Crying Gallows Part 1 - Jasmin Jai


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This was a custom that focuses on the legal trial and has a lot of dialogue that focuses on the minutiae before a prisoner is hanged.

Michelle Thomas (Played by Jasmin Jai) waits with her lawyer during the trial of her case for killing her husband. The jury's verdict is read aloud and followed by the sentence. When asked if she understands that this is the last appeal process, she nods solemnly. She's charged with first degree murder.

Rule 8983 of the penal code overturns her life sentence and she will be put to death by the gallows. Jasmin hangs her head in shame and holding back tears. When he's done reading her sentence, she's taken back to her cell.

The prison doctor arrives with a guard and he explains the details of her hanging. Jasmin listens quietly, relegated to her fate. The guard unties her wrists and she strips her inmate uniform and lingerie.

The physician has her face the wall before stepping on the scale for her weight and height. The guard holds her hands over head while she's measured under her tits, waist, hips, neck and shoulders. Her neck and ears are checked for weapons and she waits submissively with her arms behind her back. He slaps her legs to get her to spread them as he checks muscle tone.

Testing the rope around her neck, he makes a hemp rope noose that measures 18 inches. His final words are for God to have mercy on her soul and to beg for forgiveness. Jasmin is left to worry about her lack of future.

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20 minutes
  • Jasmin Jai Jasmin Jai
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