Caught Stealing - Sinn Sage


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Sinn Sage is caught stealing from the hospital meds and her excuses are weak. She denies being a thief but video proof is hard to deny and she admits her wrongdoing. She doesn't have money to give, but her cocky attitude should be adjusted with a little humility.


You want to see if she has sexy lingerie under her clothes, and if she doesn't she will lose her job and her husband will know her addiction! She balks, but tries to appease you with a flash of her thong under her spandex skirt. She's asking for sexual harassment by wearing whore clothes!


With shame she strips her satin blouse as you take pictures. Her hands cover her bra and she's embarrassed to be exposed. Either you or she can remove the skirt, but if she does it, she needs to do a striptease. It's hard to keep a forced smile, but she tries to pose on command. 


You increase the blackmail and threaten to send these pictures to her hubby. Your hands pull down her bra strap, stroking her tits and hard nipples. It's time to remove the panties causing her to cry in frustration.


Sinn faces you completely nude and her full bush is revealed when you command her hands in the air and to say that you are amazing!


Pushing her to her knees, you demand a blowjob (implied POV). Her face contorts in horror before you grab her hair and facefuck her mouth. This slut is required to crawl on her hands and knees and she will have to do this to all of the people she was rude.


You squeeze her face and tell her to clean herself up before someone else finds her. This is going to be fun!


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17:41 minutes
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea
  • Sinn Sage Sinn Sage