to take a long time. A forklift grabs the back of her overall shorts. Before she can stop it, she is lifted up & stuck. Yelling in horror she cries for help but nobody hears. She's pissed off & embarrassed to be hanging like a piñata. Her helpless demands turn bitchy & someone wants to humiliate her more by lifting her even higher! Now frantic, all of the wiggling made her desperate to pee. She realizes she's not going anywhere & wets herself. She realizes people are watching her & starts complaining.
Nobody helps her. She swings in her wet pants.

Plumbing Problem - Monica Jade

Monica Jade is desperate to pee but the plumber is fixing the toilet. The pressure is building up & she does the potty dance to hold it in. Her hands plunge into her crotch & her belly extends. The tight jeans cause pressure.
She complains & he gives her a nasty bucket to pee in. She struggles
but finally drops her pants & does a long stream in the bucket. The plumber walks in. She is mortified that he saw her pee. He was joking about going in the bucket!

Office Pee - Monica Jade

Monica Jade’s boss wants her to finish work, but Monica wants to go to the bathroom..  The boss is not thrilled with her performance lately & thinks that she is trying to waste time. He takes away her chair because if she really had to go so badly she would ruin it. Monica squirms in discomfort as she paces in her high heels & puts her hands in the crotch of her shorts. Her belly is extended due to the pressure. A bottle of water is waved in her face & then poured on the ground to antagonize, The boss says that she should take off her clothes & pee on the floor of the office. Monica is mortified but desperate. She meekly takes her shorts & panties off & is so upset that she cannot go because he is watching her. She finds an awkward position of having her legs spread wide open & a little pee dribbles out but she has trouble letting go with an audience. She's able to squirt some & is relieved. (Monica was actually very shy about peeing on camera, so the desperation was brutal for her!)

Cattle Episode 8

Desiree sits in her frog tie while her owner nooses a tight neck leash around her, causing her to gasp for breath while crying over her new life. He forces her to drink an experimental laxative and shoves a shiny butt plug up her ass. She cries out in pain from the stretching (implied) and the violation of her privacy. He binds it in with a crotch rope because even though he loves torturing her, he does not want her to make a mess. Tape binds her wrists so that she cannot maneuver it out and she gags on the fluid before going limp.

Meanwhile, Cherry waits for her punishment as he attaches nipple clamps to a tight clothespin connected to her tongue. It only gets worse for her as she is moved to another position for milking. Nipple suction cups are secured to her tits as she leans over a stool. A spider harness gag causes her to drool and she cries in discomfort from the pressure on her legs. Tubes force her to lactate and she tries to gag talk her new name of Jizz Cow at his command. He yanks out her butt plug and leaves her in agony.

Cattle Episode 7

Cherry and Desiree are getting to know their new owner and he has them crawl into barren room. They open their lips for inspection and he finger fucks their gaping mouths while they look at him in fear. He has them tell him that they want his big cock in their mouth and they repeat the mantra till it sounds like they mean it. 

He bounds their chest and arms in a harness and grabs their necks letting them know who is in charge. They are forced onto his cock and they suck him dutifully before he shoves jennings gags into their mouth. With their jaw cranked open he can insure that they won't make any mistakes when sucking him off. When he is ready to pop, he sprays a facial and forces them to lick it off each other.

Later Cherry is bound with her pigtails tied to the ceiling and a nosehook keeping her in place. Desiree is leashed to her leg in a frog tie. Scott has electrodes on Cherry's body and gives her a sample shock. A giant dildo is inserted in Cherry's pussy and she grimaces in pain. He ties it in with a crotch rope to make sure that she does not spit it out of her pussy. Huge dildos are inserted into each of their mouths as he shocks and whips them at the same time. Whomever drops it first will lose.

Despite her best intentions, Cherry drops it and cries in fear about what her punishment will be!

Human Trade Samantha Grace

Samantha is ready for her modeling shoot, but is surprised to see a video camera. When Scott explains that it is like an interview, it seems reasonable. She takes off her shoes when asked but balks when he asks her to take her dress off. 

In a condescending tone, he explains that the computer screens show people bidding on her and when she threatens to leave, he grabs her by the neck. Time for the auction to begin and she struggles against his grip.

She yells to be released and fights as he gropes her tits before ordering her to remove her clothes. When she won't do it, he grabs her hair and removes the dress for her, yanking down her bra and revealing her large tits. The buyers request an ass shot and he bends her over and smacks that round butt. 

Samantha yells out that the buyers don't want her and that she is an awful purchase. This only makes her more fun to break down.

Time for the game of “Guess the trim”, as he shoves his hands down her panties to see if she has pubic hair. The buyer who guesses correctly gets a discount on training which this one will need! She removes her panties at his command but does not like it!

A last look at this piece of meat before the bidding ends and Samantha cries at the prospect of her new life. Looks like the winner paid for the training and she will be delivered with some bruises but she will heal and it will be worth it to have a submissive slut!

