Crying Gallows Part 2 - Jasmin Jai


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Early in the morning, Michelle Tomas (Played by Jasmin Jai) is led to the gallows where the noose mocks her from the ceiling. She strips out of her prison uniform and stands morosely. The executioner adjusts the rope and ties her hands behind her back. Jasmin becomes panicked and cries as he rigs. She submissively puts her feet together at his command and he binds them tightly.

He reviews her sentencing which involves hanging by the neck until dead.  It's time for her last words and she apologizes to her husband's family, admitting that she deserves this punishment. Hopefully this is a lesson and prevents others from this fate. 
The governor calls with his approval and mandates her body should be on display for three days as a deterrent. 

The executioner places a hood over her neck and wraps the noose around her delicate throat. He tightens it and the left is rest to the imagination...

Please note that there is no actual hanging in this clip due to the customer's request.

OTHER KEYWORDS- roleplaying, peril, uniforms, cosplay, costumes, bondage, damsel in distress, rope bondage, crying, throat fetish, neck fetish
jail fetish, prison fetish, prisoner, bald pussy, curvy, PAWG, white booty, DID 
Jasmin Jai, Jasmine Jay, Scott Torvea, brunette, all natural, big tits, red fingernails, 


13 minutes
  • Jasmin Jai Jasmin Jai
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea