Clothes Destruction

Bully Ripping - Autumn Borelli & Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea holds a watch and waits for Autumn Borelli to show up for class. Autumn's suspects something is wrong. Emily's nice because she needs Autumn's brains to fix her watch. Agreeing and engaged in the task, Emily sneaks behind her and pulls down her pants. Autumn is embarrassed having her full back panties exposed. Her plaid shirt is tucked into her dorky granny panties. Humiliated in knee socks, Autumn tries to cover herself and pull her pants up. Emily smacks her butt to prevent her. Autumn tries to run away but trips over her pants that have fallen around her ankles. Emily laughs at Autumn's ass in the air exposed for the whole school. The next day, Emily's in the infirmary and tries to get her watch from under the bed. Autumn's nervous to help. Emily promises to be nice but gives a wedgie when Autumn's booty is in the air as she crawls. Autumn screams in pain. Emily continues to drag her by the grannie panties throughout school. Autumn digs her nails in the carpet as she's wedgied across the floor. Autumn reads but Emily grabs and throws the book across the room. As Autumn fetches, Emily superglues the chair. Sitting, Autumn doesn't understand why Emily laughs and tries to ignore her. Fed up, she tries standing but is stuck. A loud ripping sound is heard. Her pants and shirt are torn, exposing her lingerie. On full display, she screams in anger and vows revenge. Emily reads in the nurse's station and Autumn, still in her torn clothing, brings in a box. She says it's her retaliation and Emily should open it. Not taking it seriously, Emily is surprised by a vicious dog (implied POV) and terrified as it charges and tears her pants. Rubbing her ass, Emily admits defeats. She won't bother her. Standing next to each other, their exposed panties humble them both.

Little Mina's Broken Foot

Little Mina changes a lightbulb in her platform shoes despite a fear of heights. Using a ladder, she climbs high, but loses her balance and falls to the floor. Crying, she tenderly rubs the pain. Scott Torvea runs in and gingerly removes her high heel. Her tan pantyhose constrict the swollen ankle. She rolls to her back so he can cut them off. Wrapping a towel around her legs, he stabilizes it before encasing it in elastic wrap. He lifts her by her armpits and warns her not to put pressure on her foot. He holds her waist as she hops in her single stiletto. They return home and her leg is in a blue cast. Her dress's rolled up so she can hop with ease. She's thankful for the help when she was helpless. It's hot to be taken care of in her time of need. It's so manly. Scott licks her toes and black toenails. She vibrates herself. Talking about her hurt foot gets her off. She cums hard. 


Jacquelyn Velvets Embarrassing Rip

Jacquelyn Velvets brags about her dress at her party. She offers to do a grand entrance but her dress gets caught in the door, revealing her silk boxers. She doesn't realize & continues posing. When aware, she tries to cower & cover her boxers, begging everyone to stop taking pictures. She tries to divert the crowd's attention & hides until they tell her that they think it's cute. She starts bragging about how she accessorizes even when not meaning to, but her top falls off & exposes her bra. She tries to use her arms to maintain modesty, but just wants everyone to go home & forget this mortfiying ordeal! Her friends are very forgiving. Jacquelyn boasts that she can pull off any fashion!

Pantyhose Thief - Sinn Sage & Emily Torvea

Sinn Sage needs a pair of nylons to replace the tan pantyhose with a hole in the ass. Emily admits to wearing Sinn's last pair & won't give them back. She's shocked when Sinn shreds the leg of the stockings & returns the favor. They catfight & yank hosiery until it looks like spiderwebs hanging off their legs. Emily's pale skin contrasts against the suntan hose. They laugh as they create designs with the shreds.

Selling Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr finishes her expose on organized crimes. She's dressed in a skirt & blouse while tan stocking feet rub together as she thinks. A delivery man knocks with a heavy package & sucker punches her back. Crumbling to the floor, she tries to crawl away. He kicks her belly. Her ankles & thighs are ziptied. Her arms & elbows are bound. She can't escape. Crying, he forces a ball gag in her mouth. Important people want this reporter to shut up. He unbuttons her shirt & gropes her large tits. The pencil skirt is stripped. He fondles her curvy ass over suntan pantyhose. He puts his shoe on her back so she can't squirm away. He belly kicks & removes his belt to beat her before punching her feet. Lucy's taken to the Ranch for training. Her leg zipties are replaced with shackles & a blindfold. She's terrified & submissive as he snips off her arm restraints. His demand to strip her bra is met with refusal, but a punch makes her submit. He orders her hair in a bun & cuffs her wrists with arms overhead as he yanks her taut. Whimpering, she begs for release & promises not to tell. He's going to have a live cam of her torture. A single tail gives her 3 lashes every time she says no. The viewers like what they see, but want her ball gagged so screams are muffled. She's whipped on her back as well as her huge tits. The next round of abuse is a request from a viewer & involves a bucket of water with two sponges attached to jumper cables. He shocks her large breasts, ass, & legs causing her to shake with each volt. Tearing the pantyhose, he shocks her pussy. Slumping in her binds & falling limp, it's time for an intermission. After training is completes, she's chained in fresh tan thigh highs & ordered to crawl to the dildo on the wall. He shocks her with a tazer as she sucks. This training insures that she focuses on serving cock. When she's fully submissive, she crawls to her cage & awaits the auction. Standing on a pedastal with just a collar & stockings, she stands like a piece of cattle in a stall as people inspect & prod her. This is a long way from being a reporter!

Jungle De Lajuria Animal - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms is a scientist on a jungle expedition in a rain forest & logs her data on a camera. She's prim & proper in her button up blouse, shorts & Converse sneakers. She tells local superstitions but isn't scared of being driven mad by the jungle. Logging out, she's ready to reach the base camp with her local guides. A month later, she does another video log in the same scene as before. Her hair hangs loose, shirt dripping with sweat & she's unnaturally cheerful as she tries to put on a brave face. The maps aren't correct. Her guides stole her belongings, leaving her with only the clothes on her back. The steamy heat affects her thoughts. She mentions wanting to rip her clothes off & run around naked. Embarrassed by these low brow thoughts that aren't civilized or scientific, she signs off to conserve energy. Two months later, she's deep in the jungle but without her Chucks sneakers or glasses & doesn't realize the camera is on. She's dirty & unkempt. The shorts are tattered. The seam on one hip has torn open. The shirt is stained & ripped. She should be home. People look for her. Her thoughts aren't her own. She thinks like an animal & wants to crawl through the forest naked & wild. She gets tingling & warmth between her legs. She's filthy & sweaty, & feels her sexiest. Every rip & tear of her clothing makes her feel wild & savage. Unhinged & crumbling, she rationally knows she needs to get out before she's left in just rags. Six months later, she's deep in the jungle & crawls sensually & sexually like a jungle cat. She's restless & a mess with long, tangled wild hair. Her feet & skin are filthy but she glistens with sweat. Her shirt is shredded & exposes most of her chest. The shorts are like a skirt of tattered ribbons. Dakota's no longer innocent but turned on by her half naked body & can't keep her hands off her curves. The jungle is her playground. She's efficient at hunting & catching prey. It's like they can't resist her as Queen. A lustful energy has grown inside of her. She admits she was always meant to be a predator. Civilization held her back. If you come looking for her, she will devour you. Much later, she enters. The camera has been put on its side. She's feral & tattered rags hang off her almost nude body. Crawling, she purrs & stares at the lens in confusion before remembering what it is. With a roar, she pounces on the camera & is never heard from again!

Little Mina's Date Night

Featuring Little Mina! We should have fun before our date! Pass me those tan pantyhose because I know how much you like watching me put them on. Do you love how I roll them over my pointed toes & stretch my legs? You're excited & I love pleasing you. Standing, I turn around & pull them over my ass. Sitting, I rub my red fingernails over my legs. wWe both get turned on. I give a handjob before going down on you with my mouth. (simulated POV) Sucking your dick with my pantyhose ass in the air is naughty. My hands rip the gusset. See my spread pussy. Stick it in & fuck me while my stocking feet are in the air. I encourage you to smell my nylon soles. Grab my feet while pounding me. Turning sideways, I tear the thighs of the stockings with my teeth & hands. You bring me close to the edge. Flipping to doggystyle, I bounce on your cock & continue ripping the pantyhose. With guttural moans, my ass hangs out of the shredded pantyhose & bounces as we fuck. Cum with me! After cumming, it's time for some new pantyhose!

Pantyhose Ripping SchoolGirls - Bambi Buttons & Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea is irked that Bambi Buttons can't go to school because there's a hole in her tan pantyhose under her plaid skirt. Emily suggests going to school with the rip but Bambi is shocked & tears Emily's hose at her calf. Surprised & pissed, Emily has to change so she won't violate dress code. Bambi is tanned so a hole doesn't show up, but Emily's porcelain skin shows the contrast. Bambi thinks she's over reacting. They get into a catfight while ripping each other's hosiery. The sound of nylon ripping fills the air as they yelp & fight. The black high heel pumps are removed off their feet. They struggle to get the upperhand. Their fight turns to laughter. Making the remaining hose a sock, Emily tears a thin strip of fabric covers Bambi's toes.  Bambi shakes her ass as Emily destroys the ass of her pantyhose & returns the favor to her sister. The nylons are tattered shreds. They take them off.

Stuck On An Island - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is shipwrecked & crawls on a small sandy beach. She's thankful to survive but is alone. Concerned, she wants to cry, but pulls herself together & plans how to find food, water & shelter. Her luggage didn't wash ashore. Three months later, she's in the same blouse & slacks which are tattered with wear. Her skin peeks through the holes. She's dirty & has unbrushed hair. She drops logs on the fire & laments being far from civilization. She hates being disheveled & barefoot. If only she had clean clothes & wasn't in an embarrassing situation. Hopefully someone will see her distress signals & rescue her. With her luck, her clothes will have completely disintegrated. A year later, her attire is hanging in shreds. She tries to cover herself because she feels exposed. Arielle's losing hope about escaping the island. She's hungry, cold, & upset about her apparel that hangs like ribbons off her body. Frustrated, she tells her coconut that she doesn't want to be dirty & naked in the elements. Two years later, her skin is tanned from the exposure to the sun. Her makeshift shelter has fallen down. She's despondent. It gets worse after four years. She crawls like a savage beast. The remnants of clothing are around her waist. She cries about her fate. In a distance, she hears a voice & reacts with a mixture of excitement & fear. Her hands cover her breasts with shame as she prepares for rescue!

Lost Shoe JOI - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane sits at her desk with black pantyhose legs crossed & dangling her shiny black pump off high arches. She's fixated on a mysterious hole that steals shoes. Slipping off her high heel, she smells & strokes inside, thinking about how exciting it would be to lose a stiletto. Walking down the hallway, she teases whatever force lurks & takes off her right shoe. Arielle inhales the shoe deeply before holding it toward the hole & talking dirty. A web wraps itself around the stiletto & tugs. Letting go, she watches it drift to the void & is aroused. Walking in one shoe, she encourages you to squeeze your cock because she's horny. At her desk, her stockinged foot rubs against the remaining shoe. She gives explicit directions to slowly play with your shaft & head. Arielle is nasty & grabs her dildo before ripping the crotch of her nylons. She warms up with fingering before driving the dildo deep inside. Fucking herself she teases you until cumming & removes her remaining shoe. You need to cum in her pump! 

Jacquelyn Velvets Embarrassing Underwear

Jacquelyn Velvets is a bumbling burglar & tries to break into a safe. It takes all of her strength to pull it from the hiding place but her struggles will be worth it! She wears a tool belt that also holds her pants up. Crouching, she tries every tool,  but the last one is stuck despite desperate pulling. Frustrated, she strips her belt & releases it.She opens the safe. Admiring her prize, she doesn't notice her pants sliding down, revealing her underwear. She trips over her pants which are around her ankles. Falling face first with her butt in the air, she moans in pain. Adding insult to injury, she hears the police sirens in the background! She searches for trinkets near a bed. A POV dog (simulated) comes up behind & stares at her ass while she's crouched on her hands & knees. Jacquelyn tries to shoo it away. It gets angry & charges her pants, ripping a huge hole! Her white full back panties are on display. Jacquelyn rubs her sore butt, yelling at the pooch. When charged again, she runs away without her spoils! Finding a new location, she skulks around until she finds collectibles. She bends over & hears a loud rip! Surprised, she looks between her legs & finds her panties revealed. Upset, she feels the hole to see how big it is but tugging makes it tear larger. She removes them for inspection & stands in underwear & socks. The loud sirens panic her. She throws her pants aside, grabs the loot & runs off in just her t-shirt & panties.

Another Run - Alora Jaymes

Alora Jaymes is looking for her other stiletto & frantic because she's late for work. In one shoe, she struggles to find it by crawling over the furniture. Sitting, she's devastated to find a run in her nylons & panics. They were brand new. In frustration tears the stockings. Alora's angry & exposes more skin as her frustration mounts. Kicking her legs, she yells that the advertised silky, smooth  durable pantyhose are not meeting her expectations. The gusset is harder to tear & she uses her teeth to rip it to shreds. Grunting & moaning, her legs are stuck in the cobwebs of hose, but she escapes.  Pantyhose shreds scatter the floor. She defeated & destroyed her nylon nemesis.