Dakota Charms Condemned


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Dakota Charms is condemned to lethal injection for the capital offense of murder. Afraid and barefoot, she enters the chamber in an orange jumpsuit. She tries to control her emotions in front of the executioner. He helps strip her uniform and trades the sexy thong for a diaper.

Her limbs are cuffed to the gurney and her dirty feet wiggle in anticipation. Whimpering at her plight, he takes pity on her and cleans her filthy soles.

Unable to control her tears, she cries as he places electrodes on her chest and reads her death Warrant. When asked if she has any last words, she apologizes for her crimes.

Looking at his watch, he waits for the signal and covers her body with a white sheet. Her head, feet and hands are exposed as he waits for the call to start the process.

Turning on the heart monitor, we see her nervous soles twitch in anticipation. The IV bag is inserted in her leg and the solution slowly drips into her system. He mutters, "May God have mercy on your soul" as she sniffles in fear. The first injection shocks her system and she' s still before tremors overtake her body. Dakota becomes warm as it courses through her veins and requests that the sheet be removed. Her hands and feet twitch lightly as the poison goes through her bloodstream.

He removes the cover to see her exposed body and injects the second round as she convulses frantically on the table. Gagging, it sounds like she's in orgasmic pain!

The final round of drugs controls her heart. Her feet alternate between cycles of wrinkled and relaxed until her mouth foams and she lies completely still. The guard covers her body, leaving her soles visible. Caressing them one more time, he leaves her for the disposal team.

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19 minutes
  • Dakota Charms Dakota Charms
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea