Dakota Charms Belly Torment Part 1


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Dakota Charms doesn't expect Scott Torvea to sneak up behind her and put her in a full nelson hold. She struggles by wiggling and kicking, but he keeps a firm grip on her and gropes her belly button. Her flailing mixed with adrenaline cause her to go limp in his arms.

She denies knowing the combination for the safe despite threats of torture. Letting go of one arm at a time, he grabs her bare belly and lifts her several times in a reverse bear hug, causing her sweatshirt to expose her tummy. The squeezing makes it hard to breathe and she complains that her stomach is being strangled.

Scott does a Heimlich Maneuver several times which exhausts Dakota. The trauma causes her to crumple like a ragdoll in his arms and he lies her down on the ground, flat on her back.

He kneels beside her and jiggles her stomach. Poking and rubbing her belly button, he tells her to wake up. Pressing firmly on her bare belly with the palm of his hand, he orders her to count down from 10. 

Poking, rubbing and slapping her navel, she's commanded to countdown until she can give the code. Grabbing her by the armpits, he slams her against the wall and pins her arms above her head so he can prod her tummy. More countdowns as he slaps, pokes & one inch punches her reddened belly makes her cry and gasp for air. Dakota doubles over and falls limp to the ground. Scott drags her by the ankles and flips Dakota to her back so he can worship her belly more.

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15:45 minutes
  • Dakota Charms Dakota Charms
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea