Dakota Charms Belly Torment Part 2


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Dakota Charms is limp and dragged to the couch. Scott Torvea slaps her stomach and repeatedly orders her to countdown from 10 as he 1 inch punches her reddened belly. His finger drills her belly button and caresses it between slaps. Gasping, she tries to count down and continues to deny knowing the combination to the safe. 


Scott believes that she doesn't know the info, but wants to continue playing with her belly. His fingers pop and push her navel inside out, causing Dakota to scream. She doesn't like it stretched and squeezed.


He tickles her belly and Dakota laughs despite her best intentions. Laughter turns to crying as he uses implements. A pen, keys and sharp edge fuck her navel but it overwhelms her senses causing her to go limp on the couch. 


OTHER KEYWORDS- belly fetish, belly button fetish, abs, belly punching, body busting, interrogation, male domination, domination, damsel in distress, tickling, belly tickling, limp, sleeping fetish, DID, brunettes, all natural, @ScottTorvea



20 minutes
  • Dakota Charms Dakota Charms
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea