Crying Gallows Part 1 - Angel Lee


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Angel Lee awaits the verdict from the jury with her lawyer and is charged with first degree murder.  Her handcuffed hands go to her face in shock but she manages to hold in her tears when giving the death penalty in the gallows. She’s sentenced to hanging by neck.

Fast forward and she's in the prison medical clinic in her uniform. The guard holds her arms behind her back while the doctor goes over her punishment that he will help implement. He goes over the process that she will endure and Angel listens with a bowed head.

The guard unties the rope around her wrists and strips her uniform including the standard issued white cotton panties. They put her on the scale to be weighed and to get her height. Checking her neck, he twists it side to side before measuring it. The guard switches from holding her arms behind her back to over her head when her waist and chest are measured. 

Pushing her against the wall with her hands high above her head, they pat down her body and give her large tits special attention. Angel's ears and mouth are probed to make sure that she isn't hiding anything.

The doctor grabs a piece of rope and loops it around her neck in order to check size. The doctor leaves her to mentally prepare for her execution the next day. They hand her uniform so she can get redressed, but she's paralyzed with fear.

OTHER KEYWORDS- handcuffs, Uniforms, armholding, damsel in distress, medical clinic, medical fetish, male domination, domination, humiliation, embarrassment, submissive women, jail fetish, prison fetish, blondes, big tits, @ScottTorvea



18 minutes
  • Angel Lee Angel Lee
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea