Dark Country Episode 3


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Anabelle is in the beginning phase of her training and has put on the skimpy schoolgirl outfit with two ponytails. Her makeup is streaming down her face and Jethro wants his gift to his brother to be perfect. He has her put on blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick so she looks like a hooker. She holds back tears as he tightly holds her hair.

Once she is presentable, it is time for pictures because once Jasper gets his hands on her, she won't look the same. He makes it very clear that she needs to smile or she won't be able to smile later. She attempts to follow his orders of sticking her tits and ass out, but she is shaking with terror.

Jethro thinks she would look better with her hands taped to her thighs and gags her with a huge piece of wood. Her legs are spread by a spreader bar and she tries to maintain her balance in her high heels. Poor Anabelle is told to wait while her new owner is summoned.


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