Cattle Episode 5

Desiree was just sold and is now being tied to the wall around her neck. Cherry, also known as 293, is untied and ordered to the center of the room. She removes her shoes and stands on her toes, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out. Her hands go behind her head to demonstrate her agreeability and ability to follow directions. As ordered, she jumps up and down before bending over and spreading her ass cheeks and pussy lips. Her tits are exposed and in a monotonous voice she tells potential buyers why she should be their sex slave. After seeing her friend get shocked for not dancing well, she tries harder, but still gets the zap from her collar.

She proves her multitasking skills by sucking on a dildo on a wall and taking another one in her pussy. 293 hungrily takes them in because she wants to get a good owner who will pay more for her. When commanded to kiss and grope 292, she tries to sensually molest her friend even though all she wants to do is cry at the circumstances. 

The bidding is quick and it looks like Animals 292 and 293 are going to the same owner! Tape with the word SOLD is attached to their chests and they are prepped for delivery. They are ordered to smile and blow a kiss to their new owner!

One by one they are carried to the delivery crate and ball gagged. A giant butt plug (implied) is shoved in each of their asses because he does not want them to make a mess during transport. They are hogtied in the tight wooden crate and given a bag of dog food and water that they will somehow have to open while restrained. It is more of a cruel joke than anything and the lid goes on and they head to their new lives!

Cattle Episode 6

Cherry and Desiree are meeting their new owner and are pulled out of their wooden crate. They are tired and disheveled from the long trip from the slave auction, but he is ready to make them his trained property right away. It is understood that if they don't follow his directions they will be harmed. 

The ballgags are removed and he renames Desiree, Pig Tits. Cherry's new moniker is Jizz Mop because she could hold a lot of cum. He has them repeat their new names over and over and he mocks them for their former life of being secretaries. Things are going to be a lot different and he is going to enjoy reconditioning them.

He starts the water in the sink because they need a thorough cleaning and yanks out the anal plug. After their whore bath,  they look a lot cleaner and he inspects them carefully. A bar of soap is shoved in their mouths and they are to spend their first night as human furniture. A dildo on a stick is shoved up their pussy and it is attached to electrical currents. If they move, they will shocked on the inside! A little shock demonstrates what they are in store for if they get any bright ideas about escaping.

The next morning, they are weary but still standing. Scott grabs the soap out of Desiree's mouth, washes his hand and reinserts it in her mouth. He dries the water off in Cherry's hair and yanks out the dildos. The girls are ordered to crawl out of the room.

Cattle Episode 4

Cherry and Desiree have started their training and are sleeping in their cage with their arms in a strappado over their heads. The trainer shocks them awake using the collars on their necks. Large gags muffle their moans and they are ordered to crawl out of their new home. 

Good slaves are required to look good and he has their new wardrobe and makeup laid out. The gags are removed and their numbers are drawn on their chest. A tongue bath insures that they are somewhat clean before being displayed to the bidders. If they try to escape they will be shocked. 

When the trainer leaves, they whisper about how to escape and a shock courses through their veins. They get back to primping and helping each other get into the slutty clothing. He forces them to kiss each other and they cry before heading to the auction floor. The training worked well and they are already beaten down emotionally.

They walk slowly into a barren room with their arms behind their heads and tits out leaving them vulnerable and on display. Two signs overhead indicate their age, weight, nationality and starting price. The flimsy cardboard is disposable just like them.

They start with animal 292 (Desiree) and she removes her shoes so she can stand on her toes, sticking her tongue out and bounces up and down. She bends over spreading her ass and pussy lips. Her tits are exposed and fondled to show their perkiness. Pig 292 explains in a monotone voice why she would be a good slave. She is ordered to dance and after an awful performance, she is shocked. It is better but still not great. Her skills at multitasking are tested as she sucks a huge dildo on the wall and uses one on the floor in her pussy. She then demonstrates her kissing and groping skills on 293. The bids are made and she waits anxiously until they are closed. 

Animal 293 has arope tethered around her neck to keep her in place while she watches her friend be humiliated in front of the buying audience. In a short while she too will be sold. 

Loan Shark Blues Dakota Charms

The Boss is not pleased that Dakota did not return her borrowed money and Scott has brought her back in front of the live stream camera to shake her down for it. She begs for  more time but Scott has heard it all before. These dumb girls blow it on clothes or partying and expect to be forgiven because they bat their eyelashes.

Before she realizes it, he grabs her neck tightly and gropes her tits above and below her shirt. Much to her chagrin he yanks it off and admires the sexy bra covering her perky  tits. Her shorts are shimmied off despite her protests and she moans in embarrassment. . The panties are removed as well as her dignity.

She promises to pay back the money in 2 weeks, but she will have a lot harsher treatment if she comes empty handed.