Card Game Part 1


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The guys invited their girlfriends (Arielle Lane, Brittany Shae, Sinn Sage, and Autumn Borelli) to their poker game. The women are curious when they're told that they are the bets. It seems naughty but playful and they are excited to meet the dealer, Emily Torvea. She explains that if the guy is given a card with a heart, the girlfriend has to strip her top. Laughing, they think it's cute and go through a round of cards. Some wear bras and others expose their tits.


Emily excuses herself to get a mysterious bag of toys. Aiming a shotgun at the girls and handing pistols to the guys, the women are ordered to put their hands on their heads and walk to a wall. Each man has to gag their girlfriend with ductape. In the next part of the game, Emily orders them to strip to their panties while they eye the stools placed in front of them. Their eyes widen when told that they are to be handcuffed...



OTHER KEYWORDS - games, damsel in distress, DID, domination, male domination, submissive sluts, forced stripping, embarrassment, duct tape gag, tapegag, brunettes, all natural, Ariel Lane, Brittany Shay, Autumn Borelly


11:10 minutes
  • Arielle Lane Arielle Lane
  • Autumn Borelli Autumn Borelli
  • Brittany Shae Brittany Shae
  • Emily Torvea Emily Torvea
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea
  • Sinn Sage Sinn Sage