Dark Country Part 1 (Episodes 1-5)


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Part 1 of 2

This is Episodes 1 thru 5 done as one half of the movie. 

Episode 1 - Anabelle, a city girl, is hiking in the woods but managed to get lost. From a distance she is being watched with the anticipation that she will fall into a breeding cow trap. Sure enough, her sneakers are snared and she falls to her knees. An unpolished local man approaches, and she gently asks for help. Even though he helps her, she is eager to leave this isolated area.

Gingerly, she starts walking away, but Jethro runs up behind and grabs her ponytail before putting his hands around her neck, pinning her arms behind her. As she goes limp, he lifts and carries her to his hunting spot. She is dumped on a dirty, old tarp and he admires her curvy body. Cute girls like her don't come around often and he ragdolls her heavy limbs. He opens her mouth and inspects her like a piece of meat. 

Before heading back to the cabin, it seems prudent to have a snack. He needs his energy before gagging her mouth and tying some rope to keep it in. A makeshift leash is pulled around her neck and attached to a crotchrope which guarantees that she will not fight. A blindfold covers her pretty blue eyes because she does not need to know her surroundings. Nice to keep them lost and confused! He slaps her awake and they start the walk to her new home.

She is going to be the perfect animal for his brother Jasper.

Episode 2 - It was a long walk through the woods, and Anabelle is introduced to her new home by being pushed over a table. Jethro slaps and yells at her while he binds her legs and waist with belts. Anabelle is terrified and cries, but complies with this menacing man. She has no idea where she is and how to get back to civilization.

Time elapses as he organizes a plan of what to do with his new property. There is no harm in licking her face and he roughly grabs and shoves her against the wall. Before she realizes what is happening, he yanks her panties to her knees leaving her exposed. His hands dart to her pussy and he forces her to taste herself. The blindfold and gags are removed while his hands squeezes her cheeks painfully. His hand covers her mouth although any screams would be unheard in this isolated area.

Anabelle stares in terror as he grabs her throat while he explains what her new life will entail. Jethro has a brother named Jasper who is a bit different. He has been wanting a wife and not many women are in the middle of nowhere. The city whores like Anabelle make fun of him but she will get the option to be his pet or wife. 

In order for the training to begin, she needs to be presented properly. She can choose from the outfits the last victims had. He grabs her by the hair and she realizes that her will life will never be the same.

Episode 3 - Anabelle is in the beginning phase of her training and has put on the skimpy schoolgirl outfit with two ponytails. Her makeup is streaming down her face and Jethro wants his gift to his brother to be perfect. He has her put on blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick so she looks like a hooker. She holds back tears as he tightly holds her hair.

Once she is presentable, it is time for pictures because once Jasper gets his hands on her, she won't look the same. He makes it very clear that she needs to smile or she won't be able to smile later. She attempts to follow his orders of sticking her tits and ass out, but she is shaking with terror.

Jethro thinks she would look better with her hands taped to her thighs and gags her with a huge piece of wood. Her legs are spread by a spreader bar and she tries to maintain her balance in her high heels. Poor Anabelle is told to wait while her new owner is summoned.

Episode 4 - The time has come for Anabelle to meet her new owner and she is wide eyed with fear as the unstable man approaches and sniffs her. He releases her gag and squeezes her cheeks while roughly grabbing and slapping her ass and tits. She is thrown around like he is examining a piece of merchandise.

He asks if she is going to be his breeding cow or pet and becomes angry when she can only cry in response. Her taped arms are freed and the spreader bar is removed so she can strip naked. Jasper orders her to stick her finger in her pisshole. When he sees that his new toy is following directions, he becomes exciting and wants to give her something. 

Anabelle realizes this is her chance to escape and quickly puts on her outfit before running out in the woods. Her bare feet struggle over the harsh terrain and she cannot escape his thorough knowledge of the forest. His hands grab her neck and she goes limp. He lifts and carries her back to the cabin where more extreme measures will be taken to insure a proper training of his jizz bucket.

Episode 5 - Things have turned dark for Anabelle as her hands are tied over head and she is impaled with a dildo on a stick. She cries and apologizes profusely while Jasper calmly whips his naughty prey. He commands her to promise to never leave and to thank him for whipping her whorish ass. The makeup streams down her face and she winces at his touch as he gropes her tits.

Jasper attaches wires to her large breasts and a clothespin on her tongue in order to keep it out of her mouth.  Her curvy body shakes frenetically as the electricity courses through her veins. The repeated shocks cause her to pass out and hang heavily on her binds. Jasper assumes that his toy has learned her lesson.

It is time for her feeding and he has her hold out her hands like a cup. She is mortified when he pours his cum that he has saved over the week in her hands.  Anabelle is too scared and hungry to skip eating and gulps it down.

There is hope that this city girl can be trained to be a good breeding cow after all!



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