Crying Gallows Part 2 - Angel Lee


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It was a long night as Angel Lee waited for her punishment. She's escorted to the gallows with two members of the court holding her upper arms as well as being bound at the wrists. They remove her binds and strip her uniform. She is rebound behind her back and led nude and barefoot to the chamber.


The noose stares her in the face and she quietly contemplates her doomed fate. They wait for the call to confirm her execution, and she obediently puts her legs together at the command of the executioner. (Per the customer's request, there's a lot of buildup time.)

The rope is pulled around her neck and adjusted for her height. Pulling the stool out from under her, she gasps as her feet wiggle and struggle from the pressure. Her mouth hangs open and her eyes are closed as the ropes dig into her neck.


OTHER KEYWORDS- strangulation, strangling, death penalty, bondage, rope bondage, damsel in distress, humiliation, embarrassment,blondes, big tits Uniforms, armholding, peril, limp fetish, sleeping fetish, neck fetish, struggling, DID, throat fetish, prison fetish, jail fetish, prisoner, Angel Lee, Scott Torvea, @ScottTorvea


12:38 minutes
  • Angel Lee Angel Lee
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea